Monday, February 09, 2009

Pecan Ice

Thats right, you read correctly...I will now give you the recipe for a new little ditty we call "Pecan Ice":

Items needed:
1 Ice machine maker
1 1/2 bag of shelled pecans (hand shelled by 1 loving father).
1 Husband that insists on helping put away the groceries.
First allow said husband to put the frozen groceries into the freezer, DO NOT help or supervise!! At this point I am not exactly sure where the instructions go, I will assume that said husband does not close the ziplock bag full of pecans then stuffs them into the ice box because he ran out of room in any other part of the freezer (again an assumption).
Second, have a house full of guests over for dinner.
Thirdly, allow guests to have free access to the ice and water dispenser.
Fourthly, listen to the "uhmmm...what tha..." as your ice dispenser distributes nicely frozen pecan ice into your guests glass!!
WAnna take a wild guess at who the creator of this new recipe is???
Man do I love him!!! It was a good laugh :) Although, we have yet to get all of the pecans out of the ice box.
We were soooo lazy this was GREAT!!! I stayed in my pjs ALL day Saturday!!! Got a little house cleaning done and gazed out at the amazing weather but never stepped foot outside...I LOVE lazy days!!!


The Dales said...

Sev is a nut! You didn't enjoy the weather Saturday? Man, it felt good to be outside! Vitamin D feels great; I love the sun!

Miss ya cuz!

Mrs. Mullen said...

I KNOW!!! Tell me about it, I had every intention of going on a hike both saturday AND sunday...nope....pj's allllll day!! It was crazy...but I really enjoyed being lazy :-) plus its always good to catch up on sleep too!!
miss you too :-)

Meredith said...

Let me tell you, it is not fair that it was warmer here than in Cali.

Love the story! You know what I did once when I was babysitting? I put a Diet Coke in the freezer to get cold and forgot about it. Oh, did I mention there wasn't room anywhere except in the ice box? So when I got some ice for one of the kids later, guess what came out? Diet coke and bits of the can. I had to clean out the entire freezer and pull shards of coke can out of their ice maker. It was AWFUL!

Jackie said...

I love that guy too! He is a cutie and makes me laugh! So have you found a place in Columbia to hike? Oh and can't you just imagine the ice maker Meredith sent a can it doesn't chop ice like it use too. ha ha ha
Love you girl!