Thursday, June 03, 2010

Alligator Park

On Friday we went to Brazos Bend State Park, aka: Alligator park.
It was so hot you seriously could have fried an egg on the sidewalk!

We have gators in SC, so seeing an alligator was nothing new, but the park was still a great spot to visit and no matter how many gators you've seen, there is still something spooky and yet intriguing every time you get the chance to see one. Therefore, I was all about visiting the alligator park.

We grabbed some subs and had a delightful picnic lunch when we first entered the park.
The park entrance (I realize this is a poor picture, I'm sorry. It was the best I could do as my brother in law was speeding through the gate):
After lunch we went inside the ranger station.

That is where we got to see the baby gators and other creepy reptiles that I don't mind behind glass but would hate to come up on in the wild.
I love the way alligator skin feels.

Look at that baby alligator tooth sticking out...bless him, he sure was cute!

I worried for this birds legs. Didn't he know he was standing in alligator infested waters!?

Just some swamp photos:

This here, well these here smiling faces are my family. Brother in law, husband and sister in law.

This guy here is not related, thank you! Even if Sev does claim I can be as mean as an alligator...or maybe that's snake. Whatever. Aren't those eyes eery looking!?

I spotted this very impressive tree vine and just had to have a picture. It was actually growing from one tree to the next.

Then the guys decided they just had to have their picture taken while swinging on the very impressive tree vine.

Then my husband...bless him, must I claim him??...pulled off a very impressive backwards dismount.

Not to be out photographed, my sister in law and I just had to have our picture taken too! However, we posed very gracefully and tried to show the boys how ladies swing on a very impressive tree vine.

(side note: PLEASE ignore my blinding white legs!! **sigh**...they were so bad Sev asked if he had to claim me!)

Then my sister in law had to blow the whole "graceful" thing out of the water and pull off this bit of randomness.'s scary really, how similar our personalities are.

So in an effort to take some actual pretty photos...with out all of the blinding white legs, acrobatic maneuvers and family randomness, I snapped a few shots of the flowers growing around the park:

(Please do not ask me what these flowers are, I have no clue. Me and flowers...well we all know how that goes. I'm about as knowledgeable on flowers as I am with self tanning lotion)

Hmmmm, wonder what gave them the idea that annoying an alligator would be a bad idea??