Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What smells better than Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies??

.....mmmmmm yeah, I'm at a loss too :)

Sev has been asking me to bake cookies...and not my health nut, no sugar no fat, organic cookies. So today I broke down and mixed a batter of chocolate chip cookie dough. I will admit I used organic flour, shhhh.
So they are baking in the oven and sev is waiting with his glass of milk.

I'm patiently waiting to find out if my best friend, Autumn, will be gracing me with her presence here in Hawaii. We were fortunate enough to spend Christmas together a couple of years ago. I didn't really know my way around island then and was just getting settled into my apartment during her visit so she didn't really get to have the whole island I hope she will be able to make a second trip out here. exciting news is that Sev will officially have ETS (the date he will exit the Army) orders in his hand this Monday!!!!! This is such and exciting and scary time for us!! We're very ready to end this chapter of our life and begin a new one...yet its never easy to close one chapter without being a bit nervous. Once he gets his orders he will make an appointment with travel and transportation and then we will be given the date that our HHG and POV will be shipped out...they will then place us in lodging for a few days before we ourselves take flight into our next chapter :)
Today was sevs "last" day of work. He signs out tomorrow on leave and then when he signs back in mid January he will use the remainder of his time in the Army clearing (turning in his gear, getting signed out of everything, taking classes and doing everything required of him to entire into the civilian world). Of course the lovely United States Army couldn't allow him to leave without a reminder of what its like to be in the tonight he is actually assigned CQ...basically he will leave me tonight and pull guard until 9am....I KNOW its only for one night and its our last...but this is the first night I will have spent without him since he has been back from Iraq....its bringing back old feelings :( I'm so thankful we're almost Army free!!!! Oh and to top it off...sevs unit just found out they will be REDEPLOYING...get this....NEXT OCTOBER!!!! That's right....if sev weren't getting out he would be scheduled to leave for 2 weeks in Feb. for training on the Big Island (the army calls it PTA). Then two months later he would leave for a month and a half for training in Cali (Called NTC)...then in October he would be leaving me again. It breaks my heart for the families who will be enduring their THIRD over a year deployment....Thank you Lord for allowing us to escape this one!!

Well....Sev's cookies are done and need to be packaged for him to take with him on his last night of guard :( Guess its movie night for me.....only thing missing is my cuddle buddy Ali to keep me company.

I'll keep you all updated on sevs orders :)


Autumn said...

I really hope I'm going to get to come!! :) Love ya!

Haley said...

Hallelujah!! I am so excited to hear that y'all are almost out!! That is such refreshing news, as I have been praying for y'all everyday to come home soon! I am sad to hear that those soldiers are having to go back to Iraq again. I think that is a terrible thing, and I am ashamed that our government would do that to those people.

mom said...

How did you do without sweet old sev???? Hope you are doing well. We are counting down the days until....well we don't know the date yet but we believe it is in Jan. sometime. Can't wait. Much love, mom