Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It was a winter wonderland!!!

...for all of about 12 hours.

I was trying to hold off on my posting until I could add pictures...but we all know how that goes (me and pictures and waiting...).

So, we got snow last weekend!!
It was beautiful. They said we got around a total of 8" here in, the smack dab middle of, SC.
Severyn was beside himself with excitement.
He and Matt built the largest snowman I've seen. I believe they were trying to out-do the neighborhood kids. Actually, there is not a stitch of snow left, but "fluffy" (what the boys named our snowman) is now just a smaller version of his larger self.
The snow started around 4:30pm on Friday. By the time I got home Friday night, the roads were already covered in a good inch of snow. By 8pm you could not even see the roads. By 8:30pm Severyn could not stand it any longer and he just had to get out and drive in the snow....yes, the exact opposite of what they tell you NOT to do...but whatever.
Sev swore up and down that we did not have anything, at all, nothing, whatsoever, to eat in the house (though, I had just gone grocery shopping on Thursday). So, we headed out to pick up pizza (obviously, I lost that battle, ha). The drive to get the pizza was not all that bad. On the ride back, we missed the turn into our neighborhood completely. We could not stop. We just slid right on by! By then, the roads were ice and snow.
We pretended like we totally meant to miss our neighborhood and just kept on going up the road. On our way to the closest spot where we could turn around, a church parking lot, we passed a car, in a turn, and watched as it slid right out of the turn and down into a ditch. Again, we could not stop. We made it to the church, turned around and started back towards our neighborhood and the car in the ditch.
Sev was able to turn into our neighborhood and we stopped, jumped out of the truck and ran/slid back down the icy road. The driver was fine, she was just stuck and her car had no hope of coming unstuck on its own. She was on her phone and looking pretty nervous when we approached her...I later realized that I too would have been a little spooked by two strangers, running down a dark, snow covered road, towards me. Sev and I tried to help push her car out of the ditch, that only managed to cover me in mud and snow. Then I remembered the tow straps we had in our garage. I flagged down a guy that was in a 4x4 SUV and asked him if he would be willing to pull the girl out if I got our tow straps. He kindly maneuvered his car around her car and positioned it to start pulling. I ran, on foot, to our house and dug through boxes, finally finding our tow straps (do not ask why we have tow straps...doesn't everyone??). I ran back and Sev tied the cars together, the guy was able to pull the girl out of the ditch and the day was saved ;) The girl was so thankful and kept asking me for my phone number...I guess it didn't occur to me that Sev and I had done anything out of the ordinary...later we found out that in the time it took us to turn around and come back to her, 5 cars had passed her and not one had stopped to see if she was okay. Severyn has now added another reason to his list of "why we need a 4x4" snows so often in Columbia ;)

Saturday was spent sledding down a hill behind Lowes in rubbermaid (you KNOW I love my rubbermaid!) boxes, because not one place sells a sled here in Columbia! We had a blast and tried to enjoy every last inch of snow before it was completely gone by Saturday evening.

We are looking forward to enjoying even more snow this weekend while skiing!! I love to ski and I can't wait to spend time with my family and friends on the slopes!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

House Guest & Fish

My mother always told me that house guests are like fish, they are just fine for a few days...but give them a little while and they start to smell. ha!

Sev and I have a house guest. He has been with us since last Friday. Technically we have not shared a living space with him until Monday, since we were out of town over the weekend.
However, I am finding it hard to think that this house guest will ever be "smelly".
His name is Matt, he was a friend of ours in Hawaii. He just recently got stationed at Ft. Jackson. The Army put him up in a hotel room and his last night there was last Thursday. We offered to let him stay with us for awhile. Sev has just been beside himself with excitement, he has a guy to talk "guy" stuff with, whatever ;-)
The best part? He likes to cook! He cooked brunch on Sunday. Last night, Sev and I walked in from work and there was dinner on the table!!! Like, real dinner. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes (REAL mashed potatoes!) and corn! When I went to retrieve water from the fridge, I saw where he had already written in a meal schedule on our fridge calendar! It looks like baked chicken and veggies tonight! (I'm eating dinner with a friend, but hellloooo left overs!)

I think I like the smell of fish!!

Oh-he even cleans!
Yeah, I think we'll keep this fish around :-)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Weekend Review

Sev and I have been pretty busy lately.
When I am busy, I usually get stressed. I don't know why.

