Wednesday, April 28, 2010

26 Years Old

I had a mole removed from my chin last Friday.
I actually took pictures and will share, once everything heals over.
I currently look like one of those kids that takes their hands off of the bicycle handlebars, yells "look at meeeee!!" and proceeds to face plant on the sidewalk. Not a cool look at 26 years old.

It's a pretty common known fact that I faint. I faint when getting my blood taken, I faint when I have to have any sort of surgery, shoot...I faint at company Christmas parties when someone is talking about their job as a kidney dialyses nurse. Another thing that is not cool at 26 years old!
While waiting on the doctor to come in and remove the mole on my chin, I was being prepped by the nurse and was given the run down on what to expect. I heard "needle" and "slight prick" and I thought "speak now or forever hold your peace Lindsey!". I mentioned that I was a little nervous about the needle part of the removal process. I casually admitted to sometimes fainting. I tried not to make it sound like a big deal, I just wanted to let her know. The nurse was very sweet, she finished answering my questions and getting me ready for the doctor. She then told me to "go ahead and lay on back honey, the doctor will be in shortly". Thinking this was common practice, I laid back, got comfortable and waited. The doctor walked in and said "oh, you can sit up, this is not a big deal, we can do this with you in the seated position." That's when the nurse leaned over towards the doctor, kind of shielded her mouth with her hand and whispered (loud enough for me to hear) "but.....she's a fainter!" **sigh** Then they both looked at me like I was that kind of girl...whatever that kind of girl is...and whatever it is, it's not cool to be one at 26! and I know this, because short of them both saying "well, bless her heart" I could tell they thought I was a 26 year old weenie.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. Dentists rank right up there with doctors, needles and things that make me faint. However, going to the dentist is just one of those things you know you have to I just do it.
The dentist informed me that I needed to have one of my fillings replaced. Then I heard him say the word "small needle, slight prick" and I thought "forever hold your peace Lindsey!!" I was NOT going to let the dentist think I was a weenie! Then he says "and I see here, on your chart, that you have a tendency to get squeamish around needles"...ugh. They have offered to give me nitrous when I go back. They don't want a 26 year old "fainter".

After my dentist appointment I ran to Plato's Closet. I have had a stack of clothes, riding around in the trunk of my car no less, waiting to be dropped off at a consignment store (I first typed convenient store...haha..."yes would you like these old, size 10, women's, shoes to go along with your gas purchase?" geesh...) for forever now! The girl behind the counter looked at me and informed me right away that they only accepted clothes that were less than 2 years old and from teenage clothing stores such as abercrombie and fitch, hollister, forever 21 and express. Well missy, I might be 26 but I still own clothes from some of those stores!! ha!...............
........She bought 3 pieces of my clothing...3 out of the over 30 pieces of clothing that I brought in.
Apparently, a 26 year old (that incidentally looks like she face planted off of her bicycle) is no longer "cool" when it comes to teenage fashion.

Hello, my name is Lindsey. I'm 26, do not have very good fashion sense and I'm a fainter.

but it's WEDNESDAY and we're only 2 days away from Friday!! and no matter how old you are, Fridays are soooo cool ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Days of the Week

I'm so glad Monday is over.
I HATE Mondays.
I'm usually a little bit sad when Sunday comes around, because I know I'm that much closer to Monday.
Today is Tuesday, and while it's still a good ways away from Friday, it's still not Monday!

Am I the only one that hates Mondays?

Oh, I try to remain positive when Monday comes around. I try to remind myself that I'm thankful for a good job to wake up to. I try and tell myself that this Monday is going to be different and I'm going to have the best week...EVER! It hardly ever works. Mondays stink!

However, today is Tuesday, so I'll stop whining about Mondays! Tuesday means I only have 4 more days until the weekend. This weekend we are going to a concert (Sevs first ever concert). Steph and Jon are coming to spend the weekend with us and attend the concert with us. We're going to see Carrie Underwood. Severyn has had a crush on her since before I can remember. I'm excited to enjoy this coming weekend!
but it's still 4 days away, today is only Tuesday and Tuesdays are only one day away from being as bad as Mondays!

