Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Patience is a Virtue...

Or so I've been told :)
Well, I just got off the phone with my grandma. Bless her, she is stubborn...but she's my grandma and I sure do love that lady!! I really miss my family. Sev and I both agree that this living in "paradise" crap...is for the birds!!
We can't WAIT to spend the Holidays back home in SC!!!
However, we like to make the best out of every situation...and we realize how very fortunate and blessed we are to be together this Christmas...so we enjoyed time with our friends and relished our Christmas morning together!!
We baked cookies together. Half we packed to take with us for our get together and the other half we saved for Santa. He even ATE two big bites out of them!! (sev had ginger on his breath...so I'm a bit skeptical that it was reallllllllly Santa that ate them ;) )
Last night we got together with Mark, Mel, Val, Matt, Rickey, Chad K., Chad O. and Dink.
Mark and Mel are from Japan and they LOVE severyn and my southern accent...they are ALWAYS trying to mock us and its actually quite hilarious!! Mark always greets me with a "Hi Ya'llllll" :) One day they heard me call Sev "sweet pea" and they decided they wanted a pet name....they now call each other "soybean" haha. We're blessed with some awesome friends :)
ps. marks real name is Makoto...but its easier for us southern folk to call him mark.
After some fun with our friends we came home and got in bed to prepare for the big guy!!
Just to name a few gifts he dropped off:
I got a sweet little lacoste bath robe, a nice jewelry box, a monogrammed blanket and money. Sev got a nice fleece jacket, a few Wii games, a weather radio and some gadget thingy (a Gerber something or another). We both got a NICE stainless steal grill, money, a table for our house in Hopkins (built by Santa himself and even displayed in photos by Vanna White, hehe), and a lovely digital photo frame!!
We are spoiled and so thankful!! Our family really made it feel like Christmas all the way out here on this sandy, hot, sunny island!!
Here are a few more pictures, enjoy!!
Our sweet baby Christmas tree with gifts and SANTA'S COOKIES!!!
Sev, myself and our cute stockings sent all the way from SC!!
Sev among our Christmas gifts :)
Me pondering what the gift I'm holding is :) (It was a cute picture frame!!)
Sevy and our AWESOME digital Picture frame from Santa Clause!!!

The boys rough housing after dinner (Sev, Rickey, Chad and Dink)

Apparently the newest "cool" thing to do is sit around and play Guitar Hero.
Mark and I (the "peace" sign is what the tourists ALWAYS do here in Hawaii...we have no idea why...but most of the tourists are from Japan...and Mark is also from Japan...so we always hold up the peace sign in pictures with him...guess its a "had to be there moment" but I didn't want you to wonder what in the world I'm doing, haha)
Dink, Chad, Makoto and Mel (everyone is in Chads room playing guitar hero)
Chady and Sevy...being....Chady and Sevy

Chad, SANTA(matt),Sevy and Makoto

My sweet friend Valerie and the apple pie she was so proud of :)
Mel and Mark (Soybean)
The gang sitting down to dinner
Rickey and his baby brother that flew out here for Christmas, Chad.

Val, Mel, Matt,Makoto,Chad and Sev

Me and Sev :)
Sev finally decorating the cookies instead of eating the icing!!
Sev and I using the cookie cutters :)
Cookies for Santa!!! (can you tell the ones sev decorated??hehehe)


Autumn said...

So, let me start by saying that I think Sevy's cookies were the BEST ever!! :) I love ya Sev! Then let me say that this time next week I will still be asleep...why? Because it's only 2:20 in Hawaii and I will be there with you guys. I am so looking forward to my visit...I hope you all are too!! :) Can't wait to see you!

mom said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun even if you weren't home with your family. We did miss your sweet smiling face and loud laughter. Hee Hee But maybe this will be the last Christmas away. Let's hope anyway. Sevy's cookies look great. What a sweet guy he is. Take care of each other and we will see you two real soon. I love you both. Mom