Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here it goes...

I think I'm about to touch on a touchy subject and that's okay, its my blog, HA!
I don't know if this will create a debate or if those who read this will stay in hiding...much like I normally would.
I don't like to talk politics or get into the great red/blue debate. Why? well b/c I don't feel I have enough knowledge on the situation and therefore its best I keep my mouth shut. That and the fact that I have VERY strong opinioned people that I love dearly on the far left and far right....so I try to remain mutual by remaining mute on the subject ;)

However, to gain knowledge on a subject is to ask questions...so here is the question I would like to pose (and I understand if I get no comments ;-) ):

What do you think about this stimulus bill?

Here is my take on part of it...as I haven't done my research and don't know all the details. However, it appears to me that we're giving money to lazy people. Sure it "might" help the economy now (again might) but even then...what about the future? and next couple of generations? I consider myself young (25) and I know that MY generation is LAZY...we are. It's sad...but true. We have no concept of what actual work is. Oh...some of us do, but the majority do not. I call us the "now" generation...b/c we expect things "now" not later, not when we actually saved up the money for a desired item, not after we have put sweat into the dollar bills we hand over for the item, but NOW...we'll pull out that plastic or go to our parents b/c that's what gets us the quickest results. Now we're going to our government...and asking for money. We can't pay our mortgages because "well the bank APPROVED me for that much!!!" and we can't pay our credit card debts because "well the bank gave me that much credit!!" and therefore....we spent it and now we don't want to work for it. I really feel like this stimulus bill is only breeding more lazy people....you know, I saw where an article was actually written about SC Governor. He was against the stimulus, as we all know, and the article attacked his opinions and views by saying "well if you don't want the money, don't take it". You know...in all honesty, take my money...I don't want it....I didn't work for it, I didn't EARN that money. Sure I pay my taxes...to keep my country safe, the roads functioning properly, and for teachers to educate....not for the government to hand a portion back to me and bail other lazy people out of their debts. Yes our economy is in the dump....but until Americans stop being so lazy and taking the handouts we're given...it will remain in the dumps, as far as I can see. Some of the stimulus looks to be going to projects that will support state jobs...and that I can see being a positive...then again, like I said before, I'm not that knowledgeable on the subject as a whole. I just don't understand how we're going to bail people out of their homes going into foreclosure and give out MORE food stamps and welfare.....HELLO look at the people who are on welfare....need I say more? Sure, there are times when some of us make mistakes and really need a hand up and for that I can see why welfare is in place...but really, what do we learn from taking handouts? Nothing....nothing more than "oh, hey...if I screw up the government will bail me out...so lets PARRRRTAAAYYYYY!"

I'm sorry but I'm very sad for our Country, but I know I can't worry about it...because this is all part of Gods plan :-) Won't it be great when all of our struggles, worries and fears are put aside and God shows us what he is really all about?!

Remember to pray for our Country regardless of your beliefs!! We are blessed!!

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