Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Severyn came home last night with some very interesting...disturbing news.

His buddy that deployed with him on his first deployment had given him a call. This guy got out of the Army not long after they returned from their deployment, actually he got out right after Sev deployed for his second tour. It seems he has been called back to Active Duty and was given notice that his orders were in the process of being drawn up for deployment. Technically, this is all very possible and unfortunately something the Army is allowed to do. You see....when you sign your enlistment papers, you are signing up for 8 years of service. Now you may only be signing for 4 years of Active duty...but once those 4 years are up, you are put into a category known as IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve). So you will have served 4 years Active duty and then be known as IRR for another 4. During this time you are a civilian and you have no contact w/ the Army as far as training, drills or deployments are concerned. You are just eligible to be called back up if the President deems if they don't have enough soldiers to deploy. B (Sevs buddy) has 14 months left as IRR. The moment he got notice of his up coming orders he sought advice from a recruiter. He determined that if he joined the reserves and changed his MOS (job) from Infantry to Construction Supervisor...he would be non deployable. HOWEVER he had to do so asap in order to join the reserves before his new Active Duty orders were drawn up. Luckily, he was able to join the reserves in time and will not be deploying or have to serve Active Duty. Funny enough...because he only had 14months left in the IRR, they will not make him go back for any type of training. He just has to serve those 14 months as a Army Reserve Construction Supervisor...and get this, he WAS Infantry, his civilian job is Accountant....he knows NOTHING about construction, but the Army made him a supervisor. Am I the only one that finds humor in this??? Well, I do and so does B and all of his buddies.
Then he goes on to say that another one of their buddies....deployed w/ sev on his first deployment and got out after....was also called back up for Active Duty. Unfortunately he did not know about the signing up for the reserves in time...and has been called to Active Duty and reports to GA in March, from there he will deploy. Soooo what about us pulling out, what was that all about Obama?? Come to find out Obama is calling back the IRR to "beef up" the military BEFORE pulling out?? riiiggghhhhht. I won't hold my breath.
And what about Sev?? Well, we arent sure what the future holds for him. We have yet to receive any orders in the mail. We have all of our fingers crossed and I think I've sent up a few dozen prayers that he doesn't get called back up. There a few reasons we believe he may not be...but when he called around he found out that Yes he actually was still able to be called back to Active Duty but he has a case that he can fight against being we're grasping for hope here. IF he gets called back we've decided he will go into the Reserves....yeah he might have to train one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year...but thats a heck of a lot better than moving us across country to be Active Duty once more!! Huh...I wonder what MOS he may have to sev?? HAHAHAHAHA.

Keep us in your prayers :-) As with everything Army, expect the unexpected and wait ;-)


Autumn said...

I really hope they don't call Sevy back, but we all know God is in control, and ultimately He has a plan! Will pray about it :) Love you!

Jackie said...

Hey, let's all move to Canada.....that would solve ALL our problems. hee hee Love you girl! AJ