Friday, October 09, 2009


Now...I am the last person to talk about politics. I hate them. I hate hearing about them, I hate talking about them, I hate thinking about them and I hate reading about them. So usually, I shy away from them. As a matter of fact...many people might not even know what my political views are and that's how I like it.

However, after getting to work this morning and reading in the news that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize I was a little bit sad.

Then I got into a discussion about it with some fellow facebookers. That is when I decided to throw a blurb in my blog about it.
A friend of mine posted her opinion in her "status update" box. She received a few "likes" and then a few comments in the other direction. At one point she apologized for offending anyone. I know where she was coming from, not wanting to step on toes. However, I don't care which "side" you're on.....please never apologize for voicing your opinion. We lost too many good Americans in wars that were fought to save our freedoms and speech is a freedom in America. If you feel strongly enough about something, VOICE IT! I understand that sometimes voicing your opinion can start fights or unwanted conflicts, if that's the case...stop talking. Smile. Back away. Turn the other cheek. Just don't apologize. Agree to disagree :)
Because I have freedom of speech, here are my quick thoughts:
Pulled from my facebook discussion.

ME: "Obama was given a prize for a promise basically...and if that's what its worth now, then the prize has just been made cheap. Heck, I promise to end world hunger, where is my prize??. America is turning into one big laughing stock. Really though, what can you do? Pray for our country and those that have to make decisions for it and then be glad you're a child of God and won't have to spend eternity here on earth with Obonzo as president...cause that would be hell ;)"
Peep on FB (friend of my FB friend): "Just to point out...Obama neither nominated nor awarded the prize to himself. You don't like him is one thing, but me, I will be proud to be in the USA and that some parts of the world see the potential good in that while some take it for granted. Voicing concern over issues is one thing. Rooting for our President to fail is another. And sadly that's what too many people are doing these days."
ME: "I will agree w/ what *** said :) Rooting for a president to fail is like rooting for America to fail and that is the last thing any American citizen should want. The case here is that a prize that was once a symbol for the good one DID just turned into a cheap prize for a promise :( and that's sad. Now...if all that was promised comes' then maybe it was well maybe instead of getting upset that he was awarded the prize we should all just hope and pray he really earns it :) though *** is also right when he said he didn't nominate himself and that is why I said America is turning into a laughing stock."

and then I read this article and realized it summed up my thoughts on the whole situation:

The End, lol.


Meredith said...

I couldn't agree more, Linds. I was just telling Keith yesterday about how Greg Mortensen should have won, hands down, and your article here agrees with me. He was guessed by many to be the next winner. I can't believe he wasn't.

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

I thought it was a joke at first. I know call me dumb but, can you politely refuse A Nobel Peace Prize?