Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 days left in 2008...

...not even 2 full days.

I'm working on my resolution list. I love resolutions and I love lists. I don't know why. I've always been driven by reaching my own personal goals.
I got the coolest Christmas gift...I got alot of gifts...but I was stoked to get Wii Fit!! My dad found it for me (it was a hard one to find!!) and "Santa" delivered it Christmas morning. I was a bit unsure about the whole game. I thought it would be fun but I didnt really count it as something that I could use to really get a workout. Uhm WRONG...that sucker kicked my tail last night!! man was it fun!! I can't wait to hop back on the board tonight :-) My dad also got me WiiSki, I haven't tried it, but I'm excited to show sev up with my ski moves, lol.
So the Wii Fit calculates your BMI and keeps track of the weight you've lost and the better balanced you become. It was pretty sad to watch my little Wii Mii get a 31 Fit age!!! It told me I was a tad unhealthy for my real age, lol. Yikes....so Sev and I started our Wii Fit journey and we now have a healthy competition going for the new year...I believe that will be part of our resolution.
We had a lovely Christmas. We got to spend time with our family. I haven't seen my gma Nail in ONE and a HALF years!! how sad is that?!?! So it was nice to spend an evening with her. I also found where my creative gene comes from, my aunt Robin. She has all of her own original paintings hung in her house...that was a treat to see. We spent time with Jess and Don and their new pup, Harper. Sev got a big "toy" remote control car for Christmas...so he spent some time playing with that. It felt like Christmas...finally...seeing as how its a bit hard to feel the Christmas spirit when you're in the Hawaiian sun and away from family (aud can vouch for that!!). I'm excited to bring in this NEW YEAR...I have a feeling it's going to be a good one :-)

I'm signing out for 2008 as I don't expect to post again until next year!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Why won't it snow!?!?

It snowed in Las Vegas, it snowed in New Orleans and it snowed in Texas...why won't it snow here?? ................"I'm dreamiiiiing of a Whiiiiiiiite Christmas"..................................
I've decided I can not and will not live anywhere more south than I'm living now!!

Okay done with the rant.

So let me recap how our weekend before Christmas was spent. We attended Sev's company Christmas party Friday night. It was a nice little party. They served yummy food, there was dancing and even singing. It was the first time I was able to meet any of his co-workers and their spouses. Severyn really likes this one guy he works with, Bradley. So for the evening we pretty much conversed w/ Bradley and his wife, Jennifer. While we are standing around our little table, the topic of "what we all do for a living" comes up between the wives. We get to Jennifer and she tells us she is a nurse. She is actually a head nurse for a dialysis center. I'm not sure why we really got to talking about her job in particular but at one point she said something about having to take blood. I mentioned that I could NOT have her job b/c I pass out every, single, time I've ever attempted to have my blood taken. I don't know why, I just do. She was amazed by this. So she starts asking me why I think I pass out, was I afraid of needles, was it that I was afraid I would die from it...what exactly made me pass out. She then goes on to tell me IN DETAIL what she does. Now, I will admit I was pretty interested b/c having just got over a kidney infection, hearing about dialysis was actually something that I wanted to know about...so I would be well informed on what I needed to do to take care of my kidneys and stay as far away from her work place as possible. So as she is talking IN DETAIL about her job all of a sudden everything goes black.
I start feeling yucky and chills run all over my body and I realize...I'm fainting.
Now...because they were serving adult beverages that evening all I could think was "Lindsey DO NOT pass out!!! Everyone will think you are drunk!!" (which by the way, even more hilarious...I had NOTHING but WATER to drink!!) So I try to calmly stagger away from the table and away from Severyns coworkers and away from the OWNER of Severyns company and I start to walk a VERY crooked path towards the ladies room. Jennifer, being ever so polite says "oh are you going to the bathroom, I'll go w/ you to find it." not knowing that I'm about to faint. As we walk she continues to talk....and I continue to stumble out into the hall. Finally I know the floor is a inevitable place and I collapse against the wall. I think I managed to say "I think I'm going to pass out." Jennifer ran off to get me water and the world spun as I lay on the floor in the lobby with my head between my knees. I see a pair of men's shoes come into focus and realize that some of Sev's very high up supervisors are walking towards me....at this point all I can think its "dear lord, thank you, thank you for not letting me put "mullen" behind my name on this name tag." I know everyone thought I was beyond trashed and I was beyond words of explanation...I mean, how do you say "no sir I'm not drunk I'm just passing out b/c I can't talk about taking blood"....**sigh** So after I nod that I'm okay. Jennifer returns with a glass of water and Sev and I call it a night.
ps. so we can mark off "afraid of needles" because that is NOT what made me pass out.
Saturday Sevy and I cleaned our house...and I mean CLEANED. We went through our closet the better half of the morning. I sat in the floor and made sev try on ever single thing he owned (most of which was wadded up on the floor, below is row of empty hangers) we put away all of his summer clothes and took away everything that he no longer wears. Then we each opened one Christmas gift and ate lunch. Then Sevy played Wii while I continued to clean. We left for mexican and rented Hancock that evening. Sunday my brother-in-law, Don, came to spend the day w/ us. Jessie was in Spartanburg so he spent the day with us and we finally got to meet their new pup, Harper.
I work with some GREAT people and for a great Company. I'm not saying much about my new job because I don't want to jinx it. However, they really are great. So Sunday when Don rang our doorbell, the first words out of his mouth are "uhm, there is something bleeding on your door step."...WHAT...I rush out to look and sure enough there is a nice big Omaha Steaks package....clearly "bleeding" out the sides. Long story short...it had been delivered OVER a week and a half ago. We never use our front door so we never knew it was sitting out there!! I called the company and they are actually going to send me some more steaks but man was that a nasty surprise!! ...and no I didn't faint when I saw the blood...so we can check "afraid of blood" off of my list. haha. My very sweet boss sent me steaks for Christmas. When I came in this morning I had a flower delivery, my other boss had sent me a Christmas arrangement!! How sweet :-)
Jessie and Don are staying the night w/ us tonight and then my Christmas vaca starts!! yipeee...

