Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another week almost gone

It's thursday...yipee!! One day away from the weekend!!
Sev is set on going to Inman this weekend. Since Christmas he has begged to go hang out w/ my dad so that they could drive their "little" cars...or better known as remote control TOYS!! Big kids.
So he has his heart set on going up this weekend...and I have a feeling he'll win, since I won last weekend and we got to stay HOME!! I'm such a home body! I like my own bed, my own things and doing things on my own time. Sev HAS to be entertained...Big kid.

So I bet you thought I had forgotten alllll about my resolution post. Nope!! I've just been working on it silently and have just now gotten the chance to share.
First, I am packing our lunches 3-4 days out of the week. This is good b/c it's saving us money. We were buying our lunches and 5-10dollars a day for lunch x's two adds up!! So part of my nightly ritual is to make our lunches. I've been pretty good at it too! On the rare occasion we're out of bread and have no other form of homemade lunch to take, we get to spend 5 dollars or less on lunch...but that hasn't happened in a while and now we actually look at that as a treat when it happens!! Not to mention I'm sure homemade lunches are better on the waist line too ;)

Second, I gave up soft drinks two years ago for New Years and for that entire year I didn't so much as look at a soft drink!! On New Years night 2008 I treated myself to a glass of ginger ale. My prize for making it a year. To my surprise it actually burnt my tongue and wasn't as tasty as I remembered. So I made another resolution to continue on the sans soft drink. Well, now this new years I decided that while I don't drink anything but water, juice or fat free milk....I still don't get enough water. So I've been taking a tupperware water bottle (thanks mom) to work w/ me and I've made sure I drink 2 of them while at work :) I swear water can cure some things!! It's amazing stuff.

Thirdly, I've put together two different notebooks and have done a pretty good job of keeping up w/ them. They are my biggest resolution for 2009. I plan to take pics and post them...eventually (HEY, working on procrastination was NOT a resolution, HA). My first notebook is my Finance, and to think I HATED finance in college, Yuck. Now I actually carry a "finance" book w/ me at all times. In it I have created spreadsheets. I've put in dividers and created different sections and I'm working on graphs, I've got folders and sleeve protectors and I've managed to create one book to house all of my financial information. I'm keeping every single reciept that we get for any...ANY thing that we purchase. I have a different pocket divider for each month and in it goes the reciepts! I have the reciepts colored for "credit" and "purchase". With the reciepts comes a spreadsheet which lists when, what and where we spent money on. Behind this spreadsheet is another spreadsheet breaking down our purchases in three different catagories...Food, Gas, and spending money. All of this is broken down into months. At the front of the notebook is a, man I love excel....and it lists every bill that we owe every month for 2009. On that spreadsheet I write in each month what the bill amount was. This makes paying bills easier and kinda fun (I get it from my diddy). I can actually see when every bill for that month has been paid in one glance. I can also see over the months which bills have gone up, gone down, stayed the same...etc. etc. Kind of cool. At the back of my book is a folder for coupons :-) ****oh no she didn't**** yes...I'm going to clip coupons!!! It's not that I'm against it...or that I've never used a coupon...duh' I like saving money. It's just...I have a hard time using coupons...b/c if I actually sit down and go through the coupon section, well, I end up w/ coupons for things I don't even need...DUH...its the point of the marketing of coupons (ta da I did learnt somethin' in skool). When I need something...I usually need it fairly quickly and don't take the time to look for a coupon for it. Well...that's going to change...darn it...I'm determined!! MY personal, ultimate, BIG goal for 2009 is to pay off my car!!!!!! Hopefully, if I can get a better handle on my finances...I WILL succeed!!
My second notebook is a more personal notebook....and actually one I've had for awhile, but got slack on using it. It's broken down into three different sections. Body, Mind and Soul. I keep recipes and healthy tips I've gathered in the Body section. I keep a journal and just little tid bits of things I collect that make me happy in the mind section and I keep scriptures and devotions and prayers in the Soul section. I call it my balance book :-)

Fourthly, Sev and I both have started couples devotions. At first we were going to do the same one. My sweet momma got us the Love Dare (we loved the movie). Then I realized it was a devotion/ journal and it was just too hard for the both of us to use it and then journal in it. So I'm currently doing that and I got sevy anther couples devotion. We'll switch when we're finshed w/ the current ones :-) So far so good!

