Monday, March 02, 2009

We did have a little scare this weekend...I forgot to mention in my last post.

We came home Saturday evening and Sev ran to get the mail out of the box before coming inside. I was busy getting our purchased items out of the car and balancing my coldstone cupcake. I looked up to make sure sev was back inside the garage before I closed the garage and saw him standing there, in the rain, holding our mail with this look of...I don't even know how to explain "oh no" kind of sorta....on his face. I immediately said "what, whats wrong?" thinking in my mind that I had forgotten to pay a bill or something and we were getting something turned off or kicked out of our house...I mean, seriously that's the type of look he had on his face. He started walking into the garage and said "uhm, I got a letter from the Army and all I can see from the outside is the word "orders"." I rushed over to him and yelped "open it, now" he was taking entirely too long for me. At this point my heart was in my throat and I was feeling physically sick. We walked inside and while I tried to remain calm and under control (my dad says I'm overly dramatic and I admit I can be!) I opened the fridge to put my cupcake away and tears just started falling. You know those tears that you didn't even plan on crying...just big ole' tears spilling out of my eyes. I was actually embarrassed for Sev to see me crying so I tried to hurry and wipe my eyes before I looked back at him and asked him what it said. He opened it and said it was NOT orders calling him back up..Praise the Lord!!! ...but just a memo about his orders to report for his routine check-in. I lost it. I didn't even realize I was that scared about him getting called back up. I mean, we've been talking alot about it and we know its a possibility...but I guess I didn't really sit and ponder the idea hardcore. It didn't really HIT me until I thought he had orders in his hands. "I can't do this again" was all I could think. There was no hiding the relief and tears began to spill out of my eyes AGAIN...this time even Sev looked like he could cry. We just hugged and he said "its okay, I'm not getting called back up". I realized just how HARD those deployments were on us emotionally. I mean, sure when he was getting ready to deploy and was deployed it was hard and I knew at the time that it was hard...but there was no way around it and it was what he had signed up for and what I had married was our life and we just dealt with it. Now that he is Army free and we've come to realize what life is like w/out the Army and how much worry and stress has been removed due to being out of the was like a ton of bricks hitting us square in the heart when the thought of another deployment was in our face. I regained composure (b/c I'm trying not to be dramatic dad!ha) and silently said a prayer of thanks. I told Sev I was sorry for crying like that...I know the last thing he needs is his wife going bonkers if he were to get called back up! oh and yes...later we ate our icecream cupcakes, obviously from my last post :-)

Anyways, I ran across this article a few minutes ago and it made me think of our scare and then about all the people who were facing similar situations...

I pray these deployments can all be over soon.

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Autumn said...

I am so glad to know that he hasn't been called up again...and will pray that doesn't happen! I can't even imagine what that must feel like, and I hope you don't have to endure it again. Love you guys!