Friday, June 25, 2010


You guessed it!
The air is STILL not fixed! **sigh**

I made the decision to go to the gym after work yesterday. Bad decision if I've ever made one. I made the decision with the belief that when I came home, I would have a nice, cool, comfy house to relax in. I came home to quite the opposite.
The sweat never fully evaporated from my skin.
Pure, 100%, misery!

Here are some tid bits for you:
Ice cream is all I care to consume when our air goes out.
You can only eat so much of one flavor of ice cream before it gets boring.
I started off with 1 carton of Edy's, slow churned, less fat, less sugar, frozen yogurt.
I now have 4 cartons of ice cream in my freezer.
That is 4 cartons of ice cream on top of the carton of frozen yogurt.
That is FIVE cartons of frozen pure evil in my freezer!
The time I have spent in the gym...amounts to nothing.

The thermostat read 91 degrees when I went to bed.
The thermostat is downstairs.
Heat rises.
Our bedroom is upstairs.
This has me draw to the conclusion that our bedroom must be....

I'm off to find a new flavor of ice cream.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stays out of this heat!! It's brutal....just ask my waistline.

**PS. Yesterday I referred to the leak in our air conditioning unit as "anti freeze" I meant "Freon"....apparently there is a big difference...which I didn't know, but now I do...and it's filed under "useless pieces of information I never wanted to know but now I do...thanks Sev".**


The Dales said...

When will it be fixed? I think your landlord needs to put you up in a hotel.

Libby said...

I'm sorry you are miserable, but the way you describe it is pretty hilarious. The week after Brad and I got back from our honeymoon, our air conditioner went out (in June too!). We lived in an old mill village house, and the a/c unit was so old, that they didn't even make the parts to fix it anymore. We didn't have air for one week. Fun times! Hope it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...