Monday, February 16, 2009

Its over :(

the weekend, that is.

I hate to see such a lovely weekend come to a close. Sev and I had the best time! It started Friday night, we went to wild wings (I wanted wings!!) located in the village at sandhills. After dinner we walked around the shops and Sev ended up taking me to pick out another charm for my Pandora Bracelet (it's sooo pretty :-) ). Then I took him into the Sunglass store to finally let him get the pair of Oakley's he has been wanting/needing. Then we stopped in at Marble Slab Creamery and enjoyed some ice cream!! We headed home and Sev had tulips and tickets to the circus on the kitchen table waiting for me :-) He didn't really care to go to the circus, I've never been and said I thought it would be cool, so he got tickets for us to go even though he wasn't really into the idea.
Saturday we woke up and I cooked breakfast, I took pics but will upload them later. I shaped his bacon, eggs and toast into heart shapes :) Corny but Cute!!!
Then we both packed an over night bag, grabbed Ali, loaded up the truck and headed out on the road with no real destination in mind. Sevs plan was to never hit the interstate. We ended up on the blue ridge parkway :) Not a interstate one!! We found a place to stay in Asheville and then went to see my brother for a few short minutes (he now works in Asheville). Then we headed out to find a place to eat. We had the BEST dinner at a little Greek place, province 620, off of Hwy. 25. The next morning we enjoyed breakfast together and set out to explore around Asheville and the Biltmore area. We then hopped back on the Blue Ridge Parkway and made our way over into Pisgah. We took the coolest little gravel roads and had the best time, hiking and playing in the creeks and letting Ali run wild. We ended up in Brevard where we stopped and ate BBQ. Then we ventured into a little outdoor store and I finally got a new BPA free water bottle, lol. We then headed on back down the road to Columbia. We really had the best time and I can't WAIT to go again. I hope everyone else had a Happy Valentines weekend!!

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Autumn said...

Sounds like a great weekend! :)