Monday, March 31, 2008

Another weekend over :(

Wow, it was SO cold this past weekend!! Very depressing after such a warm week we were having! I have been organizing our bedroom and closet for the past week...yes WEEK. I have mild OCD and once I start something I am pretty much over the top with it. I am an All or Nothing kind of person...realllllllllly bad in some cases, Really good in others. For my bedroom sake...this past week it has been a GOOD thing. I finally got around to sorting out every single item of clothes I own. I have a ROOM (seriously, as I type this my office space is covered in clothes!) full of clothes to be sold at a yard sale or donated. When we purchased our home one of the nice things we loved was the size of our closet...its pretty big!! Ha, I actually thought it might be a bit overly large. Well, while we have been settling in I've been floored by all the limited space we have in our closet. I finally realized that it is b/c for the first time in YEARS I have all of my clothes and all of severyns clothes in the same place!! You see, once I moved out of my parents house, I still had clothes there (like whatever season of clothes we werent in). Then I moved in with my gma and I had clothes at her house. Then I moved to Hawaii and clothes went there...moved back here from Hawaii and clothes stayed in storage there. So for the past 5 or 6 years I've had clothes in numerous closets, drawers, houses, storage units. Now that everything we both own is under one roof...WE ARE OVERLOADED with CLOTHES!!! Ahhhhhh!!
SO...I am VERY proud to say that ALL of my clothes have been sorted through and put into their proper places!! (and yes this took a week!). I have all of my shoes in little clear Rubbermaid boxes, all of my winter clothes in Rubbermaid containers, and I even have a Rubbermaid container full of my "skinny clothes" HA..cause lets face it I've put on some extra weight since sev has been home (but I wont get rid of these clothes b/c I WILL fit back into them!!) However, also during that week I scrubbed my bathroom and bedroom (as my grandma would say "i got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the base boards, and Clorox everything!"), not that our bathroom was that dirty...but every bathroom and bedroom needs a good scrubbing once in awhile.
Thats RIGHT, I have Pictures of my new and improved closet!!!

I hung the shelves on the wall that you see my bluejeans on, while sev was still deployed.

So, I have been giving it alot of thought (have been for some time now) and I'm really considering going back and getting my masters. I've always said I would...but I really feel like the more I put it off the likely hood of me actually accomplishing this will slim. So, good news is...part of my negotiating with companies before I get hired is to have them pay for me to get my masters as a benefit. Luckily many employers are willing to discuss this benefit. I have yet to really pin point exactly what I want to get my masters in...I'm still researching that. I know I don't want to get it in my major, dont get me wrong I really enjoy Marketing...but it wasnt my dream, so I'm hoping my masters can accomplish my dreams. I really miss school, as weird as that may sound. I honestly enjoyed going to class and hearing lectures I was actually interested in. There were those classes that I dreaded...but overall college was an awesome time in my life. I've said before that graduating with honors was my biggest goal achieved so getting my masters would only highlight my goals achieved.
Oh..on another note....I am sooo upset that airlines are now changing their checked luggage policy. Maybe some people don't have a hard time as is...but man, I do!! I ALWAYS used my two checked my carry on was always stuffed to the brim (I'm not high maintenance, I just have alot of junk and never know exactly what to pack, so I pack it all). They just announced that NOW airlines will only be allowing ONE checked bag :( Boo!!! I think from now on we will rent a uhaul and drive to our vacation destinations!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Life

Quick update.