Can anyone tell, I live for the weekends??

Last weekend we celebrated my brothers birthday with a camping trip. If you want to see pictures of the camping trip my family took, you'll have to visit my cousins blog. Steph is the only one that took any pictures last weekend. I didn't pull my camera out for numerous reason. I was busy riding all day Saturday and there is something very difficult about riding and taking pictures. Then I spent the better part of Saturday evening under a tarp, trying to stay dry, and not feeling all that glamorous or picture worthy. Regardless of the lack of pictures, we had a great time. My only complaint, Monday came way to quickly!!

I hope everyone has a great week! Tomorrow is Wednesday and Wednesdays mean we're half way to the weekend!! and I LOVE weekends :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1025 East Prince Road

It's not something I do often...cry.

It's just something that I don't like to do. I don't know why. I just don't.
My mother will tell you that when it comes to crying, I'm pretty dang stubborn.

Well I couldn't find a tissue quick enough when I heard this song first play on my radio.

Miranda Lambert-House That Built Me (click link).

For those that don't know me very well, I had the hardest time accepting the fact that my parents had sold "my home" a year after I moved to Hawaii. It was the home that my brother and I spent our entire childhood in. It's the house I learned to ride my bike at. The house that I got ready for my first day of school in. The house that I woke up, entirely too early, on Christmas mornings in. The house that I spent every summer swimming in the backyard pool. Just about every single one of my childhood memories involves some part of that house.
When I came back to SC for the first time after I had moved to Hawaii, after the house had sold, I made it a point to go by our "home" one last time.
It just felt right.
The man that bought our house must have thought I was a loon, some crazy girl blubbering on about his house being her childhood home and could she please see it one last time. If he thought I was a loon, he didn't say it (thankfully) he just let me in and let me walk through the house one last time.
It was the last time I would see the inside of the house that built me.

Listen to the lyrics and if you've ever had to say goodbye to a childhood home, maybe you'll cry too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Stuck Our Big Toe In...

and then proceeded to submerge our feet!

...then our legs

...and some, of the more daring, even submerged their entire body!

and it was COLD!!

However, after we lost feeling got used to the water temperature, it wasn't THAT bad. Honestly. Though we did get a few strange looks from river by-standers.
Here are pictures of Kennedi, Kyle and Matt on our way to the river. See the green tubes in the back? See the smile on their faces?....they know what fun is! .....or maybe they just really trusted me, and honestly believed me when I said "come on guys! It won't be THAT cold! Cross my heart!"

So, I might have to work a little bit harder for their trust in the future, but they all admitted to having a great time :-)
It took about 3 hours to float the river. We saw a few turtles and thankfully no snakes (perhaps they knew just how cold river water is in April!). The best part of the entire adventure was when we made it to our destination and climbed out onto the shore. I knew we were a site to be seen. I knew that before we were out of the water, the look on the faces of the by standers told me that. I just didn't realize the audience we would have when we finally made it to land. As we filed into a single line and began to walk up a steep flight of stairs to the parking lot, we heard music. We stumbled up the last part of the stairs, each of us dragging a large tube and a life vest, and found ourselves directly behind the back of a singer, performing in front of a fairly large crowd. Apparently, there was some sort of river festival going on. I think we ended up being one of the main attractions! All eyes were on us! We couldn't help but laugh and Kennedi even wished out loud that we "could at least be carrying something cool, like a kayak and not these crazy tubes!" as we made our way across the front of the audience and up the side walk to the truck.

We had a great weekend with our friends and like every weekend, it went by way too fast! It's back to a week full of unpacking and organizing for me. Sev and I did manage to find a good deal on a brand new washer and dryer on Sunday! We had a big day, we did some shopping at Lowe's and then made a quick stop by Sears, we even considered stopping by Home Depot but we opted out for lunch at Apple Bee's instead....we know what fun is!!! ......**sigh** when did I start sounding like my parents??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Dreaming...

