Tuesday, December 04, 2007

O' Christmas Tree...

O' Christmas Treeeeeeeee, I have the Sweetest Daddyyyyy :-)

Our 2007 Ornament
Decorations on the Wine Bar
The most adorable real mini tree ever!!
A real live, fresh from Maine, Christmas Tree!!

It's around 85 degrees here. Some may say that's just GREAT. While others...Sev and Myself...would give ANYTHING for some snow, a blanket, fireplace and cup of hot chocolate!!!

The weather just doesn't make for a very good Christmas feeling. That on top of being so far from family made Sev and I decide we were going to treat Christmas as any other day and bypass decorations and wrapped Christmas gifts all together.

Well Santa just wouldn't stand for that!!
My diddy called me a few weeks ago and told me to keep an eye out for a package. I asked him if I needed to save it for Christmas and he said "No open right away!!" Boy was I confused!!
So I kept my eyes peeled and made a daily routine of checking the mail box. A few days ago...my package arrived!! It was from LL Bean...no surprise there...but wait a minute...what is that smell??
I loaded the box and myself into the elevator and made my way up to the 23rd floor. I was standing beside a few other Lele Pono (our apartment) residents and we all kept sniffing the air...I thought, "my word somebody has a Fresh Christmas tree HERE on island!!"
I get off the elevator and make my way inside...Sev joined me in the kitchen and we began tearing into our box!! The top was off and....WHAM the house filled with the smell of Christmas!!!

That's right...my dad...I mean, SANTA had sent me a Christmas tree!!!! A Christmas tree full of fragrance and all the tree trimmings!! He said it wasn't Christmas without a tree!!
Now don't I have the sweetest Dad!! I'm pretty lucky!

So of course we couldn't let our little tree feel like the only lonely Christmas decoration...so I placed a bit of garland and a single ornament on my fake palm tree. Sev decided we needed a strand of lights on our Lani...so the next day we strung a strand of lights on the railing.

~~~~It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!!
Here in Ha Wa iiiii
Sev and I don't feel left out and I don't have to pout
With our Little Christmas Treeeee~~~~


Jackie said...

Same funny ole Lindsey. Hope you guys have a good one. Can't wait till next year though. Love Jackie

The Dale's said...

How sweet! I am glad you have a few decorations around! We will miss you and can't wait for next year with everyone home and Perrin big and fun! Stay safe out there!

Autumn said...

That is just the sweetest thing ever!! I know it made your day. I keep trying to convince mama and daddy that we need a REAL tree instead of the prelit one they have. I just want Alexa to have a real tree...there is nothing like the smell is there? I'm so glad it's helping get you in the spirit. I remember how it felt being there at Christmas! Love ya!

Jodi said...

Hey Linds...
your daddy is a sweet one! Hope you and Sev have a wonderfully merry Christmas! I keep thinking about a Wii for Brad...hmmm...have ot keep pondering that one!
Take care!

Haley said...

Your daddy is so thoughtful. When I read your post the other day about you not decorating, I could hardly stand the thought of it! I am so glad that you have a tree, and a little bit of home with you this Christmas!! :)

Delighted* said...

I love your dad. That was great of him.
And, hey, the English teacher in me LOVES your spelling! HAHAHA! I just had to say that. :)

mom said...

Hey Doodle,
Glad the tree made it there to your far away home; for now. That was pretty sweet of your dad if I do say so myself as I had nothing to do with it. He surprises even me sometimes with his thoughtfulness and sweet nature ways. Guess that's why I love him. Sev's alot like your diddy I can tell already. We are so glad to have him in our family!!!! Love ya Sev. Now keep that tree watered and it should last until Santa arrives on the 25th. I love you both. Mom

Jackie said...

You do have a sweet and thoughtful daddy. He couldn't stand the thought of his little girl not having a Christmas tree. See ya sooner than later. Love mema

Autumn said...

Ok, I just have to tell you how funny I think it is that I sat here and sang that yesterday!! :) Only us right? I had such a great time talking to you yesterday, we have to do it again real soon! Love ya!

mom said...

I love the cute santa ornament with your names on it. It looks a lot like christmas there with the tree now. I love you both. Mom