Monday, April 06, 2009

woohoo for 4 day work weeks!!

That's right...I'm thankful for my job and the money it brings...but I'm also thankful when I get a four day work week!! Yipeeee.

We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful favorite kind!!
Friday night I got home and we went straight out to my favorite, bad for you, place to eat...for Wings, home fries and we split a keylime pie!! We then rented 3 movies and headed home!! I fell asleep during the first movie, haha.
Saturday we woke up and I cooked veggie omelets. Then sevy left to get us a rental boat and I picked up the house, cleaned up from breakfast, packed Ali's items and packed a then sevy was home and we were out the door, headed to the lake. We caught NO zero. However, by the end of the day I was casting like a PRO!! I was pointing out places I was going to cast my line and hitting the mark...PERFECTLY. Oh...I was the only one to bring something into the boat...and it was a fresh water clam. Alive. You wouldn't believe me if I told I'm going to end that story right here, until I post the pics. We enjoyed yummy chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches...from the fresh market, yummmmmm, chips/salsa, and some fresh baked cookies...from the fresh market, double yum!! I got a bit of a sun burn...but not horrible. We beached the boat at one point and got out on the island to run around w/ Ali...he had a blast, digging and tearing around on the beach like a wild man. I read some and just enjoyed the peacefulness on the lake. Oh...and I used my PINK fishing chick ;)
We got off the lake around dinner time. We came home, showered, put Ali down for a nap (haha, really though he was out COLD!) and then went out for oysters. We came home and put in the 2nd movie...I fell asleep, LOL.
Sunday we woke up and made whole wheat, flax and soy pancakes. I really liked them, Sevy...not so much. He said they were grainy. I froze the left overs and it looks like I'll be the ones to eat those for future breakfasts! Then we headed out to Lowe's (our local farmers market was closed). We got a TON of flowers, some potting soil, some wood to make a flower bed around our mailbox, a new grill cover, some gardening gloves for me and a pot to put my cilantro seeds in. We came home and proceeded to spend the rest of our Sunday BUSTING OUR TAILS!!!!!! It was soooo fun and therapeutic!! We dug trenches, pulled weeds, planted flowers, made a flower bed, mowed the grass, used the weed eater, moved plants to other locations (no mom, not the tree..we left it), played with Ali, potted flowers, dug more trenches, watered flowers, planted more flowers, scrubbed the grill and put the new grill cover on and finally....spread new pine needles....**Sigh**. It sprinkled a little on us, but it didn't slow us down...if anything, it kept us cool :-)
Before it got dark I cut sevs hair and then we put some chicken sausages w/ moz. cheese and sun-dried tomatoes on the grill. We had those along w/ some crispy potatoes and salad (made w/ local greens from the local farmers market!!). After we washed all the mud from ourselves, we got into bed. Sev went to put the 3rd movie in and I stopped him....yeah, I KNEW I wasn't even going to make it through that one, hahaha. This morning, it was hard to get out of the bed...but knowing that I only have a 4 day work week made it easier :-)
THAT was a perfect weekend in my book!!!
It's almost Easter...I love Easter!!


Meredith said...

That was indeed a perfect weekend. When I have weekends like that with Keith (minus the fishing) I go to bed feeling that good kind of exhausted - perfectly full and happy and just grateful to God!

Do you know I never got my stuff planted? I had sooo many papers to grade, but I sat outside to do them and it was GREAT!

mom said...

Well, now I know where to get a yard man.--- and woman. I need one here you know. Is either one of you for hire????? Weekends are always better with productivity and a little fun thrown in.
Love you see you soon.