Thursday, February 28, 2008


UGHHHH How frustrating and annoying is it to loose your main line of communication!! How did we ever survive the days with no cell phones!!!

It realllllllly doesnt help that my house appears to have been turned upside down and tossed from side to side!!! It's killing me!!

The movers brought our stuff monday.....and I didn't know how much stuff we had!!! Its driving me crazy!! I was so worried that we would loose Perrin in all the junk!! Luckily, Ali comes when you call his name, b/c I've lost him in all this mess and he is able to help me find him.
I remember having my phone yesterday...and **poof** it has vanished!! I always tell myself that I need to write down all the contacts I have saved in my phone for this very reason...when I went to call steph to see if I lost my phone in her car....I DIDNT KNOW HER NUMBER!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Oh well....My house is currently being inspected by the state for natural disaster zone. I guess I should get off of here and begin the process of organizing.....its more like just finding a place for all of this STUFF!!!

Have a wonderful thursday everyone...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've got a confession to make....

Nope....I still dont want kids for awhile....

but Perrin is CUTE!!! He is one funny kid!!

I havent gotten the chance to spend much one on one time with Perrin since he has been born. Mainly because shortly after he was born I returned to Hawaii. It doesnt help that I now live in Columbia and he lives in Spartanburg. So I was stoked when Steph called and said she, jon and perrin would be in Columbia this week for work. That meant Perrin sharing perrin....just ME!! He is soooo funny!! He currently looks like a chipmunk...he has two little teeth and when he smiles all I can think about is a little chipmunk!!

I've been teaching him the ins and outs of know, giving him the run down on how a kid with Nance in them is suppose to act. I promise he will be calling Jackie Memaw if I have anything to do with it!! So we've been practicing that while he has been visiting. I also took him down the candy section today at target and informed him on the "candy aisle 101"...I think he's pretty smart and he'll catch on fairly easily. I explained how once he is old enough he is to stand in front of the candy section and scream at the top of his lungs until his mom gives in and buys him candy!! I told him it ALWAYS worked for me and no matter what NEVER give in!! HAHA!! Having my bestfriend and cousin with babies is a blast!! This auntie stuff is way more than its cracked up to be!! Hopefully with Perrins Dale blood and my experience....I'll have him climbing on the tops of the fridge by 5yrsold!!

This is so cool.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Its pretty well known that I am married to a universe nut....not only does he love flying high in the sky, but our tv is on constant weather patrol. Sev even has our Wii set up to recieve weather information. He loves to star gaze and point out different clouds in the it came as no surprise when he had me out two evenings ago looking at the lunar eclipse. As I'm sure you know....the entire process takes over an hour....yeah, I stayed for a picture or two and then got my cold hiney back inside!!! Here is a pic I captured before returning to the warmth of the indoors.

And this is for Moo. Ali passed out while waiting on me to get off the computer. When I turned around to tell him it was time for bed and saw him like this...I had to take the photo!! Isn't he the sweetest little ball of fur!! He is in total Ali form in this picture!! Tongue out, eyes closed and a mess of hair!!
One thing I REALLY hate ... would have to be repainting a room. So sev and I got a wild hair last week and decided to paint our dining room and our guest bedroom. The dining room turned out lovely, or so we think. However, the guest bedroom....not so much. When the first coat was finished I kept telling myself it would look much better after the final coat and not to worry. We walked jessie into the room (it was her old room when she lived w/ me) to show it to her...and lets just say she put her sunglasses on before she would enter it, LOL. YES its THAT BAD!!! Everyone knows I LOVE green....any shade of green....hence my kitchen (apple green). I got a lot of grief about my kitchen....but boyyyyy will people talk if they see my guest bedroom!!! I think...if I were to lay tinfoil on the floor and stretch out in my bikini....the glow from the paint would tan me!!!! YIKES!!!! So tomorrow I will spend painting...or REpainting, while sev is at work!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Update...

