Thursday, March 19, 2009


Everyone knows that I'm now into this big, ole', yummy, cupcake fetish. I can't get enough of them...not only eating them, but pictures of them and recipes of them and anything made to look like them. They are just so cute and fun to make! Anyhow, I love how my family and friends have noticed my new love and have jumped right in to share their cupcake finds with me :-) I'm loved!
Last week I received an envelope from Henry and his mom. In it was pages from a magazine that Henry's mom cut out for me...on the pages? cupcakes!!!!
My mom called to tell me that she picked up a magazine w/ cupcake recipes in it for me last weekend. Then my aunt sent me a link for cute cupcake creations. My best friend just sent me another link....I just love the love my new love is getting me :-) Thanks family and friends.

So last weekend I made keylime cake cupcakes. Yum. I LOVE keylime is probably my favorite dessert...EVER (I would even eat keylime pie over a cupcake...well maybe). So what could top a keylime cupcake?? uhm...nothing. I made another batch to share w/ Aud while she visits with me this weekend. I also received two new cupcake cookbooks in the mail last week!! One is the book I've had my eye on FOREVER, its from William-sonoma and its ALLLL about cupcakes! I found it on Amazon for CHEAP and had to have it :-) Along with that book I found a little cupcake cookbook with all vegan cupcakes...hmmm, my first thought was "yeah right NO..if I'm eating a cupcake it is going to be an all out normal cupcake, don't ruin a good thing!!" Then I read the book reviews...this little book had over 200 reviews!! All positive. Most of them were from people saying "I'm not vegan but I had one of these cupcakes that a vegan friend of mine made it it was AWESOME, I bought the cookbook asap!!" Other reviews swore that the vegan cupcakes out did any regular cupcake any day!! They also claimed that the vanilla vanilla (no I'm not stuttering) cupcake recipe was worth the price of the book (a mere 4 bucks I might add!). So I'm excited to try one of these recipes out soon...don't worry I'll have sev be my taster before I offer them up to family :-)
I also got the CUTEST set of cookie cutters to use for cupcakes. Mini Noahs Ark!! So cute. I took pictures of all of the above mentioned things but haven't uploaded them yet...I will in time.
So tonight I'm icing the keylime cupcakes with buttercream icing. I'm making a batch of dark chocolate cupcakes w/ strawberry butter cream icing and banana cupcakes w/ peanut butter icing. Then I'm going to venture outside of the sweet cupcake zone and try my hand at zucchini feta cupcakes and tomato basil cupcakes. Don't worry...we're not eating all of those this weekend :-) I'm taking alot to the people at work and I'll freeze the rest!! I've got to practice my cupcake skills though!!
So that's my cupcake news.

Its Thursday and sunny out. I'm excited the week is almost over. I'm spending this weekend with Aud and doing nothing but girl things!! Chick flicks, cupcakes, pedicures and shopping...that's it. I hope everyone else in blog land has a wonderful weekend. Oh I also want to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my was this past St. Patty's day that she and her husband have been married 2 years!! It seems like just yesterday we were getting our hair and makeup done w/ little green shamrock stickers on us for pinching protection, hehe! No she isn't Irish, lol, it just happened to be St. Patricks day that Saturday.


Autumn said...

I'm glad you aren't going to force feed me (cause you would have to LOL) all those different cupcakes this weekend. I am excited about trying your different creations are so creative :) You'll have your own shop before you know it!!! Then it can be your favorite cupcake shop!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Get ready for girls weekend :)

Jackie said...

OH How I LOVE Key Lime! I want one, please send me one.

Meredith said...

I love key lime and I love pnut butter and banana together.

I am drooling.