Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A year ago today...

I was making my way to ATL to pick sev up for his 2week R&R. was Halloween night :) That night I attended a haunted house with my bro...I dont know why I let him talk me into those things!! I close my eyes and smush my face against his back while he leads the way....through the entire thing!! Yet I still let him convince me year after year to pay 10bucks to walk through the darn thing!! After that we headed back to my house and crashed, it was going to be an early morning drive to ATL :) I remember being soooo excited and nervous and scared and I felt like I was going to pop!! Sev was on his way home...and it would be the FIRST time he saw our house finished :)
Wow...time flys...that was a year ago!! During the deployment time seemed to not want to turn from one day to the next!! Looking back it went rather quickly. While sev and I were out exploring the island the other day we were talking about how if he hadnt gotten stop lossed we would be out of the the Army by now. Then I started thinking. I'm a firm believer that everything that happens happens for a reason!!! EVERYTHING!! The good, bad AND ugly!! The deployment was hard. The first one was hard, the second one was harder. I can honestly say I'm a stronger person because of it. It was something I needed. To live alone for a period of time.

It is raining here. Trick or treating is going to be NASTY!!
We're not sure what we're going to do this evening. Today we're cleaning and getting ready for sevs parents!! They arrive Friday night around 8pm. Then we leave Sunday or Monday for Maui. So along with cleaning the house I've got to pack!! Sev and I are excited to go ziplining again, that was our favorite activity on Kauai so we talked his parents into doing it on Maui!! There is also a dinner cruise in the plans...along with (my fingers crossed) horseback riding!! yipeee...we're excited.

Oh and as for last weekend...sorry I forgot all about posting what sev ended up doing for me, lol. He took me to one of my favorite Italian place was scrumptious!! He had then made plans to go and see a movie...but we ended up eating past the start of the movie, so we decided to go play at Dave n' Busters instead. It was fun and a nice evening all together.

Well...I guess I better get a head start on my daily projects while sev is still snoozing. I'm making flapjacks for his breakfast, yum.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Mellow Monday

I call this "Beauty in the eye of the beholder" hahaha: Kamehameha Hwy. on the East Coast (one of our favorite drives):

Driving along Pali Hwy.: Pretty Pali View:
Sevy and a chicken at the mac nut farm:
Us being us:
Sevy being sevy:

It was so nice waking up this morning to the sound of sev snoring and not the annoying screech of his alarm clock...the sun was making the ocean glitter and the sail boats were out and wasnt dark out and there was no sev bumping around in the dark asking me where something he misplaced was (boots, phone, socks, wallet...etc etc etc).

We ate a quick breakfast (oatmeal for me, frozen waffles for sev) and then headed out the door. We explored around our house for a bit and then headed across Pali Hwy. to Kailua. We rambled around Kaneohe and Kailua for a bit and then stopped in at a local cafe' to grab lunch. It was sooo yummy!! We will def. be taking his parents back there while they are out for their visit. We then took kamehameha hwy. towards the north shore. We visited a few beachs and then stopped at sevs favorite location (the Mac. nut farm)...he loves going there because they give you "samples" of their kona coffee, although he gets like 3 samples and pretty much makes himself an entire cup or two :) I munched on a few nuts and visited with a local artist. In the end I ended up scooping up two of his prints (he was very talented!!) and I'm excited to hang them in our house whenever we get back to SC.

We then continued on around the east side of the island and stopped to take pictures along the way. We visited one of our favorite beaches, across from Chinamans Hat Island. We used to take Ali to that beach and it made us both miss him :(

We made our way up to Kahuku and both decided that we NEEDED some Sweet Kahuku corn on the cob!! So we stopped at one of the local fruit and veggie stands on the side of the road and snatched up a few husks.

The rest of the drive was nice! The windows were down and the sun was sparkling on the water. We drove through Haliewa and then stopped by the grocery store to get some chicken to grill with our corn :)

We're back home relaxing...sev is getting ready for a run and I'm getting ready to head to the gym for a bit. Then we're back and grilling...**sigh** what a perfect ending to our night :)

Hmmmmmmmmmm soooo what should we do tomorrow :) (I'm LOVING sevs time off!!)

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's FRIDAY!!!!


It's the start of Sevs THIRTY DAY LEAVE!!!! He just called and said he signed out and is on his way home!! NO WORK ALL PLAY :)

Last night he told me not to make ANY plans today. He said he was making plans and he even told me what to wear, lol. So I'm a bit excited.

