Monday, October 05, 2009

Slow Down Time!

Is it just me or does time seem to go by faster and faster each year?
Maybe that comes with age...who knows. I just know I don't think I like it!
It is ALREADY OCTOBER!!!! It is already considered "fall". Where did the summer go? Christmas will be here in a few short weeks! I know this because Walmart already has decorations out, along with Michael's and Hobby Lobby (my two favorite stores). I think I'm still in denial though. My cousin was spending the weekend w/ us, the weekend before last, and she saw my scarecrow decoration (something my mom finds decorations) in the corner of my garage. She promptly asked me "WHY is your scarecrow not out?" My first response was "uhm, because its a SCARECROW! and its not fall yet!"...and then I realized it was the last weekend in was FALL!! (side note: the scarecrow is still in my garage....I think that if I pretend its not fall, it won't get cold out...I said I was in denial!)
I woke up this morning and it was raining. It was dark out, cold, and raining! A perfect day to stay in bed! However, duty calls...and here I sit at work. My boss has a cold, therefore he's not in today, another yucky side of fall. burrrr!
I also find that I consume way more coffee (=caffeine) in the fall/winter months.
I didn't like living in Hawaii as much as some people would think they might like it...but I will say I miss the weather! I love snow. I love how everything looks so clean and peaceful when it snows....but the cold, wet weather that comes along before and after snow...yuck.

We have a camping trip planned for the weekend after next. I LOVE camping!! I love campfires, s'mores, the smell of the outdoors, the trees, lightening bugs, a clear sky, bright stars and the sound of a creek. I don't like trying to sleep in a tent when its cold outside! I'm already packing extra blankets, jackets and dry clothes! I've never tried making coffee over an open fire, but I'm going to learn! It never fails, during the cold months, when we're camping, I ALWAYS have to get up at least once in the middle of the night to use the ladies room (AKA: the tree farthest from camp, in the middle of the woods, that was scoped out before night fall and checked for bugs, snakes or poison ivy)!!! It is the worst feeling EVER...crawling out of a pile of sleeping bags, warming your hands with your breath, fumbling around for the zipper to the tent door, falling out of the tent into the pitch black night, feeling around on the wet grass for your shoes, finding your shoes, stuffing just your toes in your shoes, so that you can make your way away from the tent, but not actually putting your whole foot inside the shoe. THEN comes the worst part, trying to go to the bathroom, in the dark, in the woods, and its COLD! The last thing you want to do is remove ANY articles of clothing......this may be tmi, but its the one thing I fear when camping in the cold :) and never fails, nature WILL CALL in the middle of the night! **Sigh**

I guess fall isn't alllll that bad. It does give me a good excuse to pull out my 1928938910382 jackets. No, a person does NOT need 15 LLBean jackets, but I get that from my daddy. I love jackets! I also like driving to the upstate and seeing all of the pretty leaves. Boots don't bother me either, I do like a good pair of, warm, cute boots. I also like Christmas and Thanksgiving at my grandmas, so no complaints there. I'm looking forward to a good ski season!

Well, those are just a few of my random thoughts about the new season that is now upon us. Happy Fall fellow blog readers!! Here's to you nutty people that try and claim they like this crazy, cold, red nosed, windy, wet season!! Bring on the snow, let's hit the slopes and then I'll feel a bit better towards this cold weather!! ;)

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