Friday, October 23, 2009

Love Letters

I rushed home last Thursday afternoon, fully prepared to change clothes, let the dog out and rush right back out the door. I ran through the kitchen and was headed to the back door, to let Ali out, when I noticed the stack of mail on the kitchen table.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this:

I don't remember if I let Ali out before or after I ripped into the envelope. I was beside myself with excitement.

It only consisted of 14 sentences, but those 14 sentences were more precious than gold. The letter was written in french/creole, by Love's mother. Come to find out, Love actually goes by her middle name, Woodshaina. She is a twin, loves God, enjoys math, french and social science. Her father died when she was younger. She lives with her mom, grandma and sister. I'm not sure how I can express what acrobatic move my heart made when I read the words "She promises you to pray for you. She asks you to pray for her. Woodshaina and her family really loves you. She hopes that God Bless you." ......she hopes that God blesses me!?! How do you say "My dear, dear, precious Love, God has blessed me more with your words, than with anything I could ever ask for." to a 5 year old and expect them to understand?? I don't think you can, but if you could, those would be my words to her. I realize that technically, those words could have been her mothers, but still they have the same effect on my heart. I can not wait for the day that Woodshaina is able to write a letter, to me, herself.



Meredith said...

I can only imagine how your heart lept as you read her mother's letter. Doesn't it blow your mind to have that connection, over miles and seas, despite never having met her? It's just a beautiful God thing.

Autumn said...

We truly are blessed more than we know. Our God is so good and faithful, and I know He will bless you even more because of this!

Mrs. Mullen said...

Thank you ladies :) I was soooo excited to get the letter!! Mer-you're right, I can't believe how much I care for a little girl (and her whole family for that matter) that I have never even met!!

Aud-You're right, we are blessed and by doing this I'm seeing JUST how blessed I really am!!! It's an amazing eye opener!

Jackie said...

I am proud of you and tickled for your sweet little girls.