Friday, March 06, 2009

Oysters and Beer

Okay so I'm not one for beer...but that's what we're having tonight, sans the beer for me!

I LOVE me some oysters, mmm mmm!
Its date night for sevy and I. I love date night. Yes we're married and no we don't have kids but I think we still need nights that we consider "date night", where sevy chooses where we go and what we do and I get to feel "pretty". Soooo sevy chose oysters and, typical sev move. Whatever, I'm excited....the weather is AMAZING and its Friday, cha could life be any better?...don't answer that.
This weekend is suppose to stay amazing weather wise (so maybe we'll get SNOW!!! haha kidding local weather man bust) so sev is hitting up the lakes w/ my diddy and I get to spend some time with me madre'. We're thinking about walking the streets of Charleston...possibly visiting my favorite cupcake bakery on king street! wahoo...a sunny stroll and cupcakes, again...what could be better?
Sunday we don't have any plans (well besides watching perry noble on the computer, yes aud we're hooked), unless we spend the night in Charleston and soak up more sun...we'll go and do whatever tickles our fancy! Sev and dad will once again the way...what does "tickle our fancy" mean? hmmm....

So that's our weekend and I'm super excited its Friday!!


Autumn said...

Oh my goodness...can I tell you how excited I am to hear that!!! There is something about someone who really speaks truth to you...refreshing, challenging, and sometimes painful all at the same time. LOVE IT! I hope you have a great weekend...wish I was with you :)

Meredith said...

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!
I agree - date nights are very important. There have been times I've said, "No, we canNOT pick up PF Chang's and take it home. We need to sit in a restaurant."