I've first got to run to the gym. I'm having a fitness assessment today...I'm kind of excited to see where I stand, but kind of scared to see my stats (I've let a few bowls of ice cream and pizza slices slip into my diet since sev has been home!!). I really enjoy health and nutrition. I'm a bit jealous of my cousins degree in nutrition!! I think it would be SO neat to know exactly how our body works and what foods fuel it and make it run smoothly. I recently purchased the book "YOU on a diet"...sounds completely dumb I know...but its really interesting...its not actually about dieting, but about your body and how it works and uses the foods you choose to eat. I'm only on the 2nd chapter but I've already taken in some informative stuff.

So, sev should be home soon...I'll post more later (hopefully with some pretty pics of whatever plans he has for us tonight!!).

Monday, October 22, 2007

Is it really Monday already??

So the weekend went quickly. It was pretty uneventful actually.

Friday night Sev and I ate dinner at Chilis with Chad...Chad lives in a house in Waikili with two other guys (Mark and Rickey) and Marks Girlfriend (Mel). We decided to walk from the house to its only a few blocks away, and HEY FREE excercise :) On the way there we took the longggg way by accident so we were pretty much starving by the time we got there!! On the way back we took sidewalks, fence climbing, bush jumping way...interesting but quicker!
We then played pictionary, taboo and some trivia game that I quit on b/c I was HORRIBLE!!
Saturday we woke up and Sev left to pick Chad up for the gym, I stayed home to wait on JD to get here (he was going to watch the game here at the house while sev and I were at the gym). After I let him in I left for the gym...had a nice workout and then went grocery shopping for Enchilada ingredients :) I called the boys when I arrived back at the apartment and had them help me haul the groceries up. I was barely in the door when they began complaining that they were before I sat down or even took a nice shower...I made enchiladas.
It was another friend of ours Birthday. So we got ready and went down in to Waikiki to have a birthday night out on the town with him!! It was alot of fun...parking in Waikiki is horendous, we usually park in a military parking lot next to the Hilton Hotel and walk however many blocks to whatever bar we're going to. So Saturday night was no different. We did a bit of two stepping at the only country bar in Honolulu and a bit of booty dancing at another bar close by. It was nice being out with Sev and all of his friends...its been awhile since I've gone out and I really had fun watching the boys puff up and act tough around the girls, lol.
On our way out of the last bar we ran into Tim Chapman...who??...Yeah, not that big of a deal, but cool anyways, he is DOG the Bounty Hunters Brother...if you watch the show (as often as sev insists on watching it!!) then you know who I am talking about. I shook his hand and told him it was nice to meet him and it was only until I was walking away that it hit me that I didnt even tell him my name, so technically...we didnt meet, lol....or did we, how exactly does that work??
We came back home and crashed...what a fun night!!
The next morning I woke up and cooked the boys breakfast...(Jd has been staying with us every couple of nights, between here and another set of friends, b/c he is currently between places). So after a plate of eggs bacon and toast we said adios to Jd and then Sev and I curled up on the couch and watch Friday Night Lights ALLLLLLLLLLLL day....thats it!! Between a few loads of laundry...that was our day!! It was so nice just laying around in sweats and being lazy together! Around 6pm Christopher called and we had a nice hour long convo. with him. It wasnt as nice as a visit would be...but talking to him for a bit on the phone wasnt bad. It's nice catching up on occasion. While Sev talked to him for a bit I made homemade hawaiian pizza!!!!! Just think....hand tossed dough, fresh cheese, turkey bacon(b/c i've quit red meat, lol) and FRESH DOLE pineapple!!! While it baked I talked to chris and then Sev and I enjoyed our pizza while sharing chris on speakerphone. It was kind of like having him for dinner....only a ocean and 49 states apart!

Today starts our week!! Sev is on his way home with Chad and the three of us are headed to the gym. Then I realllllllllly want sev to take me on a drive around the island so I can capture some awesome photos....we have three new cameras that I'm itching to look through the lenses of!! Sev allowed me to purchase a sweet little digital 12x optical zoom back when he was extended and I wanted a new camera. Then for my birthday he got me a tiny pocket camera for those quick snap moments when I dont want to lug the big one out. Then when he redeployed he somehow ended up with a brand new Nikon D50!!!!! He thinks it was purchased by his 1sgt for the arms room...but when he went to do his 100% (which is basically he accounts for all the equipment he is suppose to have, part of his arms room job) the camera was not listed and when he asked about it no one knew where it had come he brought it back in his stuff and I'm taking ownership of it until someone claims it!! WooHoo!!

