Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's almost that time...

for Hallmarks favorite holiday!!

I will admit...I like it too :)
It was 4 years ago on Saturday that Sevy returned from Iraq and we started our life as a "normal" married couple. So Valentines holds a special place in my heart!
I'm not exactly sure what SEVs plans are for Valentines...but I bet it'll be sweet, he usually is :)

I have been doing very well with my resolutions. I've been working diligently at my finance book...and although my dear father insists I've just created a more complex, paper version of Microsoft money and I could save alot of time by just using that product...I won't. I like my hand written notebook! We're trying to save, and by writing everything down, that we spend money holds us accountable to our spending!!
I've also made our lunch every single day for the three weeks!! I know thats saving us money and for me personally CALORIES!! YES two birds!!

So I have some bit of exciting news...for myself anyways....I have been contacted and asked to make a.......

Wedding Cupcake Cake!!!!!!!!

That's right! ME! I'm so excited. The couple are total strangers, so its taken me some time to find out what someone else likes and dislikes, but I think I've gotten a good grasp on what they want and I'll be making the finished product this spring :-)
Can I just say that I have searched high and low, far and wide, over and under, and forevvvveeerrrrrr for BLACK cupcake liners!!! MAN it was giving me a headache!!! I finally found some today in VA and they will be shipped here next week! SCORE!
I plan to take pics along the way :-) So I'll share my first wedding cupcake cake adventure along the way. The hardest part, I think, will be actually hand making the base that the cupcakes will sit on. Man those wood shop classes at winthrop and my OCD dad sure do come in hand at the most random times :-)

I purchased mascara the other day and quickly glanced at the back of the packaging as I tore into it and retrieved my tube. I got a chuckle out of the warnings and thought I would share (this is word for word what the packaging says):

"never apply this product in a moving vehicle. Do not attempt to dilute mascara with saliva...."


I'm headed to a friends house after work to make Valentine Cupcakes for my cutie :-) I'll take pics!!

Happy Thursday.


Autumn said...

That's exciting...I'm happy for you! Can't wait to hear what special stuff Sevy does for Vday. I'll be sure and give you great details on my hot date for Vday. Oh wait...I don't have one! LOL!! I'm going out with my girls and I'm pretty excited about it. Can't wait to see the cupcake cake...I know you'll do a great job!

Keith said...

Not to sound like UR, but a friend turned me onto and it has been really great and easy to use.

The Dales said...

Please tell me you are not using a box mix for the cupcakes...

Jackie said...

Linds, That sounds so exciting! How did they find out about you. Hey who knows this might just be the start of a new career.
Ah come on Steph, box mixes are yummy! And if you go by the "homemade" cake I made once you would want to use a box mix. Ha Ha.

Mrs. Mullen said...

Yes, I am excited!! I was just leaving mer a comment about how they found me....
I helped a coworker make a superbowl cake and the couple saw the cake and loved it and wanted one of us to make their wedding cake :) Lisa couldn't/wouldn't (she doesnt do cupcakes) so they asked me!!! I've already been practicing and working on my icing recipe. Their colors are Ivory and I think its going to be fairly easy to make.

Steph-ha I wish it was just a box cake mix, I would def. do it that way! However, the cake they tasted was made my Lisa so I'm using her recipe. It does require some duncan hines though!! I made Valentine cupcakes last night and lisa helped me along the way so I can get the wedding ones just right!!

I'll take pics and share!!

mom said...

maybe you could make cute cupcakes for Moos baby shower. I am sure she would love that.
Love you,