Lastly, I've started to write down one chore on my daily to-do list that HAS to be done before we go to sleep at night. Man has this proved to be helpful!!!!! I'm my grandmas a T!!!! I will scrub my baseboards w/ a toothbrush and my cabinets will sparkle...but the part you actually SEE...looks horrible!! It looks like I never clean...b/c when I do clean, I'm wearing myself out on getting the down and dirty scrubbing done and skip the entire "surface" cleaning that should happen daily. So I scrubbed our bathroom last weekend and I'm very proud to say that it is STILL clean!! I keep the clutter down by putting everything away after I use my hair dryer and make-up. I have a wash clothe that stays slung over the shower rod and I use that nightly to wipe down the surface of the cabinets. It takes maybe 2min and it's kept our bathroom sparkly :-) Last nights chore was to put all laundry you can see my dining table!! If I can keep this up I'll be ONE HAPPY LADY!!! I've decided to save my down and dirty scrubbing for weekends...that way I can still feel like I did a good job and keep it looking that way during the week. Now if I can just keep Sev home on weekends more often than not...and we'll be doing even better.

Ali got groomed last saturday...he is a handsome little man!!! I'll try and post pics of his new do' soon...and no he doesn't sport the mohawk this time :-) He is currently stylin' the "teddy bear" look...soooo cute. Although....he has gotten into this REALLY weird habit of licking the carpets!! It's nasty, or so I think. He just goes to town licking the carpet and we can't figure out why. It's not in one we've spilt anything there....nope its just whenever he goes to lay down he starts licking in that spot. I'm afraid it could actually hurt him, so we're keeping a close eye on him and hopefully he'll stop soon! Oh my gosh...and I told my cousin...but forgot to mention it here. There is ANOTHER brussels in the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!! That's right another Ali that lives like 10 houses down!! How cool!! I think I scared the lady to death when I passed her on my way out to work one morning. She was walking verdale (she named him after the dog on as good as it gets) and I passed and thought "oh my gosh she has ALI!!! How did he get out???" I spun around and flew back to her...thats when I probably scared her, lol....and realized..."thats not Ali...that another BRUSSELS!!" So I hung out the window and the first thing I said was not "Hi, neighbor I'm lindsey"...nope it was "Oh my gosh is that a brussles".......probably the second time I scared her, lol. She and I talked for a few minutes and by golly he was...and he was just a cutie. Hopefully Ali and Verdale will meet soon and I can take pics. Of course he won't be as special as his cousin brussels in Raliegh...but still....another one in the random and cool!!

Okay...I must work now :-) Happy thursday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its snowwinggggg!!

It was so cool waking up this morning to WHITE falling from the sky :)
Sev is a little weather bug and I do believe he stayed up alllll night waiting for some snow. He woke us up a little after 4am to open the blinds and there was nothing happening...I really felt bad for him b/c he was so excited (imagine a kid on Christmas morning) and it looked like his little balloon had just been popped when he saw it had not snowed as the weather man had promised. Then about an hour later...what do you know....SNOW!! yipeeeee.

So....its snowing.....and when did I become to old for snow days???? Ugh....another real world annoyance :( Oh well. I have a window my office so I'll be content watching it pile up!!!


So last night was a bit hard. I met Rens new mom and even though I said I wouldnt...I cried a little bit. She was awesome though and promised over and over to send pictures and email me often. She brought her camera and had a million pictures of her other dog and family animals....I could tell she would make a great mom for Ren. Ren was SUCH a good boy too. He just sat there so calm and looked at me while I spoke to her and then I told him to shake and he gave me his paw and laid his head on my wrist :-( I think he knew what was happening. He then walked over, doing the butt wiggle, and licked on at least I know he's okay.

Man what I wouldnt give to be on a ski slope right now.......guess I better get to work instead!! Happy Tuesday!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

S-N-O-W ... thats a four letter word in these here parts!!!

but they keep saying it...and by-golly I hope it happens!!!