life is still rolling along here...Sev took a job offer with Fedex. He starts this weekend. Good part is he makes enough to keep us fed, lol (no I wasnt really that worried). This was the job he was hoping to his goal is to fly for fedex or a similiar company in the near his foot is in the door :) Bad part is...he will work Tuesday through I only get Sundays with him :(
We picked my little Escape up in Charleston today. We woke, lounged around for a bit, made it to Charleston by lunch time and grabbed a bucket of oysters from the noisy oyster in Charleston. Then we picked the car up and drove back up to Columbia. I will miss days like these...when sev and I have the entire day to just spend together. I know it will all to soon be over. However, I know that it's not possible to have these days AND be able to afford our I guess I have to give something up :)
Poor Ali has been "sick as a dog" for the past two days :( He keeps throwing up and it breaks my heart that he can't tell me what is wrong with him and if I should take him to the vet or not. He acts perfectly fine. Runs around, barks and plays like normal and then throws up!! Another reason I CANT have kids...yuck. Hopefully he will be better soon.
I've pretty much decided to go back to The State and take on a new position there. I've been through several interviews and while some were rather interesting...there was just one reason or another I kept leaning towards going back to work for The State. The interview I had last week was for the company Alcon and it sounded interesting...but again it was Sales, blah. They also wanted to send me to Fort Worth Texas to do my training...another yuck.
So...there is our update. Look soon on a Craigslist near you for one of three luxurious
Have a wonderful weekend....we still don't know what the weekend has in store for us...seeing as how sev starts work this saturday....BOOOO/Hurray!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Old School

Thats right....I said old school..............thats because sev and I just figured out how to get Mario 3 downloaded onto our Wii!!!!! LOL.

I love love love old school brings back sooo many memories from my childhood. Chris and I used to spend hours outdoors just to come inside soaked in creek mud and grass stains, only to plop down in front of our playroom tv set and spend hours playing nintendo. Chris was ALWAYS mario....but NOT anymore, HA...I'm NOW numero uno!!! I'm MARIO...HA!!!!

Sooooo cool....this blast from the past :)

I just got back from an interview...blah, I'm sick of interviewing....hopefully by next week I'll FINALLY have a JOB!!!! This interview was for a pharmaceutical rep. position here in Columbia....ahhhh SALES.....oh well, maybe its what I'm destin to do, lol.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOVE IS Valentines what better post title than "LOVE" and I think I'll post things I love......

1) God...duh. He has blessed me in soooo many ways and his love for me is unbelievable.
2) SEVY....another DUH.....he's my bestfriend, my soulmate and the one person that can make me laugh when I'm feeling blue ;)
3) My Grandma. She was my rock growing up and always made me feel that I was capable of ANYTHING (even if it was just selling rocks on the side of the road, lol).
4) My Mom, Diddy and Brother...of course...for all the obvious reasons...I wouldn't be who I am today (good or bad) without them. My mom led me into my relationship with God (see number 1). My dad taught me the logistics of life and my brother taught me how to love even when all I wanted was to send him back to where he came from, lol.
5) My Awesome friendships...and this includes my friendship with my cousins. Many of my friends and even Sev, are not nearly as close as my cousins and I are. Luckily, one of my bestfriends is my cousin :) I also need to include my Goddaughter in this...if it wasnt for my bestfriend, I wouldnt have Alexa in my life...and she is a little ball of love!!
6) My (okayyy my dads) Kitchen Aid mixer, hehehe...I JUST used it last night for the first time to make sevy v-day cupcakes and it was soooo cool!!!
7) Aliiiiiiiii!!!! My little bitty ball of fur. He makes me laugh just by being himself and he NEVER judges me ;) He reminds me constantly that it doesnt matter what we look like but how we let our personalities shine that truely matters ;)
8) My New Art Easel....yep, I've been wanting one of these for yearrrsssss and last night as I returned home from running errands and began pulling into our garage my dear sweet sevy (see number 2) had a beautiful art easel set up for my v-day gift!!!!!!!!
9) I love the many adventures life has taken me on...I am truely blessed!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ask and you shall recieve...

So, I was driving myself nutso last week trying to figure out what I was going to do now that I'm back in Columbia and we're out of the Army life.

