Sunday, December 16, 2007

The oddest thing...

So we have a rule around our household...I'm sure many of you have the same one. This "rule" is mainly in place for Severyn. Why?? Because he is the one that has issues with storing random items in his pockets. The rule?? Well its simple really...its just "clean your pockets out BEFORE you put your clothes into the dirty clothes hamper." Easy right?? Wrong.
It is very common for me to find the following in the dryer after each load of laundry is complete: pens, pencils, pen tops, coins, dollar bills, buttons, little ear bud protector things he has to wear while at the shooting range, knives, paper clips, and even...and this one gets me every time...bubble gum!!!
This morning while I'm doing the laundry I pull the clean clothes out of the dryer and to my surprise there in the middle of my nice, warm, bundle of clean clothes is.........a tube of toothpaste......EXACTLY.....what, where and...well I know WHO.....but WHY does someone keep a TUBE of TOOTHPASTE in their POCKET???? Not even a travel size...nope, the full size.
When questioned about this he reacts as if it is perfectly normal to carry toothpaste in ones pocket. Although I may never understand my husband...I do have him to thank for a perfectly washed and fluffed on permanent press tube of toothpaste. I dare not ask where the toothbrush is!!

Bless his soon as he got Holiday leave from work he began winter term at school, and because he is such a hard worker (he would probably say b/c his wife kept pestering him to do so) he signed up for two classes this term. This requires him to go to school every week evening from 5-10 and every weekend morning from 8-1. While he does grumble about getting up early on the weekends and being bothered by homework during the day...he is making the best of the situation and really working hard at earning his degree. I'm really proud of him...and while he may leave odd things in his pockets....he truly is my hero. I'm really proud of him!!

Tomorrow is the day we're hoping to get orders in our hands and...drum role please......A DATE TO LEAVE THIS ISLAND!!! yipeeee!!!

I'll keep you updated :)

ps. we had a blast at the Wolfhound Army Ball this past Thursday and I'll post pictures later :)


Autumn said...

You are both so funny!! Sev, I can't wait for you both to come home!! I hope I get to come out, I know we will have a blast. I got Alexa's package yesterday!! :) The candy cane is super cute, unfortunately the bow got broken on the trip, but it should be easy to super glue it back together! Love you both, and thank you for her gifts!! :) Hope I get to see you sooner rather than later!

Haley said...

I must say, I find some funny things in Hal's pockets or in the bottom of the washing machine, but never anything like a whole tube of toothpaste! That one definately takes the cake! I can't wait to hear when you come home!

Keith said...

When I get a chance I will email you what I know about global warming. I'm no expert, but I've learned a lot through reading my students' research.
Love you!
PS Sev... toothpaste? Really?

Haley said...

Hey! I thought you said you would know Sevs orders on Monday! Its Thursday and you haven't told us anything, I am dying to hear!!

mom said...

And where are those Army Ball Pictures. We would love to see your sweet face and Sevy's too. Don't forget to send them. We miss you and counting down the days until you are both home safe and sound. Love, Mom