Monday, June 28, 2010

Guess What!!??

The air.
The cold air...

is still not fixed.


We are going on week 2 of having no air conditioning.
I don't curse, but I could! Oh I could.
It. is. HOT.

We took off to Rock Hill Friday evening. We had plans to spend the weekend with Kyle and Kennedi and were we ever grateful that they have cold air...and aren't afraid to use it!
So, we stayed nice and cool over the weekend.
We came home last night to a furnace!
I was closer than an ants eyelash to sleeping on the floor in the sunroom, the only room that has any form of air flow, last night.
I managed to open the window in our upstairs bathroom.
It had been painted shut.
I worked at it and worked at it, I pushed it, I kicked it, I used all of my might and FINALLY got the window to slide open, only to come to the conclusion that the inside of our house was the exact same temperature as the outside...therefore, the open window provided no relief....apparently, there is no such thing as "evening breeze" in Columbia.

Sev called to see when we could expect someone to come (BACK) out to fix the air.
He was told that it was going to cost a lot of money to have the unit fixed, so they were waiting to hear back from our landlord as to what they wanted to do about it.
.....I'm checking into a hotel TONIGHT if my landlord thinks I can survive any longer without the middle of summer!!

Is it obvious I'm getting cranky?
I can't help it...there is no more room in our freezer for another pint of ice cream and I'm sick of the flavors we have!
Ice cream boredom would cause anyone to be cranky!


The Dales said...

Oh my, I would be a raging lunatic by now! Seriously, I wouldn't pay rent until its fixed and when I did I wouldn't even pay it all because living without air in Columbia, in June is not living AT ALL! I am SO sorry!

Mrs. Mullen said...

I is a sad story =( We're going to melt alive in our own house, lol. I am to the point that I'm thinking about telling the landlord that we are going to a hotel until it is fixed and THEY can pay for the hotel (we'll take it out of rent). Grandma told me to do that the very first night it went out and I said "No, I can't do that...if we owned this house we wouldn't just go stay in a hotel. We would wait until it was fixed in the morning. Therefore, I can't ask them to pay for us a hotel!" but now it's getting crazy! IF WE owned this house WE would have the blasted thing fixed by now, lol. **sigh** They are HORRIBLE at answering their phones and that's why nothing is getting finished, no one can get in touch w/ them so we're kind of stuck until they can give permission to fix it (since it's going to cost so much)...yeah, I'm about done with it all, lol.

The Dales said...

Lets hope they aren't avoiding the phone because they don't have the money to fix it! OMG! I think I'd hunt them down!

Jackie said...

Lindsey, really this is not right and the landlords owe you something!!! I am sure if they were the ones living with no air it would have been fixed by now. It is their responsibility to fix it since they rented it as an aircondtioned home.!!!!