now if it would only snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

What an exhausting weekend

I got a call from my dad on friday saying my grandmother was in the hospital. I had two hours of work left and dad said she was doing okay. I finished out my work day and then went home to throw some clothes in a bag and head to Spartanburg. First, I let Sev open one of his Christmas presents early. He had asked for the new Batman movie and I knew it would give him something to do while I was gone Friday evening, so I went ahead and let him open it. Then I think I drove 80 the entire way to the hospital. It still felt like it took forever and I was filled with worry and selfish sorrow. It's a sin to worry...so I really try hard not to. My mom reminds me that death is just a part of life. Everyone eventually goes and its something we have to be some what prepared for. I know this and my grandma is one of the lasts people I worry about when it comes to her after life, I know she'll be in Heaven and I know she'll probably have a ton of animals to keep her company until all of her family gets there. However, for selfish reasons I don't want to think about ever loosing my grandma. I am very close to her and I'm not sure what life would be like without her. So, I ended up spending Friday night in the hospital with my grandma. She was feeling better and seemed like herself, so that was a relief. The doctors are still not sure exactly what caused my Grandma to get sick, but they are doing some tests and hopefully she'll make a full recovery. She returned home Sunday. Saturday morning I was complaining about my kidneys hurting to Grandma and she made me promise I would go see a doctor. I honestly didn't think much of it, it wasn't horrible pain and I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to doctors (or maybe I'm just afraid they will try and take my blood!!!). To make Grandma happy I agreed to go. I left the hospital and went to the doctor. Come to find out, I have a kidney infection!! Yikes!! Not fun! I guess I'm glad I listened to my Grandma and Momma!! I'm on some meds and hopefully everything will be as good as new :) I left Saturday to come back to Columbia...to check on my dogs and husband :) I slept in most of Sunday morning and woke up around 12pm!! Sev and I ran to the mall (which was a DUMB idea only two weekends from Christmas!!) he HAD to have some pants!! Poor boy only had 1 good pair!! So we picked him up a couple pairs of pants and did some last bit Christmas shopping. I've been working with polymer clay to make some interesting beads and I think I made two last night before I passed out!! The weekend went by fast, as usual, but man did it wear me out!! We have two Christmas parties this week, one for each of our companies. That should be fun. Then we're going to have our Christmas on Saturday morning. We will leave next a week from tomorrow to head up the road to Inman to spend the Holidays with our families :) I love Christmas!!! Now if we can keep Grandma out of the hospital and my kidney infection goes away, everything should be merry and bright :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Our office is a walking christmas candy, cookie, yummy, goodie TRAP!!! The past couple of days we've recieved Christmas presents from our vendors...and WHY must those presents contain oh so yummy junk??? Today we have unwrapped a huge box full of cookies...and not some cheap hard sugar cookies...we're talking, big, soft, multi-flavored, so good grandma coulda' made them...cookies. AND we opened a box of SEE's candy!!! I havent had SEE's since I was in Hawaii...and seeing as how you can only get SEE's in Hawaii or Cali...getting a box was like GOLD today!! This is bad...very bad. I allowed myself to eat one of each goodie today...but this is going to get hard!! I've been told this is just the start...T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

