Monday, March 09, 2009

Can we Conclude that Charleston is Cursed?

Yes...Yes we can.

For the Na*l family that is.

Friday night Sev and I went out for planned! Yummy! Then we headed on in to downtown Columbia and ate ice cream at marble' not my fav. icecream place, but it hit the spot. Then we took a walk down Gervais st. and across the river. It was a nice evening. We returned home to fall asleep with plans of waking up early to meet my mom and dad.

Saturday morning Sev left early to meet my dad at Lake Murray and my mom took sevs truck back to my house to meet me and drop of "the pig" or better known as her dog "penny". Then mom and I headed out and down the road to Charleston. We ate lunch at the Mustard Seed and strolled around a few shops in Mt. Pleasant before we headed on into downtown Charleston. While heading to some shops in Mt. Pleasant we came within inches of getting creamed by a guy on a motorcycle!! I think I even said a few choice words, oops! Thankfully, he was able to recover in time and kept from hitting us...but it was scary and shook me up for a second or two.
The we headed on into Charleston and walked around King St., Market St, and Meeting St....did a little bit of window shopping. Oh yes...and we DID go to cupcake!! and they had my FAVORITE cupcake on the menu, double dark chocolate w/ lemon icing, YUM! We got two of those little yummies and continued to stroll. I picked up a nice little book "Common Sense Baking"...I'm ready to try some recipes! Then we found our way to the roof top bar where we shared an appetizer of pizza...which turned out to be more like a flat piece of bread w/ cheese on it...oh well, bread and cheese, we didnt turn it away! We decided to skip dinner (the "pizza" was enough and we had lunch late) and go straight for dessert!!! (no we had NOT eaten our cupcakes yet, we saved those!) We went to Kerminsky's (sp??) and split a toll house cookie pie...yum yum...while sitting in the Charleston place hotel. Then we decided to call it a night and head home. However, before all of mom and I were driving around downtown trying to find a parking spot (long story short) a man stepped off the sidewalk and PUNCHED MY CAR!!!! WHAT?? yes...this man was getting ready to go across the street and mom and I can't figure out if he was mad b/c maybe I cut him off or just mean...but I NEVER saw him and before I knew it I heard a "WHAM" and seriously thought a person on a bike or motorcycle had hit me!! (we had motorcycles in front of us) mom said "no that MAN just HIT your car!!" I was pretty shocked and in disbelief. I didn't really know what to do so I just continued to drive. We found parking sometime later and got out to put our jackets (that were in the trunk) on. That's when I realized that the man not only hit my car but managed to put a big dent in my car :( :( :( Being the mother bear that she is...I think my mom was more upset than I was. She immediately started looking up and down the streets in search of the man that hit my car. Lucky for him..we didn't find him, haha!! We really didn't know what the man looked like, it all happened so fast and like I said I never saw him. So really, there was nothing that could be done. I chalked it up to "what goes around comes around" and either I deserved it or he would get what was coming to him. We didn't let it spoil or evening!!
While heading out of Charleston mom got the wild idea to drive up the coast and stay in litchfield (south of Myrtle Beach). So we took to Hwy 17 and arrived around midnight...with the time change it was 1am before we found our pillows and fell asleep. We're wild I tell you WILD!! haha. kidding. The next morning we enjoyed Starbucks on the patio and then we took a 6 mile jog/walk on the beach. It was fun and so nice out!! Then we headed on into Garden City where we ate at The Gulf Stream Cafe. We split one of our cupcakes for dessert!! Then we did a bit more shopping before catching HWY 378 on into Columbia. BUT BEFORE all of I'm driving down 26 heading home and mom decides to turn around and head up 17 I get PULLED OVER FOR SPEEDING!!!!! I've almost been creamed by a motorcycle, I get a nice big ole' dent in my car AND NOW I'm getting a ticket!!!!! waaaaaa. I could only be honest and tell the officer that I honestly had no idea how fast I was going or even what the speed limit was!! I was trying to hurry and turn around and we were kind of lost and trying to decide what exit I needed to get off of and I just wasn't paying attention. LUCKILY...because mom and I are HOT babes...he let us off........hahahahaa Okay so that probably wasn't the reason...but for our sake, go with it! Then while out shopping later in Myrtle, we went to put some purchased goods in my trunk and mom hauls back and wacks the inside of my trunk w/ her fist (lol, I'm being dramatic, she just pushed really hard)....POP...out goes the dent from where the guy hit it!!! Yipeeeee!! It still had a small small dent...that of course will ALWAYS bother me...but not bad. **update, I just got back from getting my taxes done and sev was actually able to pop the rest of the dent out while standing in the parking lot!! woot woot!.

What makes this story match its title is the fact that something always happens to my parents when they are in Charleston. The last time, my dads bike was stolen. He HATES Charleston...hates hates hates it. Therefore, of course his words of "comfort" when I told him my sad story was "well that's what you should expect from Charleston" lol. So...Charleston is Cursed!! and I had a ball and I'm sure we'll see Charleston again sometime in the future!!


The Dales said...

You AND your mom are NUTS! I love your story though!

mom said...

We truly are NUTS Steph but the sad part of that is.... your related to us!!!!Waaaaaaa
Lindsey and I saw a flag at the flea market in Myrtle that said Welcome to the Nut House and it had a squirrel on it. Lindsey begged me to get it and put it on my house or better yet. Give it to G'ma. What ya think????????

The Dales said...

Oh yes yes yes...someone with Nance blood def. needs it! HA! Y'all are great!

Autumn said...

LOL!! That is hysterical :) Did you have bridge bar memories when the motorcycle almost hit you??!! "Aud those bars are really close" BAHAHAHAHA!! I can't wait to take our next trip to Charleston :) Girls weekend here we come!!