Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Late Birthday!!!

So today was Ali's yearly check-up. It breaks my heart to have to leave him at a kennel next week while we're at the beach :( I really struggled with the idea of sneaking him down to the beach with us or just giving in and boarding him. He really is so much like a child to us. However, I decided it was for the best that he stay in a local kennel here. I searched, researched and searched some more and finally ran across a wonderful little farm in Irmo SC. The place is more like a pet spa/resort. He will have his own little bedroom with tv and music. He will also have his own access to outside and will be taken out of his room 4 times a day to be given special attention and play time with other doggies. So I feel somewhat comfortable leaving him. Of course our FAVORITE Ali sitter in the WORLD will be at the beach with unfortunately he couldn't stay with his foster parents :( In order to board him he had to be up to date on all of his shots. So, this morning, Ali and I visited our local vet. Poor Ali. He is so innocent and sweet. I hated handing him over to our vet to...well...pretty much violate, poke, prod and feel every part of him. After 2 different objects were placed in the most uncomfortable places on his body to check his temp and stool, he was then stuck with 5 different needles. I HAVe to walk out of the room when this is taking place b/c it not only makes Ali more anxious but it KILLS me to watch him get poked!! While the vet was filling out his records he said "oh, he just turned three, what a big boy!!" I had TOTALLY forgot!! May 12th, Ali's birthday, passed without so much as even a pat on the head!! So........Happy Late Birthday little man :) I'm going to give him a special dinner tonight...for birthday and post vet exam.....celebration.

On another note...we had Jessie's couple shower at our house Saturday. It went great. They received some awesome gifts and we all enjoyed ourselves. We played a version of the "newly wed" game and died laughing at some of the answers. Sunday Sevy and I woke up, told my mom and dad adios and headed over to Jessies house to eat a blueberry pancake breakfast with Sevs family. We came back home and I took a quick nap while sevy submitted his application to USC and then ran to Sumter for a work meeting. When he returned home we went back over to Jessies to eat homemade pizza with Don and Jess. We also played a friendly game of "corn hole"...(this really random game where you throw bean bags into a wooden board with a hole cut in it.)

That pretty much sums up our weekend!! Please keep sevy in your prayers as he makes some pretty big decisions for his life.

Yay for vacations!!! 4 more days of work left before its beach time!!!!!