So Sev is still carrying around 4 large kidney stones. Last friday evening we had a full night planned out with friends. It started with dinner at Jessi and Don's and from there we all went into the vista for a friday night out on the town. Sev started complaining about his side hurting shortly after we arrived at our first location. I knew right away it was his kidney stones...this happens frequently. The difference this time was the pain wouldnt go away. Long story short, we ended the night after only an hour after it started. We felt so bad as we left our friends out on the town while we rushed sev to the ER. He was given 2 ivs and some morphine. They took x-rays of his kidneys to see if he had a blockage and came back with the news that "no he doesnt have a blockage but 4 of the largest kidney stones we've ever seen, usually kidney stones dont even show up on x-rays it takes a CT scan." GREAT!! Poor Sev, it is the WORST feeling in the world watching your husband cringe, cry and curl up into a ball to try and make himself comfortable. So, this week has taken him in and out of the hospital on Ft. Jackson and back and forth between doctors. He is currently getting a scan done on his kidneys so that he can then be referred out to a urologist. He will have surgery AGAIN, thank the Lord we are covered under tricare (100% insurance via military). Sev has been feeling okay, other than the minor annoyance of being pushed around from doctor to doctor and poked and prodded by each one. Please keep him in your prayers as he not only faces another surgery but has to take time off of much needed work!!!
I have been going on interview after interview...I told my gma last night that I am going to start calling my profession a "professional interviewee"...only....I don't get paid :-(
Things are looking up...most of the interviews have been second and even third interviews, I'm just waiting...and I feel like it's getting closer. I pray by next week that God has shown me what plans he has for my career.
I must say that the interviews have def. only made me stronger and been to my benefit!! I have learned sooo much!! I have had to present a 5 minute presentation in front of possible employers, I have had to have over the phone conferences with employers located outside of the state, I have had to take proctored exams, I've gone through just about every "role play" known possible.
Hmmmm, other than that...not much has been going on. We were fortunate enough to spend Easter with my family. We didn't get to see Sevs family, so we're hoping to see them for an entire weekend coming up soon. Unfortunately we've had to cancel our plans to go to the Carolina cup this weekend and the charleston bridge run the following weekend. We have friends from Hawaii that are currently in Myrtle Beach so we're hoping to get the chance to see them in the upcoming days.
Ali is being as cute as ever...we're about to pop with excitement to see the Dangels knew addition.
I was able to see my brother yesterday. He was in Columbia for a business training program. We ate lunch together and talked about life. We're pretty good at annoying each other...but we're also pretty good at listening and talking to each other. Please keep him in your prayers as well, he is trying to find the path God has planned for his life.
Well, I guess thats it...I'm suppose to be organizing our closet, but I got side tracked :-) It's a common lindsey thing.

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This brings me to tears...

with laughter.

Okay, so for the longest time Sev and I have witnessed Ali's new talent. However, everytime I go to capture it on camera he stops, imagine that. Today Ali was sitting on the couch with us when sev started saying his name over and over...Ali started howling right along as usual. Now most of you that know Ali have witnessed his cute little howl (thanks to mer he does it frequently now), however, he usually only does it when he is excited to see someone and for only a short period of time.

I was finally able to catch Ali howling along to severyn's voice. He is sooooo funny. Thought you all might enjoy.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Sev and I spent the night in the ER last night.

Long story short, he has severe kidney stones in his right kidney. He will go in for surgery next week.

Please keep him in your prayers. I will update later.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lets talk Commercials...

I think my calling in life is to write jingles for commercials...weird?? That's okay, I've been called that a time or two. many times are you watching TV when a commercial comes on and the jingle just gets stuck in your head?? If you ask Severyn EVERY jingle gets stuck in my head and I tend to walk around singing it for hours...annoying anyone within my vicinity. Lately the Saturn commercial has been stuck in my head sooo badly that I just had to google the words to the jingle and find out if it was in fact a song....and THEN I had to download it to iTunes...why?? b/c I didn't know the rest of the song after the commercial ends and it was driving me crazy only knowing a line or two. LOL...WHO does that????
So if you hear me singing "I just can't seem to get it right today...." THAT is why!!
The second commercial that I wanted to mention was the new Pedigree commercial. Now I don't know how many people have even notice...but being the animal lover I am...I spotted it the second they started showing the new commercial. The first one disturbed me sooo much so that I would find myself tearing up whenever it came on. I wonder if others heartstrings were pulled as hard as mine were...and thats the reason they made the second one...maybe....I def. thought about writing in to question the commercial.
If you are thinking "what in the world is she talking about???" Well......There is this Pedigree commercial and it shows this cute little collie looking mutt sitting in a cage. He stands up in the beginning of the commercial and runs to the front of the cage and just looks out with these huge, sad, big, brown eyes. He watches people walk into the pound and then walk past him...the whole time some sad sappy song is playing and then it cuts to Pedigree talking about how they donate a percentage of their proceeds to animal shelters. Well, thats all fine and dandy, but for those of us who break down every time they see that poor gets you thinking, "well what happened to the dog in the commercial??"
Apparently they understood my needs and concerns...b/c just the other day I noticed they changed the commercial to show the doggy in the cage and then he "says" something along the lines of "Thanks to pedigree donations and people like you I've been adopted and I'll never go back to living in a cage!" and then it shows him running around playing!!! YaYYYYYY....Thanks Pedigree, I don't know how many more times I could watch the original commercial without bawling.

