Friday, July 24, 2009

WATCH OUT...I've been thinking....

Sooo I'm thinking about turning this blog private. I normally could care less what anyone reads (thinks) about me, haha. However, for the sake of my family and friends, that I post about often, I don't want the world reading this blog. I have begun to get a crazy amount of hits/views on my cake blog and if you go to my profile from that blog you can easily access this blog. If you agree and think this blog should be private, def. if you're a friend or family member that I post about from time to time, please let me know what you think!! I HATE having to log in to read others I don't really know if I WANT to turn this private. I like my loving, sometimes funny, comments that everyone leaves and I don't want those to dwindle. So let me know what you think...let me know if privacy really should be an issue. If you're a lurker, well HELLLO and I would love to hear from you too!!! It's not that I think I'm so cool all of my stuff should be for the VIP only, hahahaha, it's just for sake of privacy.
So, if I turned my blog private would you still read it?

Love to all-Linds

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catch Up

Well, I've basically been baking like crazy. This leaves little time for other activities. Though I did manage to enjoy a dirt bike ride this past Saturday with my family. We celebrated my dads birthday on Friday and I baked his cake! (check it out on the cake blog) I also got to receive the wonderful news that mer had baby Henry on the 16th!! That's about all of the "news" from our little neck of the woods.

On Friday night, my brothers girlfriend was talking about spray tans and how her friend was not having much success with the spray tan she had received, it just wasn't sticking to her skin. I started to tell my family about the bad spray tan experience I had experienced. I told my family that I ended up looking like an umpalumpa and they looked at me like I had lost my mind, they didn't know what an umpalumpa was!! It didn't help that I tried to remind them of the WillyWonka movie by singing the "umpa lumpa dobidy do" entire family thought I had really lost it at that moment, haha. So anyways, I went on to explain that an umpalumpa was a short, little, orange guy, with green hair in "WillyWonka and the Chocolate Factory". That was exactly what I looked like when I got my spray tan. It's funny now, but at the time is was NOT! I had gotten the tan for my cousins wedding and orange toned bridesmaids were NOT the look she was going for! The other problem that occured when I had my spray tan was when the horrible smelling and even worse tasting spray got into my mouth. When I exited the spray booth I spit (I know sooo unlady like!!) and then wiped my mouth......leaving a nice white ring around my mouth, much like a milk mustache. **sigh** I was something to see! Thankfully MAC does an amazing makeup job and the day was saved.
I'm telling this story because I actually ran across a picture of some umpalumpas today and wanted to post the picture so my mom and others would not think I was crazy when I referred to my bad spray tan experience as the day I was turned into an umpalumpa with a milk mustache!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I may be in trouble for this....

but I ALWAYS knew she had horns!!

I struggled my entire childhood trying to prove this fact.
NO ONE, not one single soul, wanted to listen to my out cries, my pleas to just listen to me!!
"Now Lindsey, she is the sweetest lady. That is just silly."
"Lindsey, that is your mother you're talking about!!"
For twenty five years I have tried hard to capture proof. I wanted desperately to say "I Told You so!!"...I had almost given up hope.
Until today.
My father, of all people, was able to capture the wild horned woman (only a handful of us have seen) in a photo:
She may be rare and she may be as mysterious as big foot himself...but...I TOLD YOU SOOOO!!!! SHE DOES EXIST!!!!!!!

hehehehe....I will admit she's a pretty sweet mom when she wants to be...but don't let that sweetness fool you. There are horns under that wild head of hair!!!

Love you Mom :-) and Thanks Dad ( hope I don't get you in trouble) ;-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lets talk about Me Babyyyy

So, the most important day of the year is about to be here!! Oh come on...what do you mean "what day??" Well now its only the very day my parents were blessed beyond words, the day angels sang and the sun was just a bit more brighter...... MY BIRTHDAY!!! geesh.

So to keep up the "ALL ABOUT ME ME ME" flow I've got going with this post...

Usually this time of year comes around and I get a few "what do you want for your birthday?" questions and my response is "uhm, I can't think of anything." Now, I don't want to sound greedy this year...but I had a few minutes to think about things I wanted, but would not buy for myself anytime soon. Eh' I don't expect any of this, truth be told I would actually prefer money to pay my stinkin' school loans off...but everyone can dream :)

Pandora Clip (I only need one more clip and my bracelet will be set as far as clips go):

Helllllloooo who doesn't want a pink fridge???? Mmmk, really (though I would DEFINITELY rock out a pink fridge) I really just want an old fridge for my garage, a girl needs an extra fridge when she bakes a lot of cakes!!

and seriously, if anyone ever runs across a used pink fridge...let me know, LOL, the more I look at this pic. the more I really "NEED" a pink fridge!!!!

Another Pandora clip...but this one has my birthstone on huh!?

A Pandora Birthstone charm!!!

