Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Happy Late Halloween about four days. Sorry about that!

I kept putting off my halloween post, for good reason! I did not want to post without pictures.

Alas. No pictures. Forgive me.

We spent Friday night out on a "date". Basically, we grabbed pizza and rented a movie. We also made a quick stop at Walmart, where we picked up halloween candy. I wanted, so badly, to buy a wig and fake eye lashes. I refrained from it. We had no halloween party plans, no reason to play dress I put the lashes back and decided I would stay a brunette for the evening. Saturday morning we woke up and went for a ride in Enoree. We met Jonathan there and spent a few hours dodging trees and mud holes, it had rained the entire week before, so the trails were muddy and slick!

Sev and I came home and cleaned out the garage! I know, it doesn't sound exciting, but it was exciting for me. I. love. organization! Have I said that before?? I've got a mild case of self diagnosed OCD, ha. We found spots for all of our riding gear. Most of the gear is now hanging from nails, on the walls of the garage. I labeled all of my rubbermaid boxes and I made room to add more if need be (I'm always organizing and finding things to put in a rubbermaid box!). Sev started complaining of a toothache around the time it was getting dark. I finished the last bit of operation garage organization solo. As I was walking inside, it started...trick or treating! From that moment on, the door bell kept ringing and Sev got in a bit of exercising. If you count getting up-sitting down-getting up-sitting down and getting up from the couch, exercise. He was sooooo cute with the kiddos. He would comment on all of the costumes (I have to admit, I hope parents didn't think he was a freak when he told the little girls in "princess" costumes that they were "just precious"! haha) He would squat down, you know-to get on their level, when little kiddos walked up. It never failed, no matter what gender the kid under the costume was, he would say "Hey there buddy!". I'm just glad he refrained from patting them on the head. He also waved at every parent after he handed their kid candy. lol. I thought he was sweet, I hope parents didn't think he was a nut! I guess I'll know if we don't get trick-or-treaters next year ;-) I did take a picture or two of Sev at the door, I'll try and share those later.
Okay-here is the sad part...we actually ran out of candy!! and here is the funny/embarrassing part...I had candy left over from past holidays over the past couple of years. I KNOW!! sooooo, Sev wasn't ready to stop passing out candy, so into the back of our pantry I go. I pulled out two giant bags of candy (past holiday candy) and gave them to Sev. He proceeds to pull out all of the candy canes, valentine suckers, and Easter peeps (I said I KNOW!) and dumps the rest into his bucket. However, while he's deciding what candy is suitable (as if ANY past holiday candy is REALLY suitable) he holds up a cough drop "Hey, babe!...can I give out Halls cough drops??"...**sigh**.
Yeah. We probably won't get trick-or-treaters next year.

Well, that was our 2009 Halloween weekend!
I hope that you all had a Happy Halloween and didn't find any Halls cough drops in your halloween candy(unless, of course, you have a cough...and then it might come in handy! but still, that's just weird) ;-)


Keith said...

Other than raisins (natures candy) or tooth brushes what could be a better treat than a Halls cough drop? Umm, why didn't you whip up some cup-cakes for the children?

Autumn said...

LOL!!! I would so love to see Sev handing out candy b/c he is a big kid after all!

Jackie said...

You could have given away quarters. I got that one year when I was little. Of course a quarter in my days was a lot to a kid.