Thursday, February 19, 2009

Past Post in Pictures

So...I took pics of the past couple of things I've posted about...and just now got around to uploading them for sharing :-)

Valentines started with a kiss!!! A kiss on a cupcake ;-) plus a few heart shaped eggs and bacon....(but I didnt get a pic of the breakfast):
(The cupcake is devils food chocolate, homemade buttercream frosting and colored white chocolate heated in a double boiler and poured into lip molds)

Then our Valentines day to a trip up the road...and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Me and Ali :-)

I dare somebody to tell me that is not the cutest face EVER!!! hehehe

My honeys watching the water flow by....

Looking Glass Rock on the Blue Ridge Parkway...

Ice still on the parkway...

B-E-A utiful!!!

Hiking buddies :-)

ME and Ali!!

Just enjoying a fresh drink of water!!

YIKES!!! I look tired...but the waterfall sure does look pretty :-)

My sweeties...It was an awesome Valentines weekend!!!


Mixing the filling...(spinach, a bunch of random cheeses, eggs, salt and pepper)


LOL...okay, so looks pretty nasty...but it was tasty!!

GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD: (this is what we had tonight and it was y-u-m-m-y!! I took sevs chicken and rubbed hotwing sauce on it before I grilled them and then he added ranch dressing to his and left off the olives...)

Then I baked up a batch of Strawberry whipped Cream Pound Cake Cupcakes!!! Thats a mouth full....but a yummy one!! I made these for my cousins :-) I get to see them this weekend and thought I would try this new cupcake recipe out on them!!

Making the whipped cream...(heavy whipping cream, sugar and strawberries...a little milk):

Adding the strawberries:


I topped one w/ the cream, the rest will stay in the fridge until this weekend!!

So...I caught up on pictures **Sigh** finally!!!
Ali and I are crossing our fingers that our little cuz in NC is feeling much better, Dobby has been complaining of a hurt leg and Ali knows how that feels and we hope he feels better soon!!


The Dales said...

YES! CUPCAKES! You're the bomb!

mom said...

When do I get to use that fancy mixer????

Meredith said...

Dobby is doing okay. He favors that leg from time to time.
LOVED seeing you Saturday!
And yes, Ali's face is the cutest dog face ever.