okay...thats it, the end.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just another day...

in paradise.

If columbia, the arm pit of SC, can be considered paradise!! haha.
So, after giving up on the watch and wait game that TS had me on, I've decided to send my resume to every office in Columbia (or so it seems). I have interviews lined up for this week...FINGERS CROSSED!! God has a plan for me, I just know it.

Hmmmm...what else....nothing new really. Sev and I came home this past weekend to help his parents move (literally like a stones throw away)...yet it took all day. It was nice spending the day with them. They are so busy with their house building and I feel like the only time we really get to spend with them is when they need Sevs help for something, and then I feel like I might possibly be in the way. However, this past weekend they needed an extra pair of I got to help them move. My mother-in-law has the coolest collection of antiques and it was neat getting to see and hear stories about different pieces. I really liked this little pie safe that was left behind by the previous owners and my father-in-law called me on our way home Sunday to ask if I wanted the piece...sweet!! My first antique!! On Saturday evening Ali decided it was high time he got to see his long lost foster mother. So he invited Mer over for a visit. She brought along her mom and dad and Perrin Bug. I know Ali was excited to see Meredith!! She told him all about the possibilities of a girlfriend/buddy in the near future, so our fingers and paws are crossed for a fellow brussels in the family!! After we helped move on Sunday, my parents came over and we threw a line in the pond and caught...mmmm....Dad caught....some fish!! A great way to end a weekend.

This coming weekend brings sev and I back to the upstate. We're driving up on Saturday to spend Easter Sunday with our family....I was fortunate enough to be home last easter but I can't WAIT to hunt eggs this Easter with sevy!! Last Easter Perrin was still in the baking stages (lol, nice term, huh) and its so weird to imagine him at the dinner table for holidays (I missed thanksgiving and Christmas with him) so this will also be new for me!! Watch out Perrin, I hear our family has an egg theif!!!!

Have a Wonderful Week and if I don't post soon...remember the reason for Easter and Thank God he is sooooo Good!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too Cute...

My husband that is...

So for the past three mornings I have crawled out of bed, fumbled to the back door to let Ali out and happened upon a post-it note stuck strategically in spots around our home :)

Now I know he doesn't have the best handwriting...but isn't he the cutest thing ever!!

This one was on the pantry door:

Found on the glasses, plastic cups and coffee mug cabinet:
On the fridge:

Isn't he the sweetest!! **sigh** He knows how to make a half sleepy, hair sticking out everywhere, morning breath mess feel pretty!! LoL.

Anyways, my sister-in-law is having surgery on her gums today, so if you think about it send a quick prayer up for her :) My mother-in-law is in town to help take care of Jessie. I offered to make dinner for us this lets keep your fingers crossed we don't end up ordering take out,lol!!

I had a job interview today...I don't want to say much and jinx myself but I felt good about it. I'm so ready to get back into a routine!!
Sev has been working his tail off. He gets up at 5:30am (nothing new for him coming out of the army) and doesn't get off until after 6pm!! That's right...OVER 12hrs a day!! Bless his heart, he is SUCH a good sport!! I make his lunch every night and place it in the fridge for him to grab in the morning...last night I decided I would return the post-it note favor and stuck a love note on his sandwich...I bet the guys he works with will LOVE that, lol. Oh well!!
Just wanted to share my day with the blog world...dinner is in crock pot and I'm off to the gym!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