They call me Doodle bug

I've always had an interest in art, any art. Painting is my favorite. I took different art classes at Winthrop, when I was actually going for a degree in art. Now I just doodle for fun. My dad seemed to make sense when he told me a business degree would be in my best interest. I never really liked the idea of being a "starving artist". Sev got me the easel I had been drooling over for some time as a Valentines gift. While I cherish that easel...it has played the role of a mirror stand, instead of serving its original purpose. My grandma kept me well stocked with paints, crafts, pencils, pens, markers, paper and canvas. She really believed in my talents. So when my grandmother asked me to paint her a picture, I knew I owed her...I dusted off my easel, pulled out my paints, and dug for inspiration. The only requirements she requested were the colors blue and pink (the color of one of her bedrooms). So while I don't think its the best piece I've ever created...by far....I guess it turned out okay.

My favorite thing to paint are trees...I'm not sure why. My favorite tree is the dogwood tree.

I also snapped a picture of our tree :-)

A friend of mine owns a framing and art shop in Lexington SC. She has asked me numerous times to paint and display my work in her shop...while I could spend my day painting, I know I'm not great and I need more practice. So, I'm hoping to keep the dust off my painting supplies and maybe just maybe I'll have my paintings up to displaying material :-)

Monday, December 08, 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend

We spent some time with our friends in Rock Hill. We havent had the chance to visit with them in a couple of months now. Our time with them is always a fun and cherished. We left Rock Hill early Sunday morning, in time to make it back to Columbia and go Christmas tree shopping!!
I had finally decided to give in to my brain, even though my heart was very much against it, and get a artificial Christmas tree this year. For numerous reasons...some being, we have two dogs that know to potty outside and if we bring the outside inside...well....you know....it might not be a good idea. Another reason...MAN Sakes alive...real Christmas tree prices are CRAZY!!! Plus the hassle of getting a tree stand, stringing the lights, the loose pine needles everywhere and the battle of crawling under the tree, trying to keep from squashing christmas presents while balancing a cup of water, just to keep the tree alive until Christmas.....it all seemed just a bit much. So the moment I finally settled for a fake tree...Sev flat out refused to allow such a thing to take place. We would be having a live tree as long as he was a part of the family, and since I have no plans of getting rid of him, lol, we ended up getting a real live, wonderful smelling, pine needle dropping, water drinking, Christmas tree.
Sevy found a farm in Lexington, where you choose and cut your own tree. We set out Sunday on our hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Well, much to our disapointment...frasier furs do not grow any farther south than NC. If we were going to have a live Christmas tree, we were going to have the "right" kind of Christmas tree and not some sad looking, Christmas tree wanna-be, virginia pine. Therefore, we ended up picking out a already cut, brought in from NC, frasier fur. We did drive through the tree fields and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate...we just ended up coming back to the hut and getting our already cut tree.
We spent the better part of yesterday evening stringing lights on the tree and hanging ornaments. This is our first real live tree that we have picked out, purchased and decorated together since we've been married. We have the Army to thank for that ;-) It was alot of fun and I'm actually glad I let Sev remind me that I should always always always follow my heart. There is NOTHING that compares to the smell of a live christmas tree!!!! It isn't the most stylish Christmas tree but it proudly displays the handful of ornaments we've collected over our 4 years of marriage...and we LOVE it :-)
I will admit...as much as I love our tree...I will never have a tree that I love more than the tree my sweet daddy mailed to me last year, that one will always be number one in our hearts (see last years Christmas post).

