Monday, March 02, 2009

you don't say "snow" around these here parts!!

Not unless you want EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to go crazy....
People going frantic over milk and bread. Gas stations running out of gas. Snow plows and sanding trucks lined up for "battle". Winter coats pulled back out of the closets. Chains strapped to the tires. The sheriff on the news giving "how to stay warm and safe" tips. Trash bags draped over all of the newly planted flowers. Kids running amuck b/c SCHOOL IS CLOSED!!
That's right...ALL of those things happened here yesterday.

Why? because the local weather man fore casted S-N-O-W.

What happened? nothing...not a durn flake one!

**Sigh** come on Columbia!! Get it together already, this is the second time this year they have reached "panic" mode b/c someone mentioned s-n-o-w. Silliness.


So this past weekend, other than the crazy "possible snow" induced panic, was nice!
Sev and I spent Friday evening at home with a homemade pizza, hand dipped chocolate strawberries and a movie!! We then woke up to a WET Saturday morning!! It had rained like crazy and was still coming down in buckets! I had been planning all week to go to the local fresh farmers market...and rain or even s-n-o-w wasn't going to stop me! So we bundled up in what rain gear we have, and headed out. Apparently we didn't have enough rain gear to handle the amounts of rain that were dumped on us....but we did have fun! We were soaked, but we enjoyed a hot breakfast. Fresh local eggs, sausage and stone ground grits, mmmmm mmmm! Then we got what I was searching for...some local h0ney! We even helped support the local farmers by getting some organic, farm raised chicken breasts and sirloin steaks. I'm excited to taste what fresh is really all about! I wanted some local produce, but the rain had already chased that farmer away. After the market we both looked like we had just taken a swim fully clothed. So we went back home to change and dry off. Then we headed back out to some outdoor stores. I was hunting a pair of hiking pants and Sev...well....being a man and all, he just wanted to look at the outdoor "toys". We ended up walking away with a sweet pair of hiking pants for me, a jacket for sev (one he has been wanting FOREVER and we finally found on sale!!) and two bags of nasty, slimy looking , fishing worms ("b/c linds its fishing seasons and these are new colors I HAVE to try if I'm going to catch the biggest fish!!" whatever, haha). Then we hit up COLDSTONE!!! and guess what I got!!!??!!! Well...none other than and ICECREAM CUPCAKE!!! Thats right, coldstone makes icecream cupcakes now....and I got one! To be honest, it disappointed me a little, there wasn't enough cake..but whatever, it was a cupcake, it had icecream and it was cute! Then we headed on home to hang out with Ali. Severyn woke up at 5am on Sunday morning to check for S-N-O-W (yes I'm going to continue spelling it, we don't want another panic attack around here!!). When he discovered there was none on the ground he decided we needed to go out and FIND some!!! we search of that cold, white stuff. This is the part my brother just finds odd and swears we're acting like old people(chris: "seriously linds, that's like what mom and dad do, you don't do that unless you're old or you have a cool and dad have the little white car and their old....whats your're weird!"). We just spent the day driving around and exploring roads we had never been on before. We stopped and had a GREAT linner (this is what sev calls a late lunch, you between lunch and dinner) at a little place called "Rockaways" it was YUMMY! I had the pimento cheese and fried okra and sevy had the rockaway burger, a burger piled high with pimento cheese!! Yikes, it sounds like death by clogged arteries...but it looked Gooooood!! Then we continued our drive looking for...yeah you know.
Obviously, we found no s-n-o-w but we had a GREAT time together :) Even when we had to stop and fight the snow crazed masses for toilet bowl cleaner and air filters ...we had fun :)
We came home to watch...what else but the WEATHER REPORTS, duh....and then drifted off into sleep with visions of snowflakes dancing in our heads ;)

Happy Monday!!!


mom said...

Well guess you guys will have to move a little more north up I26 cause guess what we got up here????S-N-O-W!!!!And lots of it. I think we have at least 4 inches on the deck. It is beautiful like a winter wonderland. Tell poor Sevy I am sorry he wasn't here to see it but maybe next time. And tell him to always call and give me the weather update. I don't know what I would do without him.
Much love,

Meredith said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful, romantic weekend.
You really do have to go back and get the fresh produce this spring and summer. Ohmygoodness, there is nothing like it. I can't wait until our farm program starts. Keith is probably tired of hearing me talk about it!

Autumn said...

You are a nut...but I have to admit that I was slightly sad that we were in Florida when the "blizzard" (LOL!!) happened! Glad you had a great weekend :)