I knew from the start that I would need to find a full time job to help support our I pulled out the old resume gave it a little polishing and updating and put it out there for Columbia to see. My first interview was yesterday and while it went well...I know in my heart it is not what I want to do. I'm tired of retail...I want to do more with my major. I want to use my creativity. The interview was for a management position with Pier 1.
During our Super Bowl party I was talking about how I was currently job searching and a friend started telling me about her job and how they are looking for new people. I sent her company my resume and so far they have liked what they have I am excited to interview with them in the up coming weeks (hopefully soon!!). I was really looking forward to the possibilty of that job when I woke up this morning and my old supervisor from The State had emailed me saying "YOU MUST COME BACK!!!" Now, I loved working for The State....but not because I enjoyed my job so much but because I LOVED my co-workers and my supervisor is THE I promised her I would come in tomorrow and talk to them about my possibly coming back. **sigh** God is Great, he has really started opening doors for I just need his guidance in WHAT door to walk through. I don't want to disapoint my old supervisor, she is SUCH a sweet, awesome person to work with...but this other job would be new and I could learn a different career field. On top of these two jobs I also got another email from another potential employer, its another account executive position (same as what I did at The State) but its a different it would be all new people, same type job just a different product....what to do what to do.

Well, whatever happens I am TRUELY blessed to be a christian living in America...why?? because I have the CHOICE to choose one of these jobs and I have GOD leading the way............what could be better??

God is Good

Monday, February 04, 2008


2.7 million dollars for a 30 second commercial??? Good Grief...I mean, come on!! I'm a marketing major and I suppose its a good way to market your product......but I could totally think of a million better ways to spend 2.7 mil...but whatever, lol....I mean really, do you think that pepsi or budwieser will ACTUALLY increase their sells so significantly by placing there commercial during the super bowl??? Eh’ might make a good study, but I doubt it.

Anyways, that’s NOT what I got on my blog to post about….really I have nothing to post about…but I thought I would throw out an update just for kicks.

So I have an interview today…wish me luck….I think. I’m not sure it’s something I want to do…but it IS an interview and that COULD lead to a possible JOB…and we NEED money so…..who am I to complain. As my 7 year old nephew would tell me “you get what you get so don’t throw a fit” (we have NO idea where he picked that up from, it cracked us UP the other night when he threw that comment out at me). Its for a management position with Pier 1…I was hoping to get away from retail and sales…but I’m NOT going to throw a fit ;)
I also have 3 more interviews later this week. So I’m praying it won’t be long before I’m in the working force again.

Sev is adjusting to civi life nicely. He has already registered for classes this up coming term, at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has also started back with his flying. We took a day last week to drive around to the different airports in the area so that sev could get a better idea of who with and where he could fly. He hooked up with a guy in Sumter that will be his instructor for his instrument ratings. Sev flew Sunday with his instructor and is now up to date with his current license so he keeps suggesting he and I fly to Spartanburg next weekend…hahaha….I’m not sure that would “fly” with my daddy, lol. He flew by himself today, his instructor wasn't available today....but sev is trying to get as much flying in as possible. He also got a full time job for AT systems and starts Wednesday…it’s just something to do to bring in a bit more money while he finishes school and all of his flight ratings. He got a job offer from a man in Louisiana flying lier jets for a corporate company…would be nice, but he still has some more flying to accomplish before he is ready to fly jets!!

So I guess things are looking a little better….for me anyhow…I just worry so much and last week really had me stressed as to what our future held.

We enjoyed our weekend with a little visit from Autumn and Alexa. It was fun playing with lex all weekend, she and sev made fast friends!! Sev even watched her for an hour or two while Aud and I ran errands and when we got home they were watching Scooby-Doo and giggling while sev gave her a laundry basket ride around the house :)

We’re planning on making our way up I-26 this weekend, sev wants to help his parents with the construction of their house and I want to see my cousins little potato bug, Perrin!! He is SOOOOO adorable and I’m sad he has already grown SO much while I was away. I also want to start on my Hawaii scrapbook, if you can imagine I have TONS of photos to fill it with :) So we'll pack our bags yet again to make our way north this weekend.

I've got some cleaning to do before my interview...and my little furball is starting to smell like a walking guess its bathtime for Ali!!!

Well, there you go….an update. Happy Monday fellow bloggers.