So...Have a wonderful week everyone, and hopefully I'll post pics soon!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Haven close to Heaven...

Literally, the 23rd floor is UP THERE!!

So this is the view of our kitchen/Living room...the front door is to the right of the fridge and the hall leads into our little bathroom to the left and our bedroom to the right.

Sorry its sideways...but this is our cute little kitchen.
Another kitchen/ living room shot. Our little fish, "punk"....not to REPLACE ALI but to subside my animal desire.
The view standing in our living room.
Its tiny but we're LOVING IT!!

La de da its FRIDAY!!!!

Its amazing what One Husband + Deployment OVER can do to a weekend!! I used to DREAD the weekends!! The week would fly...I had my routine...I would work, work out, go home get a bit of lovin' from Ali clean and sleep. The weekends held NO routine and it meant date night for those couples around me!! Blah!!

This is our FIRST normal weekend together!! Last weekend didnt feel much like a weekend b/c Sev had just gotten home and was given 3 days the weekend just felt like another day off. However, he went back to work today is really the start of a nice weekend!! I can feel it!!

Having only 1 car is actually a bit of a pain...for me anyways, but in a way its probably a good thing. I would love to roll over and go back to sleep when sev leaves for work but now I'm forced to get up and take him to Chads house where I then head to the gym. So thats what this morning held for me.
Sev got off of work early today :) He called and said he and Chad are going to hit the gym and then come by the house to take advantage of our apartment swimming pool. Then the boys and I are going to eat at Taco Del Mar...I've been on this HUGE taco kick lately, I have no idea why!! (NOPE not preggo!!!)...its been like this since before sev got back, something about moist chicken, fresh salsa, lettuce, onions and avacodo wrapped up in a corn tortilla with a side of black beans, YUMMO!! Then we have a few errands to run and we're thinking about hitting up north shore for a bit of snorkeling. I'm missing those beautiful brightly colored creatures of the sea!! Its killing me being back on island and not visiting the amazing deep blue. I did do a bit of surfing before sev got back, but I prefer to be under the waves, with the critters, than on was fun though, surfing. It's such a neat sport. I love watching those that are talented enough to actually move around on the boards...I do good to stand up. It takes alot of energy, you would be surprised!! I cut my foot on some coral so I havent been back, but I've talked sev into taking me this weekend.
Oh...I also tried pig hunting!! Yep!! PIGS!!!
but NOT your little pink wilbur farm these things are BEASTS!! They are BLACK with HAIR and TEETH!!! More like a boar!! They are wild here in Hawaii and make the BEST Kahlua Pork (hawaiian bbq). Jd Lambert (a friend sev graduated basic with) decided to take up pig hunting so I asked if I could join. First, they made me wear camo and boots. Jd still wont let me live it down that I sprayed perfume on before we left, was more like body spray, I had just left the gym and STUNK but according to Jd, stinky is better. We then headed on to Helemano Military Reservation on North Shore. We climbed around in the bush and at one point it opened up onto the side of a HUGE cliff!! The view was amazing!! I was taking in the sites when JD pointed down below about a yard and said "is that your phone??" uhmmm yeah, it was. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I was climbing about. I had to retrieve it and fast!! Before it rang and scared the pigs!! The climb was difficult and I actually managed to catch my shirt on a tree and leave a nice scratch on my side and back....I tried to convince everyone that a pig had attacked me, but no one believed me, hehe. All in all it was fun!!
Sev and I have listed TWO things that we WILL do before we leave the island this winter...we WILL go diving with Sharks on North Shore and we WILL Sky dive on the West Coast above Dilingham!! Both activities are things I've wanted to do while here...but we never got around to its now or never!! I promise to take pics of both activities...and I probably wont tell anyone I'm doing them until they are done, to keep moms sanity....kind of like the time I flew out here to HI and didnt tell anyone, it just seems like a better idea that way. Although I'm sure mom disagrees 110%. Another reason I DONT want kids!! oh the heartache and worry.

So I realize this is a random post...but isnt that what blogging is about? Severyn is on this "looking for land" kick...he wont stop!! I've told him he is getting his hopes up and he's just going to end up finding the perfect piece of land that we just cant afford right now!! We would both like to have our house in Columbia sold within the next year or two (after he graduates Embry-Riddle), and I agree with him I totally want land!! It's just crazy to me to start looking!! He has barely stepped foot into our house we own now! But the boy needs land...and I need a place to convence dad to store the tractor (hehe). So I guess our next move will take us north of Columbia South of New York...wherever sev finds a flying job...but at least 1-2hours from Landrum.

