Wednesday, February 25, 2009

boo hoo :(

I think I caught that nasty little bug that is going around!!
I woke up this morning w/ a sore throat...not good!!!
I tried to keep sev medicated and away from me...I even loaded up on my Vitamin C ("shes a C freak!!") but to no avail...I got the nasty sore throat bug. I turned to my grandams trusty ole' salt water throat rinse, I think it might have knocked the soreness down a bit, but not all the way. **sigh** So I hope this bug doesn't take me out of commission. I managed to cook chicken sausages last night for dinner...but tonight it looks like a frozen pizza. Darn it and I was on the ball with this cooking!!
Oh well, on a brighter note...I forgot to mention that I got the coolest charm for my Pandora bracelet last weekend....that's right, I got a CUPCAKE charm :) How sweet is that!! I was pretty excited and its really cute! It was kind of a v-day gift from my mom (she gave me a little v-day cash, thanks mom).
Well, that's about all the news from the Mullen household.
Happy Hump day!!! I love Wednesdays...something about being half way finished with a work week is exciting!!

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Autumn said...

Oh I hope you feel better's going around our house too! Hope I don't get it...oh Alexa either. LOL!