Friday, December 07, 2007

What a way to spend a day...

I spent yesterday shopping!! Two friends and I spent the afternoon walking from shop to shop, store to store, and mall to mall. I'm 3/4 of the way done with Christmas shopping :) We were also on a mission to find accessories for our outfits for the Army ball next Thursday. I found the cutest shoes from Aldo and the best part was they were marked 50% off and then I got to take another 50% off of that!! I love sweet deals!! We left Ala Moana Mall around 5pm and picked our husbands up for dinner.

I have found the wonderful PF Changs!! YUMMMYYYYY!! We got seated right away and shared the lettuce wraps while we decided what we wanted for dinner. I had the lemon chicken and it was ohhh sooo yummy!! We will def. visit this restaurant again!!

After dinner the majority of our group wanted to hop on over to Senor Frogs for after dinner drinks. We enjoyed each others company and even sported some really funny balloon hats one of the waiters created for us. We got home fairly early since the boys had work today and sev and I spent the rest of the time before bed discussing our future. That's always a fun topic.

On another mother has officially turned into my grandmother!! Yep. I received a letter in the mail yesterday that included a newspaper clipping WITH highlighted paragraphs!!! I must admit the clipping was pretty interesting and I could see how my mom thought of me when she was reading it...but actually sending it to me was my grandmother made over!!

Well, Sev just text messaged me and said he was on his way home and he wanted a date night, yipeee. I live for date nights :) hmmmm wonder where we'll go. He said my choice...I said "Shopping?"...I don't think he liked that idea, lol. Oh well...I'm exited to start another weekend with my husband :)

Happy Friday!!


Autumn said...

I wish you were here so WE could go shopping together. I went shopping today and got Alexa some of the cutest stuff!! :) Love ya!

Jackie said...

And guess what?????? I like to read things to people. You know who likes to do that too???? ha ha ha. Don't worry, you too will get to be like us one day, it all runs in the family. ha ha ha ha ha