Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"When it's raining on Monday..."

okay, so it's Wednesday...but it rained Monday too. haha.

I wanted to come on here and copy a link to one of my favorite blogs I follow :)

I'm excited about this weekend, we're going camping!! I made the "camping grocery" run yesterday and our coolers are ready to go! I also picked up an extra fleece's going to be cold!! There is something about sleeping in a tent, sitting around an open fire, and listening to the crickets that just says "peace" and "relax" to me! I'm so glad my parents got me into camping at an early age.
While picking up our camping groceries, I also made a stop at Hobby Lobby. The second I stepped inside the automatic doors I heard a crash. The crash was followed by immediate loud sobs. When I looked in the direction of the noise I saw a lady hunched over the floor at the check out counter, just bawling. She had a mess of change rolling around at her feet. She was seriously having a melt down because her change purse had dumped out all over the floor. At first I was a little bit shocked. I mean, really "you just dropped your change, its okay." However, as I went to stomp down on a coin that was spinning away on the floor, I realized she had something wrong with her. It was refreshing to see people gathering around to help her pick her change up. One lady kept saying "it's okay, see we're here to help". The lady that dropped her change grunted but never really said anything, she just kept crying. The reason I'm even telling you this story is because right before anyone got to the lady, to help her, a guy walked around the corner and just started laughing at her. I could tell he had no intention of helping her, I think he thought others would join in with his laughing. This is the cool part, I wish you could have seen his face when no one else laughed but instead went to the ladies rescue. I watched him and after a second, he too bent over and started catching the coins that were rolling away. I learned a valuable lesson...always do what you know is right and you just might change the way others think and act in the process.
I found the items I needed after the coin purse incident; Two little canvas bags, a few iron on patches and some puff paint. I'm going to decorate these two little bags and send them to my girls Love and Iliana. I wish that it didn't take so long for letters and packages to go between us, they probably won't receive their bags until Christmas! However, I won't complain, I'm just thankful that there are people that can translate my letters so that my spanish and creole speaking girls can understand my words...and how much I already care about them.

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Meredith said...

I am so proud of you.

Two of my favorite "celebrity" bloggers, Big Mama and Boomama, have done Compassion trips and blogged about them. You might like to check them out.