Wednesday, November 28, 2007


or is it dancing?? I cant remember how it goes...well, its one of those two...dancing singing...whatever...its RAINING :)

I LOVE the rain!! Of course its not such a great thing for sev, when he is scheduled to fly today...yikes!! Oh well, he needs practice in all types of weather. After today he has a schedule filled up with people requesting his services, yipeeeee...he NEEDS to rack up some hours behind the...uh....1000000 buttons, knobs and handlebar looking driving instrument thingy, lol...whatever. He is loving it and I'm happy he is back doing what really makes him glow!

Soooo Sev and I could not decide what we wanted for Christmas. Seeing as how we are paying rent (that is MORE than our house payment) AND 2 sets of utilities and 2 car payments and our mortgage and my school loans...WE BE PO!!! So we decided on a firm amount of 100 spent on each of us!!! But what in the world did we want?? Winter clothes are out of the question...Sure I'm a girl and I love the sparkly stuff, but many times do you see me wearing anything besides my wedding ring set?? I don't need anything and he only asked for a 20 dollar flight what was there?? So one evening as we sat pondering the question...we decided we wanted something to share together we decided on....drum role...a Wii :) :) :)
Now...for those of you not familiar with the gaming world...or for the "most popular christmas item" this year....its a nintendo :) and its veryyyyyy hard to come by right now as its highly coveted by many this christmas.
So...we began our hunt. I finally located a ToysRUs that said they would be receiving some but couldnt place any on hold...they told me the day they would get them in and the time they opened...7am. So last weekend, Sev and I set our alarm...woke up and arrived at ToysRus at 6am...and STOOD IN LINE!!! yikes!! One hour and two cups of starbucks later we were in the door and running to the electronics department!!! and now...we are the proud parents of a Wii :) Now you cant have a game system without we went over our christmas budget by about 100 bucks and purchased a game (the console itself was 250 and the game was 50) we decided it was also part of Grandmas christmas gift to us :) Well, of course we couldnt wait until Christmas to open up and play our newly purchased we rushed home and soon became Wii addicts, lol. Its soooo much fun!!! For those of you still wondering what in the heck a Wii is...picture this....its like Old School Nintendo...but your controllers are wireless and you interact with the games by moving...thats right, so lets take bowling for example (sevs favorite game) you hold the controller and a bowling lane pops up on screen you stand and move your hand (with the controller) like you would if you were bowling...and a ball appears on screen and ta da you have a strike....or a gutter ball (usually what I get, lol). It's a blast and we're really enjoying spending the evenings challenging each other to a game of Wii. Yesterday I had a house full of boys playing Bowling Wii in my living was hilarious watching them get so competitive over a simple game!! Fun Times. So yeah...some might say we ruined our Christmas gifts by getting it early..but who cares, its hard to feel the christmas spirit in 85 degree weather anyway!

Well...the boy just showed up...guess the weather was wayyyy to bad for flying without instruments so he had to reschedule, looks like its running errands for the rest of the day and then gym time!!!


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Autumn said...

I just love you! I'm glad you got something you are happy know me I'm not into stuff like that.

What other kind of games do they have for it...I'm sure you want something other than bowling!! :)

Lexapie says she loves you both and wants to come see you!