Okay...I've rambled enough and sev should be home soon...I need to make the bed before sev thinks I've been in it the entire time he's been at work!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Keeping my word

This was taken from our Lanai...its the Arizona Memorial, I think I have one of the BEST VIEWS for this!!
It's a bit hard to tell the size of this ship by the picture...but its the length of FOUR football fields!!! I woke up one morning and that thing was taking up what looked like ALL of pearl Harbor!!! It was filled to the BRIM with planes!! I thought it was so cool, a friend and I almost got the chance to tour it with some of the Navy boys on island, but it left a day before expected....Aircraft carries amaze me, I have no idea what keeps that thing from sinking!!
The cookies and cooler I put together for a few of sevs buddies, they had no one there to welcome them home so I wanted to make sure they knew I appreciated them!!

The view from our lanai looking to the left. Thats Aiea/Pearlridge/diamond head/ honolulu and waikiki youre looking at.
The view looking to the right. Ewa, Wainea, and Makakilo mtns. When you look straight out youre looking out over Pearl Harbor. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sail boats out on the water and the planes coming and going.

Did I mention we're on the 23rd floor of a high rise.
I'll post more later :-)

Wow, I'm bad at this!!!

I was all about getting back on this blog stuff...and look...months have slipped by AGAIN! BUT I have an excuse (dont we all) I've been BUSY BUSY!! My last day of work just marked my first day of crazy housecleaning, SC goodbyes, HI Hellos, moves, house hunting, home making, and most importantly Welcoming Sevy Home!!!!

He arrived home October 11th at 6:30am :) Oh happy dayyyyy!!!

I arrived in HI on Aug 24th. We thought sev would be here mid September...I dont know WHY we expected anything to go as planned?? It NEVER does with the Army. I was here OVER a month and a half before he got here!!! Soooo much went on!!! I spent many nights on many different couches and lugged my two suitcases and a few boxes around like a hobo. My car gave me trouble when I first arrived. The passenger door was broken, the airconditioning quit on me and the check engine light was on, I had a leak in the master cylindor for my breaks....the tags were expired, the safety inspection was expired AND my post decals were expired.....BUT The thing had WHEELS!!! So I prayed alot, cursed a little and managed to pull it all together and get things taken care of!!! I spent the better part of a day under the hood of my car with a local HI dude...whom I understood maybe half of what he was saying...between english and pigeon (hawaiian language)...we managed to get the air flowing :) I bullied the Army a bit and got them to pay for my broken door handle and taught myself how to check to see if I had break fluid and a clean air filter.
You never really know the strengths you possess until you have no one but yourself to rely on...I LOVE that feeling!!! I'm so stubborn and hardheaded....bless my mom.

Severyns sleep pattern has been all kinds of crazy...therefore...MY sleep has been crazy. He has so much energy when I have none and when I'm finally up and going he can barely keep his eyes open and walk straight.

It has been sooooooooo much fun getting to know each other a way it felt like nothing had changed we fell right back into the way things were before he left...but of course being apart for over a year, things HAVE changed and we're adjusting. Its taking me a bit to understand it DOESNT matter if the bed is made perfectly, if the dishes are loaded exactly the way I load them and if things are organized in the fridge. It blows my mind when my phone rings and the caller ID says "Sev" and he says "call me back"....that is something I still havent gotten over. I still freak when my phone isnt attached to me...hopefully I'll get over that feeling soon, because I HATE THE PHONE!!

He is going flying this weekend, I love it when he flys. He honestly looks like a kid on christmas morning. He gets his goofy little grin and his eyes are all sparkly...the boy literally lives for flying and seeing him happy really does make my heart flutter. Dad says I'm "grounded" so I'm not sure when I'll make a trip up with him...we'll let him get a few hrs in and my stomache prepared (I get air sick!!)....and then I'll go up, I hope to before we leave Hawaii, you can only imagine how beautiful it is flying around the island!! We really have been blessed to be able to live here for the time we have...we're ready to get back on the mainland, but Hawaii will always be a special place for us and we've really enjoyed it...not to mention learned ALOT!!

There is so much I could go on and on about....I really should post pictures....this site is so boring. Sev is currently taking a nap, and by the sounds of his snores I might have another hr to get things I'll work on the pictures soon...for now I'm off to make Fish TAcos, yum yum!! Until then...I WILL do better with my blogging!!!