yes. I am getting so frustrated with this entire "job search" process. I put job search in quotations...b/c I haven't really been job searching. Let me explain for a moment:
When sev and I returned from Hawaii I was contacted by my previous employer at TS (abriviated for the sake of it). They really wanted me to come back to work I told them I would. My old position had been filled and therefore they started a search for a new position to put me in. Fine and dandy, right. Wrong...this has proven to be very difficult. They can't find a position to put me in!!! I was interviewing with Nationwide insurance and really thought I had something going there...when I sort of dropped the ball on it because I had decided I would go back to work for TS. Now I've pretty much let another job go while TS keeps dragging its feet. Frustrating for someone who NEEDS a job!!! I don't just want any job. I have a I really enjoy and I want a job utilizing my degree!!! I realize that beggars cant be choosers...and I may have to take a job in a field I realllly don't want to....but come on....I DON'T want to wait forever!! I can't.

And why is it that when you don't have a job...EVERYONE asks you what you do??? ahhhhhhhh I just want to scream when someone asks what I'm doing now....I want to scream...."I'm a LOSER Living off of my HUSBAND and they call my position a COUCH POTATOOOOOOOO!!!!!" what do you think they would say??? hahaha. Really though, thats how I feel.
I'm trying to make the best of the situation...getting my house organized, shooting my resume out on occasion, getting my files in order.....but man, I want a job!!

I know TS wants me back...but I've just about given up on waiting on them, therefore I have started sending my resume out again for more potential positions. I know the Lord has a plan for everything...and this is part of his plan for I'm going to stop complaining now and go run some errands.

Keep me in your prayers :-) Have a wonderful week!!

imagine that, TS called and want me to come back in for another interview....QUIT pulling my chain people!!! ugh. I'll go, but I also just sent my resume to a few more companies...and I'm NOT going to turn another one down JUST because TS keeps claiming they want me back.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Patience, Painting and Parents

So Sev and I have been rather busy lately. As I posted previously we went on a painting spree!! Last week while Steph, Jon and Perrin where here our house looked like a tornado attacked it!! So I thought I would post some pictures....BEFORE and AFTER pictures!! No way am I posting in between pictures!!! It was bad enough letting Steph see my house the way it was....having my father-in-law over was beyond humiliating!! Even Stephanie asked me how I wasnt about to die to have my father in law see our house the way it was!! Yes it was SCARY!!!

So, here is a picture of the dining room after we painted it and before the tornado hit:
Here is the truck parked outside our house...delivering our house hold goods. I almost died when I saw they used an 18wheeler to bring our stuff!!!! BUT it wasnt full of JUST OUR STUFF!!!! ***deep breath!!***:
This is the only picture taken and allowed to be posted while our house was messy. The boxes that held our house hold goods proved to be very entertaining for Perrin Bug....isn't he cute!!! He had just woken up from a nap :-)
Okay...I just had to throw this one in there....Ali stands at our back door after we let him out to do his business and then when he is ready to be let back in he starts at one corner of the door and hops to the other and repeats these steps until we let him in....what makes it funny, is his tongue!! He ALWAYS keeps his tongue out and while he is hoping from one side of the door to the isnt uncommon to see him dragging his tongue along behind him, LOL:

The finished product (didnt think it was possible, huh steph, lol):

Mom and dad came and spend the weekend with sev and I. While Dad and Sevy worked on our back patio and I got busy with the dining room. Everyone knows my moms hidden talent isnt teaching...but decorating!!! I love love love this room now!!! The picture doesnt even do the room justice....but you get the idea :-) I'll start taking reservations for my moms services this spring, so if you're interested just let me know (mom we'll discuss my compensation later) HAHA.

I forgot to take pictures of the nice job Sev and my Dad did with our patio...I was really proud of them. Sev is excited to grill out this coming Wednesday when his father makes another business call in the area. I'm excited for him to see that I reallllllly dont allow his son to live in such a messy house!!! LoL.

I've started on our guest bedroom...and YES we repainted!! We both like it very much and we had our first guests (my parents) use the room this past weekend....once I get it finished I'll post pictures :-) However....if anyone decides to make a trip to Columbia feel free to come by and check it out yourself!!! I can't promise you a hot breakfast...but my parents claim that the new mattress is rather comfy :-)

Happy Monday everyone!!!