I do that. A lot.

Day dream.

I used to get in trouble for it in college. Wait. I still get in trouble for it at work! I suppose some things will never change.

This is just a random post. why? because I haven't posted in a few days...mainly because I lead a really boring life and I've already blogged enough about all of the packing/unpacking that is my current life.

I wore capri pants to work today. BIG mistake! Not only am I so white that it looks like I have on white stockings...but I just went to scratch my ankle and realized, I really need to shave! really. I'm so bad about remembering to shave in the winter (**gasp** did I just admit that?) No, I'm not a hippy, tree hugger...I'm lazy. Honestly, just lazy.
So, while I really need to work on getting a tan and stop being so lazy, I'm still REALLY enjoying this spring weather!! I really believe that the weather can make a persons mood. I'm typically, deliriously happy in the spring. Plus, tulips bloom in the spring, and tulips make me happy.

Maybe my mood is elevated even higher by the fact that it's Friday! Lately, I feel as if, I'm living for Fridays.
This weekend, Sevy and I, have two of our best friends coming into town. We love getting to spend time with Kennedi and Kyle. They have a wedding to attend tomorrow afternoon, here in Columbia, so they are spending the rest of the weekend with us! We have tentative plans to float down the Congaree river. Please note I said "tentative" we may get out there, put our big toe in the water, chicken out, toss the "floating down the river" idea to the side, go home and be lazy! It's how we roll ;-) (okay, I've just really been wanting to say that, lol).

I really want to plant a small garden this year. I realize it's getting later into the "planting season" but I think Sev and I are going to attempt a small garden as soon as possible. I'm really craving some fresh veggies, herbs and maybe some fruit! I've done a little bit of research and I'm even considering starting my own little compost pile, we'll see how far my idea goes. I'm GREAT at planning things, even better at starting things.....I'm just not so good at finishing things. It's how I roll. (okay, I'll stop that now).

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!
I found my camera last night and I'm really planning on taking pictures of the new place and posting them soon!! I know I say "I'm posting pictures soon!" all of the time, but really I have every intention to do's just, well, read above paragraph. Again, it's how I roll (okay, I lied).

Happy Friday!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Can. Not. Find. A Thing!!

because we are currently, really, living out of boxes!

I thought that I couldn't find anything when we packed our stuff and put most of it into storage...but now, I really can hardly find a thing.

Sev and I began our move on Friday afternoon. On Friday morning, I was sick and ended up having to go the doctor so on Friday afternoon, Matt and Sev handled as much moving as they could.
They were able to get the master bedroom furniture in the new house along with a couple of boxes. On Saturday morning I was still not feeling well, but I had my hair straightening appointment that I refused to miss! (remember, my hair was SCARY!! well, that and I knew it would be way to difficult to try and I just sucked it up and went). I got to my appointment at 10am....I left there sometime between 5 and 6pm!!!! Not only was I tired of sitting by that point, but I was feeling pretty puney.
I left, with head full of straight hair, and met Sev, Matt and my mom at the new house. My mother, bless her sweet heart, had already started cleaning! It is times like these when I wonder how children grow up without a mom. Mom cleaned, I unpacked boxes and the boys worked on building the storage shed out back. Finally, my body had had enough. Mom and I went to get dinner while the boys went to get the spare bedroom furniture from Matt's house (wow, that sounds weird to me..."Matt's house"). By the time mom and I got back from eating, the boys had already put the spare bedroom furniture together. I tried to dig through some boxes to find sheets and blankets. I managed to find two sets of sheets, for each bed and a handful of pillows. I could only find two small lap blankets for the spare bed and I did find the comforter for the master bedroom. Matt went home and Sev, Mom and I fell asleep fairly quickly. Mom insisted on letting Ali sleep at the foot of her bed, so we allowed him to sleep there. I'm pretty sure she was rethinking that decision when Ali decided that he wanted to bark at every little, strange, new house, noise! Mom was a trooper though and she was up and at em' early on Sunday. She rounded the troops, gave orders and we all got to work!
She and I unpacked, hung pictures, cleaned, got two car loads of stuff from Matt's house, furniture shopped, unpacked, and cleaned some more. The boys helped get the big furniture items moved and set up, but for the most part they worked on the storage shed.

