Monday, August 31, 2009

Why oh Why...

Do weekends have to fly??

Seriously, I think the work week clock moves at a much slower pace than the weekend clock!! Our weekends just zoom on by.
Severyn and I have decided we really want to find a Church home. We visited different churches while in Hawaii and we attempted to visit a local church here in Columbia. However, neither of us felt like we fit in anywhere and sadly, we stopped looking for a church all together. Oddly enough, we are rarely home on the weekend...we tend to travel all over SC visiting family and friends. This proved to also hold us back from finding a church home (love how the devil works, huh). We spend a good bit of time with our friends in Rock Hill and love their church (North Rock Hill Church). We decided this past weekend that we will just commit to driving to Rock Hill on Sundays until we find a church that we both agree suits us. I really enjoy NewSpring in Greenville and we were informed that they are finally opening a campus up here in Columbia the end of September. We're hoping we feel like we belong there, once we try it out on opening day!!
So this past weekend, while we planned to stay home and get some stuff done around the house, we actually ended up in Rock Hill Saturday night. We had originally decided to just drive to Rock Hill Sunday morning, but then we were invited to just stay the night with our friends, so we took them up on the offer. Friday night Sev and I tried a new little restaurant not far from our house. A little pizza joint. In the middle of NO WHEREville! It was pretty yummy. We've tried to go there twice before. Once we sat down, ordered our food and then were told we would have to leave b/c the oven had gone kaput and they would not be able to cook anymore food that evening (its a small, hole in the wall, middle of nowhere, joint I'm telling you). The second time they were already closed when we pulled up. It appears, third times a charm! We enjoyed a nice pizza on Friday night and then came home to hang out and watch TV together. Saturday morning I finished working on a cake that was due a little bit later and Sev left to go help a friend fix his boat. I delivered my Noah's Ark cake a bit later and then hit up Hobby Lobby for some cake stuff :) I came home and picked up the house a bit and started on another last minute cake until Sev got home. He mowed the yard and washed the truck. We then packed up and headed to Rock Hill. It was our friend Kennedi's B-day, so my last minute cake was actually a surprise cake for her! We were happy to celebrate her birthday with her. She and I ended up staying up way too late, having a nice chat at Starbucks (yummm). The guys went to watch the UFC fight. We all met back up a little later and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday morning we all headed to church. Kennedi actually sings in the church band, we LOVE the Sundays she makes it that much better! God seriously blessed her with a wonderful voice. After church I had every intention of getting back home soon and getting my house organized and ready for the work week. Didn't happen. Nope. We ended up spending the day out on the lake, being lazy and enjoying fellowship with our friends. I can't complain, isn't that what weekends are for??
Sunday night came all toooo quickly and here it is...MONDAY! blah. Though, I can't complain, I have a NICE longggg weekend next weekend!!!.....but I have a feeling the sneaky, little, weekend clock will figure out my plans and speed the time up again **sigh**

PS. Severyn and I will have been married for 5...FIVE...years this Thursday!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So cute I can't help but Share :-)

We had the sweetest little visitor today!! Sev and I came to stay with mom and dad for the weekend, I had cakes to deliver!! We were outside this afternoon when the sweetest little guy stopped by for a surprise visit!! He was such a cutie. I thought I would share a short clip of one of his favorite words of the evening...."Aliiiiiiiiii". You will also hear him say "toe" "shoe" "lick" "penny" and "booboo" but he obviously loves Ali :) We can't blame him, we love him too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just some randomness...

I have been baking up a storm!! I, sadly, didn't get a pink fridge for my birthday. However, my current, one and only, fridge is stuffed to the brim with cake, icing and stuff to make both! I seriously wish I could just stay home and make cakes all day maybe :) I'm loving this new creative outlet. At times I get tired, a bit a burnt out, frustrated and want to throw in the towel...not literally, but almost! Like last night when I was making a batch of icing and the kitchen towel that I was using to cover my mixer, to contain the mess (you wouldn't believe the cloud a bowl of powdered sugar can create with just the help of a mixer), actually got sucked into the mixer and I ended up with powdered sugar all over me, the floor and the counters...but I had a nice "mixed" towel in the bowl. HaHa. Don't worry, I was able to save the towel and it didn't hurt my mixer. Though, Ali was on a sugar high after he helped me clean the floors :) I decided that "throwing in the towel" just wasn't an option for me. I've been working on a price list for some the process I have decided that some people are just plain CRAZY!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I would jump all over the offer to make a cake and be compensated over a grand for it, but good grief! I was astounded by some of the prices on cakes and the people actually willing to pay that much! I was floored when a girl told me over the weekend that I actually made her feel bad, like she was stealing from me, for the price I quoted her. Uhm...thanks....I think, LOL (and to think, I thought what I was quoting was HIGH). I guess when you really love doing something, you don't realize how much time you spend on something and how valuable your time really is. I could seriously let my house go to squat and work on my cakes all evening long. Good thing I have Sev to regulate :)

I was sooo sad while doing a bit of craigslist reading today. I ran across an ad for a guy asking for someone to do his Algebra homework. He stated that he would pay anyone to do his homework and turn it in for him. I'm guessing he was taking online classes. He said he just couldn't do it himself and paying someone was easier...well duh....but how sad is that?? I wanted to jump through the computer screen and yell at the kid "DON'T YOU KNOW NOTHING IN LIFE WORTH HAVING COMES EASY!!!!!" ahhhhh...what is our world coming to?? my generation just stinks! We've been handed sooo much and expect sooo much that we don't want to work for a thing! I get that every generation of parents just want the best for their kids...but slowly, they have ruined us, by giving us the best they have also made us entirely too lazy.