I wouldn't mind a cute pair of Brighton earrings :)

While I already have a nice little camelback. I really could use a larger both ways; large bladder for more H2O and a larger pack to carry more. This is how I stay hydrated on the dirt bike trails.

.......................Some things never change ;-)

"Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your dreams come trueeeeeeeeeee "(okay, mirrors are breaking)
Stay tuned (if you give a hoot and I KNOW you DO...its all about ME,lol, really I'm kidding folks) I may add more...Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


As promised, pictures from our beach trip!!

The first night we were excited to meet up with Sevs Army buddy, Makoto. It was nice catching up and hanging out. The boys were trying to teach Steph and I how to disco dance, lol:

Aren't they cute :-)

It had been over a year since last we saw Mark. You learn to make your friends your family in the Army, so it was nice to have a "family reunion". Mark was one of the friends we spent many holidays with in Hawaii.

They wanted to be twins!!! ....okay, not really...but funny enough, they ended up matching EVERY DAY!!!

This was seconds before Jonathan said "Okay...GO!!" and Steph went..................screaming the ENTIRE WAY DOWN THE STREET!!! LOL Fortunately, after she learned that it was absolutely impossible to apply the breaks at the same time giving the scooter gas...she caught on and ended up being a pretty good rider!! Oh...and that was also after she managed to barely miss a mailbox, stop sign, tree and house!! hehehe
Sev and I, please excuse the wind blown look!! We all sported that style for the evening :-)

McDonalds!!!! but then we realized you can't eat and drive a we scooted off after I snapped a picture ;-)
Jonathan took a quick break to eat sunflower seeds but I had to post this picture, click to enlarge. You will notice that poor Jonathan had the WORST scooter...he had to tape a flash light to the


Jonathan was making fun of the way Steph and I "scooted".

Wide open roads, the wind in our hair and no where to go...ohhhhhh sweet freedom!!

SEE YA Boys!!!!

We had a great time!! I'm sad to say I missed the photo of Sev jumping the side walk in attempts to race around a golf cart on the road. It was quite a site and made for a great laugh!! Steph kept saying we reminded her of the movie "Wild Hogs". The best part of the evening was when we rode up, gravel flying, and realized we were smack dab in the middle of a classy, upscale, outdoors party in Murells Inlet....oops!!

I can't wait for next year!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy 4th of July....late.

The weekend before the 4th Sev and I made a trip to the upstate for his parents house warming party. They built a GORGEOUS house in Landrum, SC. If I can get permission, I'll try and post pics sometime soon. My mother-in-law rides horses, so they live on my dream land :) horse pastures, a peaceful pond (filled with turtles), and a nice stretch of' and it doesn't do much but make me even more envious that they have a big dog and a barn cat, haha!! They have two cabins on their property, which makes for a nice little hide-away from the rest of the world when Sev and I visit. We really enjoy getting the chance to visit with them and its even better now that they are back in SC and their house is finished. We spent Friday night with them. On Saturday Sev helped his parents outside and I visited with my grandma. Then on Saturday night we gathered together at Sev's parents and enjoyed an evening with their close friends. I made a cake for the occasion...check it out on my cake blog!! Then Sunday we spent the morning with them and ended the day at my parents house...where we got to hear all about their trip out west.

Then it was only a 2 1/2 work week for me!!!!!

July 1st Sevy and I headed to the beach for some fun in the sun with Steph and Jonathan. We had a BLAST!!!! It's always nice to get away for a mini vaca and even nicer when you get to spend that vaca with people you like, haha. The weekend went by wayyyy toooo fast!! We got to spend a night out on the town with them on Wednesday night (dinner with our mom's at the Gulf Stream Cafe and then a stroll around Broadway). Thursday we spent the day on the beach and Thursday night we rented.........SCOOTERS!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. We seriously had the best time!! I am not going to post much about that until I get my pictures downloaded...but it really was fun and I suggest everyone rent a scooter once in their life!! Friday morning we rode the scooters to the flea market (one of the most random spots, but a yearly tradition to walk through). Then we returned our scooters and Steph and I spent time shopping and eating icees at Broadway. The guys met up with an old Army buddy of Sev's and played a round of golf ( that right? a round? I don't play really I have no clue). Friday night we ate at a place in Murells Inlet ( I think I spelled that correctly). We were alllll tooooo sad to wake up Saturday morning and start our packing to return home. Well, I was sad, Sev was sad and Jonathan appeared to be a little sad...I think Steph just missed Pbug, haha. However, we managed to talk Steph into spending the night of the 4th in Columbia so we could shoot fireworks together!!! and that's what we did!! We shot fireworks in our neighborhood Saturday night and grilled hamburgers. It was a nice 4th of July :)
Sunday was a lazzzyyyy day....HEY isn't that what you're suppose to do after a vacation?!?!!!

will post pics soon :)