Monday, February 23, 2009

The start of the end of February...

Its the last full week left for February 2009. I wonder how many resolutions are holding up ;)

We had a lovely weekend!! Even though I didn't get to see much of Sev...I had fun with my family and friends!!
Friday we drove on up the road to Inman and spent the evening w/ my dad. Then Saturday morning Sev and dad left to help my brother move and I headed on over to my cousins new house!! Unfortunately I didn't get to be of much help (sorry Steph) with the whole packing thing!! I did however get to see where little Perrins new home is!! I think its safe to say that his favorite part of his entire new house is....his closet! He is a mess. THEN ....I...even went BABY FURNITURE SHOPPING!!! It was weird and for a brief, fleeting, second...I almost had myself convinced that I might want a a few YEARSSS!!! but cousin said she couldn't wait on my second of baby fever faded. HA!
However, baby furniture is cute...I don't think I realized just how many options, choices and decisions it took to pick out a crib!
It was fun getting to spend some time w/ my aunt and cousins!
Then saturday night my mom returned from the beach (where she was at a work conference)and we ate dinner at my parents house. Sevy and my dad were exhausted from helping Chris it was a relaxing evening.
Then Sunday mom and I went to visit NewSpring Church in Greenville, where Aud attends every Sunday and speaks VERY highly of. She was right, the Church was awesome and I really enjoyed our visit!! They are opening a Columbia Campus this year and I do see Sev and I visiting there often! After Chruch we went for lunch at PF Changs!! I got to see Alexa and she was being as cute as ever! She cracks me up b/c I can def. see her mother in her!
Then mom and I spent a couple of hours together just browsing the Greenville mall before she dropped me off at Sevs parents house. We had a wonderful dinner together and enjoyed the gorgeous view from their new house!!! (they just recently finished and moved into it).
The worst part of the weekend is that Sev is now SICK!!! He didn't make it to his morning classes and can barely talk, his throat is so raw!!! Bless his heart, it breaks my heart to see him feeling so yucky :( I think it will be soup and grilled cheese sandwiches tonight!!

Happy Monday!!


Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

I had to delete my post, My spelling was baddddd.

BUT, what I said was...I hope it isn't Strep throat, that is going around from what I hear. If so he will need some antibiotics. I had a fun time with you guys this weekend, I am tickled you came with us. Love you much, AJ

Autumn said...

I'm so glad you and your mom came to church with me...I have never felt the way I do at that church...I mean would you have ever imagined I would volunteer to sit through the same service twice??!! LOL! Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you get to come back sometime soon :)

Oh, and I hope we get to hang out some more in the very near future! Maybe I can come to Cola or something