Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesdays Thoughts

I've been meaning to post a picture of the Valentine cupcakes I made for Sevy but have not gotten the chance. Hopefully I'll find the time to snap a photo before they are all gone!! I tried to take a picture of them on Saturday, but the lighting was no good and we were rushing to leave for our weekend get-away, so I'll try again tonight. I think they turned out nicely. I'm looking for a bigger icing tip to make the icing taller and fluffier!

So more and more of Sevs buddies are getting called back in for Active Duty :-( Two more are deploying in March. I will admit, we're now a bit concerned. The last two guys that were called up were not notified before they received their orders in the mail. With no warning they were not able to go reserve and therefore are now being forced to deploy. Sev nor I can decide if he should go ahead and join the reserves or wait and pray he doesn't get called back up. I'm not sure either of us could handle another deployment!! Calling the IRR back up is all part of the plan to "beef up" the troops in Afghanistan. I told Sev it is his choice, I do not want to talk him into one way or the other and then have him upset with me...as of right now, he's decided to keep waiting with fingers crossed. We have noticed that most of the guys that are getting called back up are guys that have only deployed once and that have been out for over 2 years. Sev has deployed twice and been out only 1 year, so we're really praying the government thinks Sev has served his time and will not call him back up. Sev just wants to finish his degree and move away from the city...if he gets called back up it will only prolong our plans and dreams :-( I know everything happens for a reason, God will not give us a load we cant carry and I have complete Faith in him. Please keep the men that are being called back up in your prayers.

On another note...Sev and I will be in Inman this coming weekend :-) My brother and hopefully my cousin are moving and we're going to help!! I'm hoping to see Mer and her little baby bump too!!
The following weekend I'm very excited to go to a local farmers market here in Columbia. I just found out about it! They carry fresh produce, flowers, crafts and HONEY!! I've been searching high and low for some local honey (local to cola) to eat and hopefully help me with my allergies! I'm also excited to get some local, fresh veggies AND help out a local farmer :-)

And I'll leave you with this cool little gadget I found:
Kleen Seams!!
http://www.rangekleen.com/catalog1.php (scroll down the page until you see the kleen seams)
now THATS what I'm talking about!! I HATE trying to keep food from going between the cracks beside the stove and counters!! I havent ordered any, but if I do I'll let you all know how they work.

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