Friday, October 16, 2009

Read em' and weep

....these blogs:

My sweet cousin left a comment on my last post, informing me of two different bloggers that have made trips with Compassion. I had a few minutes of down time at work today (along with a cup of pumpkin spice latte-which makes for awesome reading!) and started reading the first one, by BOOMAMA.


If you find the time, read some of these posts. My favorite ones are the ones during her trip and after. She found the words to express how I feel at times about my two girls, and to think, I've only sponsored them for a few short weeks. It brought tears to my eyes. Funny how God works.

**edited to add this link: If you don't get the chance to read any of the other posts that BooMama posted about Compassion, try and read this the to the very bottom about the ladies in Uganda singing to the Compassion sponsors. THAT is what I felt when I heard the African Childrens Choir!! I did NOT read her post before I posted about the affect the choir had on me.

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