I worked on a cake late into the night on Thursday. Friday morning was "shadow" day at work, this resulted in a couple of kids wondering around my work place all day. I forgot how many questions kids can ask in a matter of seconds, geesh. All in all it was an interesting day. Though, I will say, I'm afraid for our future. Seriously.
I headed home from work, packed my bags, picked up the house, changed clothes, grabbed the cake I had worked on the night before and hit the road.
We met Kennedi and Kyle at a cabin on Lake Wateree. We were there to relax and celebrate Kyles birthday! We had a great time! We stayed up late Friday, eating cake and enjoying time with friends. We slept in late on Saturday. Once everyone was up and moving, we headed to the closest, hole in the wall (half restaurant half gas station kind of of those places you might hope to see Brittany Spears walking barefoot out of, lol) to grab breakfast. That was the only time I saw the outside of the cabin all day. It was dreary and cold. The cabin had a fire and TV...why would one even want to venture outside? We were lazy all day. It was just what I needed! Funny how the lazy days are the days that go the fastest.
All too soon it was time for bed. Sev and I were up before anyone else on Sunday morning. Poor Sevy came down with a cold of some sorts and could barely sleep, therefore once the sun began to rise on the water...he was chomping at the bit for me to get up and go! **sigh** relaxing weekend had come to an end. We said goodbye to are friends and headed back down the road.

Then we decided to go house hunting. I am officially at the stage of "I hate house hunting" and our house isn't even sold yet,ha. Putting our house on the market has been something that Sev and I have talked about, for some time. We just never actually got around to doing it. We weren't sure why or if we should...we just thought we wanted to and kept tossing the idea around. Things have been crazy lately ... but let me tell you, if you want a clean/organized house...start thinking about selling your house! ha! I kid you not (and Sev would agree) our house has never Stayed so clean in the entire time we have owned our home! I keep waiting for Mr. Clean to appear and give me major kudos! or maybe even the pine sol lady to pop up and say "now that's the power of pine sol!"....I have not even seen so much as a crow fly into our Windex windows...but I'm still waiting!
Sev and I are not sure what our next step in life holds...we're struggling with where to go from here. Needless to say, all of our faith is in God and we know he knows exactly where we're suppose to be...sometimes I just wish he was in the business of billboards. Sometimes...I just want a sign, ha.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Just Some Thoughts

-I have yet to hear if Love and her family are okay, however, I did receive another email that said that the Compassion project that Love is a part of was not one of the locations that was damaged by the earthquake. They promised to keep me informed and would let me know as soon as they found Love.

-A friend of ours, that deployed with Severyn, was stationed here in SC this past week. It has been fun catching up with him and talking about "Hawaii days". He actually deployed again, a year after Severyn got back from his last deployment, and just returned from that deployment this past October. We are glad to have him back, safe and sound. He does not know if he will deploy again, but for the time being, it's nice to have another friend in SC.

-Sev and I are spending time with Kennedi and Kyle this weekend. It is actually Kyles birthday and I'm trying to find the time to make a cake to surprise him with this weekend! I have decided my next house, needs a MUCH bigger kitchen, ha!

-Speaking of kitchen, I was sooo excited to have Rubbermaid pick me to be a "try-and-blog" participant for one of Rubbermaids organizing items!!! Hello! Have I said how much I love Rubbermaid?? I can't wait to see and blog about the item they send me!!! I know where it's going to be used too! In the kitchen!!! To top it off, they are sending me 2 of the once I've reviewed the product, I get to give one away!

-I can not stop watching the video of my cousins little man (on my cousins blog). I know I've said it a million times, that I don't want kids, but this little guy cracks me up and I would take him home in a heart beat! He just recently learned how to crawl onto his parents headboard and free fall backwards onto their bed. I don't know why I find the video of him doing that so funny, but it makes me smile. I think it brings back memories of my childhood and the summers I spent crawling along the tops of the refrigerators at my grandmas appliance store.

-I use a daily agenda to keep up with all of my life's schedules and I found a great one to use this year. It is a daily inspirations calendar and every day has a small bible verse and quote to go along with that days schedule page. Yesterdays bible verse was Luke 22:42, "Not my will, but yours, be done." I don't know why I find it so hard to just trust God and his timing. I'm always trying to do everything on my own and I needed that reminder yesterday.

I guess that is enough randomness for one post. Hurry up weekend!