Uhmmm, that's about all of the randomness that I've got in my head right now, you're didn't take up the entire screen today ;-) Happy Tuesday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My quick trip to Raleigh...

I got to spend the night with Henry! Oh and Dobby too!!!...oh yeah, Keith and Mer as well ;-)

I decided Henry really was as cute as everyone said he was. I took a picture of the little guy, but I'll have to add it to this post later.
Yesterday, while at work, we realized we needed parts TODAY and there was no way we could have them shipped here in time. Then I heard that the parts were in Raleigh. Naturally, I thought "Henry!!!". Then, when my boss asked me to possibly drive half way to Raleigh and get our parts, I devised a plan. Why couldn't I just go the entire way to Raleigh and stay the night with Henrybebe. I quickly called Keith and got permission, then I pretended to be the BEST employee EVER and suggested "If you want, I guess I could go to Raleigh and pick the parts up, I can go tonight and come back with them in the morning." SCORE!! Not only was I now the employee of the month (just kidding, I dubbed myself that) but I got to meet Henry!!
I arrived in Durham a little after 9pm. I enjoyed a short visit with Meredith before she went to sleep. Keith and I stayed up with Henry until around 11:30pm. I got to feed Henry.....a lot actually, that is one hungry baby! He was so sweet and cuddly and he smelled good too! I asked Meredith if I could get up with him when he woke up for his middle of the night feeding. She said I could if I really wanted...I didn't know why she looked at me like I was crazy?! I fell asleep and what felt like only a few short hours later I heard the faintest cry. Henry!! I hurried to his nursery and found him in Moo's arms. Thinking it was around 1am, I said "can I stay up with him until he falls back asleep" she said "sure, I don't think he's hungry, he just ate at 3:30"...."3:30...WHAT time is it??" I looked at his clock and it was a little after 5:30am, had I really been sleeping that hard??!! I had not heard him cry for his middle of the night feeding! Oh well, I scooped him up and rocked him while Meredith went back to sleep. A short while later, after the sun had already started shining through the windows, Henry was fast asleep. I got ready to put him in his crib and realized I didn't want to. He is so tiny and he'll only be tiny for a short period of time. I'll never forget the first time I got to hold Perrin and Alexa. Now those two are toddlers and barely even want to be held. So I enjoyed a few hours of alone time Henry. Oddly enough, the time flew and before I knew it Keith and Dobby were up, playing a game of....well...."Keith chasing Dobby around and around, while Dobby zigged, zagged, ducked and dodged, trying to get him to go outside for his morning potty break". I reluctantly stood from the rocker and made my way downstairs with Henrybebe. I got to enjoy a few more minutes with my cousins and then it was off to Columbia for me. I don't think Henry liked that idea (hey, don't tell me otherwise! Humor me here) because when I went to hug him goodbye....he threw up on me, lol. I had to change my shirt and then give Henry another hug goodbye before I headed down the road. It was a very short visit, but I'm glad I got to see Henrybebe before he grew like a weed and turned quickly into a little boy that wanted nothing to do with being kissed and hugged by his cousin! Even though I just about lost a $50 bill to the pit of Dobby's belly (yes, I walked in to the guest room to find Dobby with my $50 bill hanging out of his mouth!!! LOL) it was a GREAT trip and I can't wait to see them all again :)

ps. I figured out why Moo looked at me like I was crazy when I asked to get up with him...I'm TIRED! Babies are a LOT of work!! hehe. I guess I should take this as another opportunity to thank my own mother for her countless nights of getting up with me, Thanks Mom!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


It's over 100 degrees in good ole' Columbia, SC today! OVER 100!!!! Man oh man what I wouldn't give to have a pool right about now :-)

