Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ali and the Peanut Butter

We were very excited to have our friends come and spend the night with us tonight. Sadly one of our best "couple" friends live in Rock Hill and we do not get to see them nearly enough. We were all sitting around playing Wii (got the new Mario Cart, WAY COOL!!) when I decided to give Ali a little treat. Enjoy, we laughed at him I thought we would pass the video along for you to laugh at him a bit too :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just say "no"

it was hard...but I said it..."no".

I've been pretty busy with work and not had much time to post lately. I'm really enjoying my job. After work friday I went to a bicycle shop with some co-workers of mine and looked at EXPENSIVE bikes!! Yikes I didnt know a bike could cost as much as my CAR!! I've thought about getting into bike riding, I go to the gym almost every day after work...but I would much rather be outside!! So when a co-worker of mine came to work on his bike friday, we started chatting and I decided I would try riding. Luckily he has a bike I can borrow...because I DONT have money to buy one!! A few people in the office ride so I thought I would give it a shot :) Wish me luck on my journey and maybe I will find a new hobby!! (since I cant get a horse just yet). After I left the bike shop I hit the gym and then headed home. Sev and I met Jessie at her house and the three of us all went into downtown Cola. to celebrate another friend of ours birthday. We had a good time and came home to Jessies house to crash. Jess and I woke up this morning around 6am to head to the local flea market to sell some random items that I've had stored in my office and garage since moving back from hawaii. MAN what a day!! The SECOND I opened my truck bed and started unloaded stuff I had people pointing and grabbing stuff from the truck!! Jessie and I both had tables beside each other and after the first group of people picked through everything they wanted, before we could even get our vehicles unloaded, we FINALLY put what was left out on the tables. It was actually sort of fun. Jess and I were able to hang out and chat a bit...while earning money :) There are some interesting people at flea markets!! While we were setting up our tables the lady at the table beside us started unloading her truck....and just our luck....what could this lady be unloading?? oh....none other than SHRIMP,CRABS, and FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mid day I thought I would die from the smell, LOL....what was even funnier were the people that would walk up to our table looking at our stuff and then get a whiff of the odor once the wind blew...LOL, the faces people make when they smell raw fish, YUCK!!! (I came STRAIGHT home and took a shower, I knew I smelled like nemo after that experience,lol!!) All in all we made the best of it and sold just about everything we had out on the tables...together we walked off with about $400 bucks in cash (NOT BAD!!). We only had a few clothing items left and that will be hauled off to Pets inc. in the next day or two, the proceeds from what they make off of donations goes to homeless pets (my kinda place!!). why did I have to say "no" today?? Everyone that knows me knows that I ADORE dogs...LOVE dogs....if I could I would have no children and 19293048430202 dogs...the no children part is possible but unfortunately my husband and the amount of land we live on will not allow me to have that many dogs :( Anyways, this man pulls up with puppies in the back of his truck and starts trying to give them away....sweet little, pink nosed, doe eyed, furry, little lab, puppies!! My heart melted...I'll admit I held one....but in the end.....maybe it was the fear of what sevy would do if I brought one home...or maybe......just maybe, I'm beginning to understand what "responsibility" means....but I said "no thank you" and ripped my heart away from the pile of puppies and RAN away!!! **sigh**

Oh...and because I had so much stuff to take to the flea market I had to drive the truck. Well, the truck is also for sale. The windows on our truck are painted with the words, in lovely white, FOR SALE. Wow...I was amazed by the amount of people that actually asked about the truck. Keep your fingers crossed we get a call back!! Anyways, this man walks up with his wife and she and I are talking and all of a sudden he says "how much is he asking?" I looked at him and said "excuse me?" He pointed to the truck and says "his truck, how much is he asking for it?" Well...I want the truck sold so my first remark was our asking price. When he didn't say anything after that I finally unbit my tongue and said "and why exactly do you think that is a mans truck??" LOL....I was by myself, no man around...I was obviously the one who owned the truck (i was sitting on the tail gate) and yet he jumped straight to the conclusion that it must be a mans truck. hhhmmphhh. He mumbled something about I wasnt tall enough to drive a truck that big...I said "well, for your information, I'm only an inch or two shorter than my husband and you our semi correct it is mainly his truck, but it's half mine!" LoL, he looked a bit shocked...but I played it off like I was just kidding around with him...but when he left I was a bit miffed...Men, LoL.

Well...that brings me up to now :) I came home, got rid of my fish funk ;) and hung out in the back yard with sevy while he grilled up some chicken wings!!! My mother poured her love and sweat into my backyard and it is absolutely gorgeous!! Chicken wings, perfect shade outside in the perfect sun, among the prettiest flower beds!!! Life couldn't get sweeter!! ........ok, maybe if there was a puppy in the picture (BESIDES lil' man Ali)

Now sev is fishin' and I'm off to clean my house :)

Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Just wanted to share :-) LOVE IT!!!!