So I'm a bit heartbroken today :( At 7:30 this evening I will be meeting with Ren's new mommy. I've struggled w/ this decision for awhile now...and finally decided it was best for him.
I've gone through, weeded out and called vet references for several individuals interested in sweet Renny...and finally found the girl I think will give him the best home. Shes a Clemson student in her senior year...and I can't hold the Clemson against her...shes studying to become a vet. She already has a large dog and understands the patience and problems a big dog can cause! She knows all about the shedding and drooling, the excercise required and wet nose in the ear annoyance, the crazy amount of food a large dog can devour and the.. uhm .."piles" that eventually come from the food they digested! Ren will no longer be confined to a crate for 8 hours a day. He will have a larger play mate to rough house with and his very own bedroom with his own bed to lounge in. She is even getting him certified for therapy work. Ren is really a great dog...he learns soooo quickly and is very eager to please. Its hard to say good-bye but at the same time I know its best. Plus....she promises pictures and visits whenever I want! Her family lives on a 200 acre farm to boot!!! **sigh** So our little family will go back to having one little man king of the house. I just hope I can hold back the tears :-)

Other than that...not much new. Sev and I spent the weekend w/ a lovely little visit from my parents. We played games and ate wings Saturday night :-) They left early Sunday and Sev and I spent the rest of the day cleaning and being lazy...I took a 2-3hr nap!!! I love naps!!

Come on snow!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love...

I usually do this around V-day...but I'm in a good mood :-)

~Cherry Vaseline Chapstick! (santa put this in my stocking and it pretty much rocks!!)
~Ali after he has just had a bath and runs through the house like a wild man for a few min. before wanting to cuddle.
~My job (shhhh I don't want to jinx it!!)
~Wii Fit...lately its been being nice, lol :)
~Sevys smile.
~sugar free hot chocolate :-)
~getting a reciept after making a "purchase" that says "0.00 balance"!!! I got the sweetest deal yesterday!! I'll post more about it after I give someone the thing I ended up getting a deal/steal on!! :-)

Tonight is our company holiday, I know it seems a tad late...then we have NO plans for tomorrow night or this weekend. Just staying out of the cold!! Hot chocolate a good movie and a clean house...yipeeeeee!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a weekend :-)

we spent saturday night in Boone, NC skiing our tails off!! weeeeeeeeee had a blast!! I fell ONCE...and was pretty proud of that :-) seeing as how I havent been skiing in..oh' FOUR YEARS...**sigh** sad I know. I guess its like riding a bike though, you never forget how. Actually, the one time I fell was simply silly wasnt a true true fall...I guess I think of a true fall as actually wiping out and loosing a ski or two on the way! I just did a funky little split and then laid skis lost, no damage done...just a nice stretch in areas I have trouble stretching in yoga, lol. It rained most of the night, so we spent our time skiing wet...but that didnt slow us down :-) I hope to go again before this season is over. Sev is getting pretty good at skiing and while he still wouldnt go to the top...he chanced the yellow slopes and did fairly well. He was sweet enough to let me go on up to the top w/ our friends and ski a bit...he said he didn't want to hold me back, lol...but I think he was just tired of me telling him how to ski :-) I would love to take a weekend and got to West Virginia and ski...maybe next year. Nothing more to report...we've just been working and hanging out. I've been on the Wii Fit almost everyday, except this weekend..but I got a workout skiing!! Hope everyone in blog world has a great week!!

Friday, January 02, 2009


I haven't even messed up and written the wrong date today...yet :-) It's going to be a good year ;-)

I'm still working on my resolution list. Well, I have the general outline finised, but I wanted to try things a little different this year. I am going to actually write out everything I plan to get accomplised for my resolution...this way I can check off the items once they have been completed. Well, duh, everyone says they "want to loose weight" or "get healthy" or "excercise more" to make sure I actually stick to my goal I'm going to put specifics on my list, such as:
-Complete 40 day marriage devotion book.
-Jan 16th, deposit money into savings. (we're doing this weekly so each week I'll actually get to check this off!!)

It will probably be a nice little book of lists...but I want to see how many things I can get checked off before next year :-)
If youre reading this...I would like to know what your resolutions are, if you made any. If you don't make them, why?

Happy New Year!!!!