Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I Never Saw One

Sadly, I did not see any armadillos while in Texas.
Not one. Not one stinkin' armadillo, the entire time we were in Houston.
However, apparently they are fairly common in Texas. Either that or Texans just love the little fella's because everywhere we looked there was some sort of armadillo paraphernalia.

I saw these guys in the Houston airport:

This guy was hanging out at the airport too:

This little guy was in the rangers station at the alligator park:

and this one was hanging on the National Museum of Science wall:This was also a picture that was hanging in the Museum:

Texans must love these creatures, even though they are not wandering all over the place like a non Texas native would believe. I was a bit disappointed.

I've also come to the conclusion that maybe SC is missing out on a valuable tourist money maker. Squirrels! I can see it now...squirrel souvenirs!! I think there is a market for it, don't you?

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Jackie said...

There are no more armadillos roaming around because when I was little and we traveled from California to South Carolina each summer we (and many others) ran then over on the highway. You would see tons dead on the highway...you know Road Kill! Sorry if that was TMI.
Love ya like a daughter. JM