Mom left last night at 9pm. I left Matt's house with one last car load at 10pm. Sev and I dug through some boxes for our pj's, shower supplies, and alarm clocks. We were fast asleep by midnight.

This morning I woke up in a new house, I dug through a box at the foot of our bed for something to wear to work and I headed to work...I found out that I am about 5 minutes closer to work, that moving is not much fun and that moms really are hero's in disguise!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Home, An Update, And Allergies!

Gosh time sure does fly!

I just realized that I have yet to come on here and post about Sev and I finding a new place to call home!!
Well we did. We found a place and we move this coming weekend.
We are excited and with any move.

We are downsizing, not by choice but by "we finally found something we both like, can afford and it happens to be small!!" really small. However, I told Sev, I think I can be a minimalist for a year or two. I like this place that much. We'll see just how well I can put my organizational skills to use! I'm going to have to make the most out of every space. I'm sure this will bring posts along the way!
I'm also relieved that our house search is over! For a year or two...I can't stay in one place long :)

After our house sold, Sev and I talked and, we decided to rent. It just made more sense. We don't want to be in Columbia any longer than we have to. We want to have the ability/flexibility to get the heck out of dodge move as soon as Sev completes his degree.
What we didn't expect was how expensive it is to rent in Columbia! Geesh! Therefore, we took forever and a year to finally find a place we loved and could see spending he next year or two of our lives.

We fell in love with a little area in Columbia, called Shandon. It is the oldest and most historic neighborhood in Cola. The streets are lined with huge trees. The majority of the houses are brick, small and surrounded by flower beds. Every afternoon the side walks are filled with people walking their dogs. It's and old neighborhood, but it has charm! I could see the potential and I immediately made it my mission to call that neighborhood home! I'm so excited to decorate, organize, call this place home and have friends and family come visit!

Sev and I spent last weekend in the upstate. We had a wonderful Easter! We got to see my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew. I adore my nephew. He is loads of fun and I treasure the times we get to see him. I met him when he was 2, and like all kids, he grows so fast! He is already 10, in the 4th grade and "almost as tall as you aunt linds!" (quoting him). He rides dirt bikes so we spent time talking about dirt bikes. He loves reptiles so we spent time drawing pictures of lizards, and naming his latest rubber lizard "taco". We looked for turtles in the pond, fed the horses carrots, had a scavenger hunt for his Easter basket, and he and I rode in the "trunk" of my mother-in-law's suv, on the curvy road to Saluda, NC....he thought that was just AWESOME!....I thought the ride would never end and got car sick! LoL.
In a nutshell, we had fun and I can't wait to see he, his mom and dad again! Hopefully soon, Sev and I are trying to plan a trip to MT, in the upcoming year, to visit them.
On Easter Sunday we got to enjoy lunch with my side of the family, at my grandmas house. I LOVE my grandmas cooking. This year I loved my cousins keylime pie too!...which I cut a big piece of to take home...and then left it at my grandmas! Ugh.
I also got to spend time with the sweet baby boys in our family. This year I even found it in me to share an Easter egg! This is rare, as I'm known for stealing the eggs...not sharing them. Can you see the egg I shared??

I was sad when our weekend came to an end, but happy that it was spent with family!!


Columbia is currently a sea of yellow. My black car looks yellow, the grey roads look yellow, the blue sky looks yellow...pretty much any surface, on any item, that goes outside, for any length of yellow!!!! I don't believe I've ever seen pollen this bad!! It is EVERYWHERE!! and it is giving me one heck of an allergy attack! Bring on the rain!!!

That is all on allergies...I just thought it was necessary to post about the pollen, since it seems to be all that I can sneeze think about these past couple of days.