Monday, February 02, 2009

Whyyyyy **edited***

Can't I spell???

I've struggled w/ spelling...well, all of my life. I made great grades in college (graduated w/ honors!!). Yet, I can't spell to save my life. I can't decide if I can blame my teachers or blame myself :(

Mom pointed out some of my ...lets call it "creative" ways of spelling in a few of my past posts and it was rather frustrating. I come up w/ my own way of spelling!! The weird thing is...sometimes I will spell a word correctly and in the next sentence I'll butcher it!! I sure wish I knew how our brains worked!!

Actually, brains are pretty amazing things. They are even more powerful than we can imagine....**enter tune to pinky and the brain**. I've decided there are two kinds of people (maybe the same as right brain left brain). However, I look at it as...those that have all the common sense in the world and those that have all the book smarts in the world. If you are 50/50 in both of those categories, then you're average! I would like to think that I have some of both sides...but I have to face the facts....I have way more common sense than I do book smarts. **sigh**. Sev and I were talking about this the other evening and I said "you know, if you asked me ONE thing about what I learned in college about Economics...I couldn't tell you...yet I made straight A's in those courses." I was able to retain the information I needed to pass the tests and ace the course....but that was it!! My brain was not capable of retaining the information any further than the length of the course. Yet I studied my tail off in order to pass the classes...why? because my common sense side said "hey! dingy! You're going to want a're pretty high maintenance and will require alot of money one day...and money means good job and good job means DEGREE!!" So I studied and stayed the course. Common Sense.

It's also amazing how are brains work over all. How our memory works. The lengths our brain goes in order to remember something, or do something, or even protect us. You know the saying "if you set your mind to it"'s eerie how true that is. If you reallllllllllllllly realllllllllllllly want something it's 100% possible to obtain, if you use your brain. I think most humans don't even use 20% of our actual brain capabilities. So how do we? I think if I could (and here again I'm not all that "book smart side brain") I would find it interesting to study the brain....what makes it tick and how it actually works. Isn't God amazing?! I have complete faith that he knew exactly what he was doing when he "hard wired" each and every one of our engineer, architect, artist, doctor, professor, psychologist or man with any amount of high IQ....could replicate the brain. So how could anyone believe in anything other than God...a higher power! It makes you think doesn't it!

okay........I'm done "thinking" for the day.

oh and in conclusion to where I was originally headed w/ this post....I don't know WHY I can't spell!!! Luckily, I have surrounded myself with people that understand and love me :-) and can say "Hey!! spelled that wrong!!" LoL.


Kelly Gukanovich said...

It's also amazing how are brains work over all.

did you mean how OUR? haha I love you Linds!

Autumn said...

LOL Kelly :)

Oh Linds, if you were being have in Cola you might not be having this problem! :) Seriously though, we love you just b/c, if we only love you b/c of what you could do most of us wouldn't be very loveable! I know my flaws out number my good points by far! :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

**sigh** lol, yes that's what I meant kelly. However, that is not my spelling issue, thats me being lazy and not reading over my post issue, lol. love and miss you too!!

I'm not saying I care so much about my horrible spelling...admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, LOL, I'm just saying I know I can't spell and its funny how our brains work!
and I'm glad to know you two love me :)

Jackie said...

From what I see and know being a good speller is a gift, some people have it and it comes easy to them and some don't. You can memorize a word to spell but a true speller just knows how without ever seeing the word. You know Mer has been a great speller since she could first spell a word. Our school librian that just retired after 30 years was the worst speller I had ever met. SO, as talented as you are in many many things, maybe spelling isn't one of them. Now, if I only knew what my talent was I wouldn't feel so bad about not being able to spell either. Love you girlie, AJ

Kelly Gukanovich said...

you know I love you! :-) It's snowing up here, come visit :-)