Saturday, December 22, 2007

Can I get a cup of coffee??

That or a nap would be nice.

I'm just taking a break from my hectic life for a minute. Sev is playing Wii Sports and I'm enjoying the wonderful smell of my baby Christmas amazes me how much aroma this little tree puts off!!

Sev and I had a bit of a hectic night and early's a bit of a lengthy story and quite frankly I don't know that I want to relive it right now, maybe I'll share that with you later.

Anyways, sev left for class this morning and I began to tear my apartment apart. You see...I have OCD. Really. I think I get it from my daddy...heaven knows my mom isn't this organized!! (hehe, nothin' but love mom!!).
The thing is...if you were to look at my table tops, counters and any flat surface in my would see stacks upon stacks of....stuff....just stuff. Oh, its all neat and just looks like one big clutter.
BUT open my cabinets, closets and drawers...and you will see everything organized and half the time alphabetized!!
I seriously have anxiety attacks if my stuff isn't put up and packed the way I LIKE IT!!! So me moving across country is TOUGH!! It wears me out and takes a toll on my nerves, and seeing as how I've done it...oh 3 or 4 times...I'm just about to pop with excitement that this will be the last durn time!!
However...before this time can come to an end I must pack...yet again!!
My first problem is that I don't like other people touching my stuff. This is the first time we will have had actual movers come and pack us up!! I like to pack my own things. I have a system. I label and take pictures of everything. I keep a list of what I've packed and where it is and serial numbers beside the high priced items. Rubbermaid is my friend. Everything goes into nice neat Rubbermaid boxes. On top of the boxes I have a list of what is inside the box. I then put the list in a zip lock bag and tape the bag to the top of the box. OCD I tell ya!!
Well the movers wont let me pack my own things :( They want to pack it so if anything is broken they know whether or not it was already broken before it was packed...makes sense....but ohhhhh how will I survive not being in control?? Soooo even though this will make my life a bit busier...I've come up with a solution. I'm going to fit everything into my nice neat little boxes, take pictures, label and list everything...just not bubble wrap it. That way...when the movers come they can unpack everything, wrap it up, list it themselves and place it BACK into my Rubbermaid :) HA. Problem solved.
Nowwww I'm just rushing around trying to decide what I don't need here anymore and won't need in MT. Those items are going to be taken to our storage unit which will be packed and shipped Dec. 31st.
The stuff we're going to pack in our luggage will be packed and placed in our closet...most of this will be winter clothes for MT weather!!
The rest I will organize and prepare it to go into boxes a few days before the movers arrive at the apartment.
We live in a itty bitty one bedroom apartment...and we have TONS of STUFF!! I just don't get it...I don't understand how we accumulate so much!!
I've pretty much finished sorting through sev's army crap that has to stay here and the items I'm taking to the storage its a matter of packing.

My dad say's I'm always in an emergency and everything about me is drama...or something like that. Boy do I feel like he is right...sometimes I wonder how people spend their entire lives in the military....moving from here to there and back!! Hopefully my life will slowwwww down and get normal here shortly!! I'm exhausted!!

Okay...sev needs the computer to finish his midterm and I'm back to packing!!

Merry Christmas to ME!!! Which reminds me...I've got to plan a Christmas meal!! Yikes!! Does anyone know how to cook butternut squash? lol. (really though, I bought one b/c I hear they are good and have no idea how to cook one!!)


Christan Trotter said...

I can totally empathize with your packing/moving dilemma. When we were relocated to Fort Hood, we (my husband and I) spent 3 days getting our stuff packed just the way we wanted it. Cataloged and all. We left to come out and the movers were coming in about a week. They unpacked EVERYTHING and put it all in different boxes. So when we were unpacking here in Texas, we would open a box labeled "Kitchenware" and find books, blankets and some toilet paper. Good luck and I'll send up a couple of extra special prayers for you guys!!!
Wife of Sgt. Trotter
US Army
1st ID

Autumn said...

Well, hopefully while I'm there you will be able to relax a little bit!! I hope there is still somewhere for me to sleep! :) Love ya, and see you soon!! :)