This past weekend was nice. Quiet, productive and nice. Friday evening Sev and I tried a new little restaurant in Lexington, SC. A lady that he works with also works there and told him about it. IT WAS SOO GOOD!! It was kind of a birthday dinner, since Sev and I really didn't celebrate my birthday with just the two of us. I had peach chicken and it was sooo tender and moist and had just the right amount of sweet peaches on it! I would have never thought to put peaches on chicken, but it worked!! After dinner we came home and watched TV until we fell fast asleep. Saturday morning, Sev woke up and left to go work with a friend of his from work. I got busy cleaning!!! With all of this cake baking, decorating and dirt bike riding...I hardly have time for my chores!! My poor house is suffering badly! I spent the entire morning, afternoon and part of the evening cleaning. I SCRUBBED our bathroom (I get that from my g-ma, I mean...hands and knees scrubbing base boards with Clorox and toothbrush!), I did 4+ loads of laundry, dried and folded! I cleaned under the washer and dryer in the laundry room. I cleaned under the fridge and stove in the kitchen. I vacuumed like a mad woman on a mission! I sat in our shower up to my feet in bubbles scrubbing the tub! I changed all of the linens. At this point, sev was back home, he washed Ali and I washed all of his bedding. We dusted up a storm! I cleaned out all of the closets and cabinets in our bathroom....and I mean purged! (my mother is now the proud owner of a dozen half used bottles of lotion, sprays, cleaners, face washes..etc. etc. hahaha). I then focused my attention outside and pulled a few weeds...this lasted all of about 20 minutes until I pulled up a weed and the biggest, ugliest, scariest, black widow spider I have EVER seen came crawling out at me!!! NO SIR! I don't do spiders!!! I ran to the garage and came back armed with spider killing ammunition. I chopped at the ground, with a shovel, until nothing was left un-chopped! Then I proceeded to spray the entire area (and I mean DRENCHING the entire area) with spider/bug spray!! I may have managed to kill every flower in my flower bed...but darn-it I got that spider!!! yuck...
After all of the cleaning and spider killing, I washed up and Sevy and I went to the movies :-) We saw "Funny People" with Adam Sandler. eh' not my favorite movie and it lasts wayyy tooo long, but I enjoyed my time with Sev.
Sunday morning we got up and did what else but....went riding!!! We met my dad, brother and Jonathan at Enoree. We rode and rode and then....I thought I was going to die! No kidding. It was sooo hot yesterday!! It is also VERY hard to ride in this weather, with all of MY HAIR! I imagine it to be the equivalent of riding in 100 degree weather with a fur jacket on and the fur collar flipped up around your neck! HOT! I started getting yucky feeling and I could feel a headache coming on. Dad and I took a break. I re hydrated and rested in the shade for bit. After our break, I was ready to GO! We took off and rode and rode some more! I had a blast, of course. No one fell...but Sev did manage to step in a yellow jackets nest!! Dad and I weren't there to witness that, but I hear it was rather comical. Don't worry, he wasn't stung! After the ride we headed back home. I had every intention of cleaning some more...but that never happened. I. Could not! I was beyond exhausted. I slept the entire car ride home. I showered and fell fast asleep...all before 8pm!
What a weekend :-) I love productive weekends!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!

I turned 22 yesterday!

mmmmk not really, but I have come up with the master plan of all plans!!! If I start NOW by telling people that I'm really 4-5 years younger than what I really am, then by the time I'm 40 people will think I'm only mid-30's! HA!

I had a GREAT Birthday Weekend!!! It started on Friday, when Sevy sent B-day flowers to my work :) Then I was allowed to leave work 30min early and I headed on home to pack for a weekend in the upstate. Friday night we had some yummy BBQ chicken and just spent time with my family. On Saturday Dad, Sev, Chris, Jonathan and I got up (early) and headed to Brown Mtn.. I wanted a longggg birthday ride! Dad surprised me Friday night with some NICE bark busters for my bike...uhm....basically some metal pieces that go over the handles and protect your hands from hitting trees, or rocks ,or briers ,or whatever while you're riding. I had the best time and was not ready to leave the trails! I'm fortunate enough to have my brother and father as teachers, so I think I'm getting better and better with every ride. I'm VERY proud to say I was the only one that didn't take a spill.........though I'm sure that's glory short lived! I'm GREAT at falling too :) I was asked (just last weekend) why I enjoyed dirt bikes so much. I don't really know why. Its a thrill but on top of that its a challenge and I like learning new skills and tactics to over come the challenges. Plus, I've always liked being outside!! We had a few scary moments out on the trail, but no casualties, lol. I think we'll all be back out there the next chance we get!! We got home around 8pm and rushed in to clean up and eat my Birthday dinner!! Mom made her famous lasagna and we had a lemon pound cake for dessert!! No, I did not make my own b-day cake ;-) I got to spend time with my family and just enjoy life :) We woke up Sunday morning (my actual b-day!!!) and I got to open some SWEET birthday gifts. Then we had a yummy brunch with my in-laws. After brunch, we packed up the cars, loaded the dogs and hit the trails for a 6 mile hike. Sev's parents had hiked the trail before and thought we would appreciate it. We all had a nice time and I enjoyed splashing around in the creek at the end of the trail. We got back to the cars just in time, right before the rain started. After a long ride on Saturday and then a fairly long hike on Sunday, I was beat! NAP TIME! I took a short nap on the couch while Sev hung out in the shop with my dad. We hit the road back to Columbia around 7:45pm. I was veryyyyyyyyyy sad my Birthday weekend was over :( Though I had a wonderful time!!!! Thank you family, for the gifts and the well wishes and the time I got to spend with each of you!!!!

26 years old....I know its not OLD OLD, but man does time fly!!!! (oops-well now you know my real age, lol).