I will take pictures and post them asap.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Deck the blog with a new update...

falalalala... :-)

Well, it's been awhile. I haven't been blogging...for good reasons!! My computer had a virus!!! I was to the point of tossing the stupid machine OUT THE WINDOW...when my dad came to the rescue. 8hrs later, a rebuilt hard drive...and my computer is up and running again :-) Thanks dad! I went without a computer for MONTHS, so I know all to well the sting of being without a computer!! NOT fun when you have one husband that HAS to do homework online and one wife that has to pay bills online!! Therefore, I REFUSE to get another virus!! Which in return means...I am VERY cautious as to what websites I visit and from whom I will receive emails from.
So, it's almost Christmas!!! We had a lovely Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Sevy's parents were in VA visiting with the Mullen side of the family.
I got the sweet news that my cousin moo is pregnant :-) and I got to spend time w/ my two FAVORITE munchkins...Alexa loodle and Perrin bug (they are the best...b/c I get to love all over them and then hand them back!!). Alexa is seriously the smartest kid I know!! She blows my mind. What two year old knows how to spell their name AND ride a tricycle (and I'm sure she can even do both at the same time)?? Crazy. Then Perrin bug is def. the cutest kid ever...seriously he should be a baby model. He also cracks me up!! def. 100% boy and FUN, if I could be promised all boys, I would actually have kids!! I rarely get to see either of the two...so Thanksgiving vaca was a treat. Plus its always nice to see their moms too, haha.
Mom and I ventured out on black friday...at 4am!! Even though mom grumbled the entire time...I think she had fun :-) I know I did!!! I tried to explain the madness to dad...the best way to help him understand it was to compare it to fishing....you wait in line and wait in line, much like you wait with your bait in the water and wait...and then the doors open and its a real rush running (and yes I actually RAN through target) to get the "prize"...just like its a rush to fight that fish and finally get it in the boat. I still don't think dad "got it"...but whatever, I'll probably do it again next year...mom in tow!!...oh and yes I got what I was "fishing" for, lol.
So...because I actually LIKE being organized and on top of things (contrary to my moms belief) I actually started Christmas shopping and WRAPPING!!! WEEKS ago!! I was sooo proud :-) I had a nice little pile of presents already wrapped and waiting to be place under the tree. I finished all of my wrapping last night. I do have a few more items to purchase...but those will be wrapped as soon as they make it home. I also got our Christmas cards and started working on those, they would be done, but sev likes to write his own little note...so they are waiting on him :-)
So...I was so happy I actually knew what to buy for people this Christmas. I started making a list awhile back and started picking up the items as I ran across them. My mother...bless her heart...had a hair dryer from the 70's...possibly older. I honestly believe it could have belonged to my grandma!!! You know the kind, the ones that have to weigh around 20lbs, they are big and white, the sides are actually huge round things, and it looks much like a fan with a cylinder stuck on the side...they have one button usually in blue and red to show on/off. yeah...THATS what my mom was using. Granted...it still blew hot air out...but can you imagine the electricity and fire hazard that thing must have used and been!! So...mom got the coolest, newest, lightest hairdryer for Christmas!!! Why am I telling you this? because when I realized the contraption my mother was using to dry her hair I said "oh mom, why do you have this and does it even still work??...a new hair dryer is what you NEED for Christmas." I was thrilled to find the gift mom would like and actually USE!! What does my MOTHER do....goes and gets herself one!! WHO DOES THAT!!! WHO BUYS themselves stuff right BEFORE Christmas!!!! So...now I have a nice WRAPPED hairdryer and two short weeks to figure out what mom will get for Christmas...**Sigh**.
So..Sevy and I decided we will have a REAL Christmas tree this year. It is our first Christmas together, in our own home, with space for a full size Christmas tree. We have plans to pick our tree up this weekend and decorate :-) I'll take pics when we're done. As of right now...I have a wreath on my front door. However, I must say it is a pretty wreath!! Hand-made by my mom...if you need a wreath let me know and I'll get her to make one, shes actually really good at decorations!!!
Okay...I should get back to work, everyone in the office is getting sick and we're short handed!! Hopefully I'll be bit better w/ my blog for awhile :-)