Friday, March 13, 2009

What does jury duty and a raw chicken have in common???


So Wednesday evening I decide I am going to cook a crock pot chicken for Thursday nights dinner!! I get the little chicken all prepared. I take a whole chicken, cut up some carrots and toss some peas and chicken broth into the pot with the frozen chicken. I season that sucker and leave him to be thawed by the next morning so that I can cook him up for the next evening. He looks GOOD...well as good as a raw chicken with bumpy skin and a bony butt can look. The next morning (yesterday morning) I get up and go through my usual morning routine. Get ready for work, throw my lunch into my lunch bag, brush my teeth, pack my breakfast, let ali out, put ali up, put my shoes on...and go turn the crock pot on. My mouth waters throughout the day as my mind thinks about the chicken getting nice and yummy at home. 5 o'clock comes around and I head off towards home, towards a nice crock pot full of cooked chicken and veggies!! I get home, get the mail, let ali out, let ali back in, take off my jacket and shoes while licking my lips and open the lid to the crock pot.....uhm.....the chicken still looks like it did this morning....what gives? I pick the chicken up and yep...its cold, its cold and limp. What?? I look at the knobs, its on low...I feel the pot...its eyes catch the cord and follow it up to the outlet....only...the cord doesn't lead to the outlet. No. The crock pot cord leads to the end of the plug in...inches away from the outlet it should be plugged into. What? I remember looking at the outlet this morning to make sure it was plugged in!! I look at the outlet again........that's my can opener plugged in!!!!! I cooked a raw chicken w/ no electricity...and I'll go ahead and tell you, it does not work people!! So here I am with no dinner, a cold chicken and the days mail still in my hand. I open it up...I have jury duty next month.

Jury duty and a cold chicken.

ITS FRIDAY!!!! we're going to the circus tonight!!!!!


The Dales said...

HAHAHA! You are a nut, I knew it!!

Jury times!

Jackie said...

Poor Poor baby. I am sorry that happened but I bet it would have been good.

Mrs. Mullen said...

lol, yeah...I'm sure it woulda been good too :( Ah well. I went ahead and cooked it last night, though I'm not sure its safe...seeing as how it, by then, had been out all night and then all day...yuck...I'm afraid to eat it, Sev on the other hand wanted it cooked b/c he wasnt afraid to eat it!! So I cooked it last night (in the crock pot now on high) and I'll give it to him for a sandwhich or something....wish him luck!!!

Yes steph I'm a nut...but I've come to that conclusion many years ago and I'm okay with it, hahaha. I got it honest!! Plus, if I wasn't a nut...who in the world would we laugh at when our families get together ;) You see...I'm really doing our family an honorable thing, bahahaha. Of course...mer is a nut w/ her "negative negative" silliness...okay must stop.

Autumn said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew you were going to say that! I haven't forgotten to turn one on before, but I did start mine on high one time and when I thought I was turning it to low I was really turning it off, equally disappointing. Only I think I came home at lunch to check on it so I was able to turn it on then and still have it for supper. Oh well, you live and you learn! :) Have fun at the circus!!

Mimi said...

OK - suffice it to say I'm a little behind the time - but, thanks for the laugh (sorry for you, though) - and - I also have jury duty the week of April 6th - and, it's Federal Court, and, it's in Anderson of all places....I have to call the Friday before after 5:30 to see if they really need me and if I do have to go on the 6th and don't get selected I'm then released. Otherwise it will be 3-5 days of driving to Anderson by 9 am each morning. Hope yours turns out to be short lived!