Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roughin' and Ridin'

Severyn and I spent the weekend in Georgia, durhamtown GA to be exact. They call it a motorsports resort...I'm not sure how anyone else would define "resort", but I would think fluffy pillows, overstuffed chairs, 5 star dining and marble bathrooms.
We stayed in this:

It's called Motel 8, because technically, it could sleep 8. don't mind sharing a bed with someone and/or sleeping in a bed that you can't sit up in, without fear of knocking yourself silly on the ceiling.

(This was the room Sev and I stayed in, we did not have one of the ceiling high bunk beds)

Lucky for us, there was only 6 of us. The cabin consisted of one big room, with two picnic tables, one chair, one couch, one gas fireplace, a small fridge, and three shelves (one for a TV, one for a VCR and one above the fridge where we stored a bit of food). It had three rooms off of the main room, each room had a set of bunk-beds. The bathroom was in fact, not marble, but it was a no complaints. The minute we entered the cabin I was reminded of my summer camp days at camp La'Vida. The floors slanted and one of the rooms had paper towels stuffed between the ceiling and the walls (my guess is as good as yours...perhaps "hard rain, leak prevention" I dunno). On the first night, Christopher woke up with a roach in his bed...I wish I could tell the story of how he discovered his unwanted bed partner, but it just wouldn't do the story justice. I will say... Chris survived, the bug did not.

We woke early Saturday morning and headed down to the main lodge to grab a bite to eat. The boys had eggs, grits, bacon, and biscuits. I'm not a breakfast person, at least not before 9am, so I had a cup of coffee. The lodge itself was rather interesting. You purchased a meal ticket at the front counter, proceeded into the dining hall and made your way into the line...cafeteria style. After you waited in line, you waited for your plate to be loaded up, grabbed your plastic fork (if you were lucky, if you were figured out how to eat your entire meal with a spoon) and made your way to a picnic table to eat.
These pictures are actually from dinner on Saturday night, but this was the lodge "grab some grub" spot:
I will say, the dinner on Saturday was actually REALLY REALLY REALLY good!!...really!

Saturday was filled with riding. We rode and rode and rode...we stopped for lunch and then... rode some more.

We tend to stick to the "two by two" rule. You always have a partner and you never leave your partner behind (military style, you know, for safety). If you happen to loose your partner in the woods, you should always leave a note, you know, so they know where you are.

Directions: use small rocks and twigs to spell out the direction you take. (Does anyone else thing this looks like it says "Lady"'s suppose to say "Lodge")

On Saturday night, we seriously, saw the cutest little motocross racers...ever. I was floored by the skills these little tikes showed. I realize you can not see from the dark picture below, but these little guys (and GIRLS!!! gotta represent!) were so flippin' cute and TINY!! The youngest riders were 4!! Four years old!! We stood around and watched a number of races and at one point dad and I started to pick the little tike we thought would win. The funniest part of the race...watching the parents!! Wow! How involved these parents get!!

On Sunday, we geared up and rode again! I had a blast! I paid the price Monday, when my body was sore and tired. However, I can't wait to ride again!!


Jackie said...

You're making Jonathan jealous I am sure. Please if you don't mind, when you see little ones racing/riding don't mention it on your blog OR to Jonathan. Iknow it is causing him to think.....(two more years and Perrin can be riding)LOL.
Love Ya AJ

The Dales said...

OVER MY DEAD BODY! Those parents need DSS called on them, but I will save you and not go there... :)

On the other hand, I am very glad the weather was nice and you all had a good time! Don't know if I woulda enjoyed my stay at the motel 8, just sayin'...heehee!

Meredith said...

I feel dirty just looking at those muddy pictures.

Really cute pic of you and Chris - love it!

Mrs. Mullen said...
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Mrs. Mullen said...

AJ-Yep, Jon missed out! but I know he was having a nice time seeing Henrybebe.

Oh gosh, the little kids were sooooo adorable...Dad and I did discuss how we didn't know how some of the parents sat back and watched their babies race like they were...I'm not talking a circle track, lined with was a full course, pee wee, motocross track...with jumps! and those kids were getting more air than you would believe, they were way better than I could ever be. The first time we watched one wreck, I thought it would be the end of the world...but nope, they jumped up, dusted their pants off and jumped back on the bike! One little guy actually pitched a fit b/c they couldn't get his bike started after he wrecked. They were really cute though. The cutest was a little girl, she had to be no more than 6, she came in second! and after the race I told her "way to go!" and she looked at me like I was a crazy person, then I realized I was talking to a 6 year old and I was a stranger...she probably just went through the whole "don't talk to strangers" spill w/ her mom not that long ago, LOL. Later, I saw her digging to china in a dirt hill, lol.

Mer-yes...yes it was a very dirty weekend!

Ron said...

It is what it is. The good news for all you softies, the dirt washes off. No biggy. Had a Blast and makin plans to do it again. smiles

mom said...

Definitely not my kind of place but I have to say it does look like a lot of fun riding. Glad you all had fun and made those memories together!!!!
For some odd reason this trip beckons me to say what Dr. Suess said in one of his books: Oh, the places you'll go and the things you will see.........Hee Hee
Love you forever,