Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good News!!!!

No, the air conditioner is NOT fixed.


We did survive the night without air...well...cold air anyways (obviously we had to have air to live). ANYWAYS...
We survived!
The good news is, I do not have to change my address. I don't believe that it is going to come to me moving into the freezer.
They came today to look at our unit, they "hmmm" and "huh" and then "ah ha!" and ultimately came to the conclusion that we have (well "had"...we had a leak, we no longer have any antifreeze left to leak out) an antifreeze leak. My first thought went to my little man, Ali. I immediately asked "if we have(had) a leak, then uh, where did the antifreeze go?".
I was assured that the antifreeze was inside of the air conditioning unit and nowhere on the ground. Ali man was safe!
My next thought, "GREAT! Now...when can this be fixed?".
They hope to have it fixed today!

I'm sick of Popsicles!

In other, non related, news...
I'm getting new tires on my car today! Hurray! I was centimeters away from riding on rims!

okay...I realize that last bit of news was really boring...sorry. That's really all I've got.


The Dales said...

Speaking of tires...I got a flat one today! Just my luck.

Jackie said...

Miss you and Sev.

Mrs. Mullen said...

Steph, sorry you got a flat! Was it while you were actually driving? I have a fear of that!

AJ-We'll probably be seeing you soon! sometime over the 4th weekend =)