Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Not much today...

Sev and I leave Thursday for Kaua'i...We need this break soooooooo badly!!! He is burnt out on work and I am on school. We found out yesterday that we have to either ship Ali' to sevs parents or move to a downstairs apartment :( We don't want to do either, but we have until Wednesday to choose one or the other. I'm so upset, I love my dog!! I was pretty upset about the whole issue plus just crappy luck we have been having all together, but im trying out a new positive look on life, im trying to realize that one day of bad luck is so small compared to the whole scheme of things...and we really just need to stay focused on God and each other and we can make it through anything.

That brings me to another thought I've been having...Aud found out she is pregnant, she informed me on this a few weeks ago...I think it hit me pretty hard. I cant believe that we are old enough now to have our own children, I know im married and all...but a baby??!?? Whoa. So im guessing she's due in September sometime, she asked me to be the God mother...of course I said yes, we're not catholic...But we both like the idea of God mothers, as one who helps your child learn about God throughout life.
However, I started thinking about when sev and I TTC. What kind of mom will I be like?? I think my parents did an okay job of raising me...I mean I'm not psycho or anything, LOL. However, I don't want to forget what it was like to be a child...I want to understand my children and be able to give them the best advice while letting them still choose their own paths. I'm so afraid that the older I get the more of this I will forget.

okay...im at work and better get back...more thoughts coming at you later ; )

Monday, February 06, 2006

First Times a charm...

So I'm sitting at work...bored... I pick up a magazine...thumb through it. I start reading "Women who Blog"...I realize...this is what i need, for days when hubby is out being my hero with the United States Army, and not able to lend me his ear.

So heres to blogging and my new blog site!!