Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've been trying REALLY hard to have a meal cooked for sevy every night.
I've done a great job of fixing our lunches everyday...but I don't have a lot of confidence in my cooking abilities so I don't fix very many usually ends up being a sandwhich, soup, left overs that someone else cooked or cereal...usually cereal, lol.
However, I'm trying...I really am.

Last night I made fish tacos and they were actually REALLY good!! So once I cleaned up my mess from cooking the tacos, I started on another one.
I decided to attempt baked spinach stuffed manicotti pasta. So I went ahead and prepared the dish and we'll pop it in the oven tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out :-)
Hopefully, I can keep myself on this meal cooking path!!
I think I'll like having this meal planned, prepped and half way prepared. It's going to leave time for just relax...***sigh*** life is good. That'll be my new motto if I keep this up!! It matches the new sticker Sevy got me for my car. It's cute, its a "life is good" sticker w/ a little dog holding a stick and marshmellow over a fire!! Two of my favorite things...dogs and camping!

It's hump day!!! we're almost to the weekend!!

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keith said...

I pretty much made Meredith the same meal last night. Only I made stuff shells. I hope it goes well.

Today is Dobby's 1st Birthday and he kept Meredith and I up barking for over an hour the other night. At one point she threaten to send him to Columbia so watch out. I think he is just preparing us for LilHen's arrival.