Monday, March 30, 2009

Wet Weekend...

Happy Monday!!!

My goal for April is to be POSITIVE!!! and since April 1st is Wednesday...I'll start working on my goal today.

It's Monday, hurray!!!! (I'm struggling here).

So this past weekend was, fun. Friday night sevy and I relaxed at home. We threw some all natural, local farm raised steaks on the grill. I stuffed some mushrooms and cooked up some Brussels sprouts and we had dinner!! Then we did a whole lot of nothing, haha. I think I'm one of the biggest twilight fans and lucky for me, sev doesn't mind!! So we ended up watching twilight for the oh-i-dont-know-like-1202938949020193 time after dinner, lol.
Saturday we woke up to........rain..........I mean, really what else did we expect it rains almost EVERY durn weekend we have plans to spend together! Oh well. We made the best of it. We went to the local farmers market (yes again...we're pretty much hooked) and loaded up on some fresh, local, produce. Lets see. We got baby collards, a mixed bag of salad greens, some cilantro seeds (I love cilantro and I think I can grow my own, we'll see...I'll update my progress w/ that), we got some blood oranges, asparagus, some fresh baked cinnamon swirl bread, a cream cheese braid, some steel cut oats milled here in cola, some speckled grits also milled here and some all natural, local farm raised chicken breasts. I was wanting some local pork tenderloin b/c we got some of that last time and it made THE BEST BBQ EVER!!! but neither of the local farmers had brought any this time, boo! For breakfast we got an all natural, made w/ all local ingredients, crepe. YUMMMMY!!!! I had mine w/ local honey (something I have NOT been able to get enough of lately!!!) and sev got strawberry jam in his (also super yummy!!). They were sooo good. While not all that filling...they def. held us over until we broke into our cinnamon bread and shared a slice. Then we left and headed out in search of a dress I could wear to the wedding we were attending that evening. I found a simple little dress pretty quickly and in no time flat we were back home and getting ready for the evening.
I want to say that I am greatly enjoying the local farmers market!!! If I could, I would buy ALL of my groceries there...though it is a tad bit pricey compared to our grocery stores...but I do like supporting local farmers so we're trying to do what we can. Also, I can't say ENOUGH about local honey!!!!! I have SEVERE allergies (those that know me can attest to that!!!!) I am VERY excited to say that I have had not ONE allergy attack since the pollen has started dropping by the pounds here!!! Not one!!! I've been eating local honey religiously...though its not all that hard, lol....and it really is doing something for my allergies, I really believe that!! Plus it is sooooooooooooooo good....I think I could pour it on anything! We've probably gone through half a gallon in the past month or two...for real. I also enjoy sourwood honey (our local honey man makes this honey, but its not considered local b/c he actually has to keep those hives in Boone NC b/c thats where the sourwood is pollinated from) they call it the "champagne" of honey...and baby let me tell is AMAZING!!!!
So...while I was picking over the yummy looking asparagus...I ran into a basket of blood oranges. Now, I've never seen a blood orange. I've only heard of them...and only once have a heard of them. My cousin spoke about them in a few posts back and while I was interested...I forgot about them. So being the adventurous one, lol...really how adventurous do you have to be to try some yummy looking fruit, lol.....I grabbed up a pound of them. They are really beautiful, small, redish orange skin and looked so juicy! I ate my first one today for snack...........OH MY GOSH are they good!!!!!!! I don't know how long these beauties are in season...but I have found my new favorite snack!!!!!! I was shocked at how BLOOD red they are!! I was thinking more along the looks of like a ruby red grapefruit, but these little guys are RED RED...lucky for me they don't seem to stain...b/c I had blood oranges juice dripping off of myself and my desk (haha) oh but it was so worth it!!!!! If you run across these little babies....try one, you'll be glad you did!!

So Saturday night we met up w/ Jessie and Don and attended Kerry and Royals wedding. It was sooooooo beautiful!!! I was sad that it rained, the location was absolutely gorgeous...probably one of the prettiest wedding locations I've ever seen. It would have been a spectacular outside wedding...but lucky for the bride, she was smart enough to go ahead and order a tent...which kept the party dry!! It was sooo pretty. The tent had strings of lights on the ceiling on the inside and it looked like we were under stars. The food was great and the bride was gorgeous. We had a nice time. The band she had was a island band and the music was sooo neat. I loved the drums and the style of dancing that island musics brings. We had a great time and weren't quite ready for the evening to end when the bride and groom drove away....apparently neither were the bride and groom b/c they met us out on the town later on. Where most of the wedding party ended up!! We danced the night away and ended up spending the night in the Hilton in downtown Columbia. We had a blast and such a fun time seeing all of our friends from all over. Sunday was pretty relaxing. I cleaned a bit and just enjoyed the weather. Sevy left for a few hours to go walk around the local fair grounds (they were holding the sportmans classic there this weekend). He returned home and we shared a pizza and some icecream....a perfect ending to a nice weekend.

We have plans to go fishing and camping next weekend....if the weather holds up!! I told sev I would attempt to fish IF he finds me a pink fishing pole...haha. I have very fond memories of fishing w/ my dad...........I hated it. LOL. I LOVED spending time w/ my dad....thats about the only reason I would go, that and for the fact that my brother wanted to go BADLY and I couldn't let him do that....**sigh** I was mean, I know.

Anyways.....HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!


Meredith said...

I love blood oranges too. They are soooo sweet!

Jackie said...

Hey, you aren't going to wish your Aunt J a "I hope you are doing well after your gallbladder surgery"....or did your mom not tell you I was having it on Monday. BTW I am doing ok, SORE but ok. LOve ya Jackie